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Fans have found out where Jennifer Aniston's tattoos are and have some ideas about what they mean.

There's a reason Jennifer Aniston has never gone out of style. She's full of class, talent, and she's absolutely hilarious. Plus, she's a great friend (just ask her BFF Courteney Cox!).

And yet, Jennifer isn't as innocent or "vanilla" as some fans (or perhaps critics) think she is. While she often plays a good girl on screen, she's got a bit of a rebellious side, too. In fact, she did the ultimate "extreme" thing by hitting up a tattoo parlor and getting inked a few years ago.

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Fans have theories about everything in Jennifer Aniston's life, from why her marriage to Brad Pitt didn't work out to whether she's hiding tattoos in places casual viewers can't see.

But when it comes to Aniston's ink, fans think they're super sleuths who've cracked the code on how many she has and what the meanings are. Shecould have some others that fans don't know of, but there are some that they can spot from a bit of a distance, and while the actress is fully clothed.

One fan elaborated about Jen's tattoos on Quora, complete with photographic proof. First, Julia Lee says, Jennifer has two tattoos: one on her foot and one on her wrist.

Her foot tattoo is on the inside of her right arch, and it's a script font that spells out "Norman." But it's not some long-lost lover whose name is on Jennifer's body; it's a tribute to her dog, Norman.

AsSheKnows confirms, Jennifer noted that she had Norman's name tattooed on her so that he could 'always go for walks' with her even after his 15 years on earth were over. She got that ink in 2011, the same year that Norman passed away.

Jennifer is clearly an animal lover, as she also had pet pooch, Molly, with her ex Justin Theroux. Sadly, Molly passed in 2019, but Jennifer was seemingly eager to welcome another pup in need of a home into her life.

As for Jennifer Aniston'sother tattoo, that one's tougher to decipher. It's the numbers 11:11, and the tattoo is on the inside of her left wrist. Rumor has it, Jen is very "spiritual," and the 11:11 represents good luck.

But Jennifer's birthday is also February 11th, something fans think ties into her second tat. Fans first spotted it in 2018, so there could be another hidden meaning, too. But it would make sense if both of Jennifer's pieces of ink relate to her beloved pooch.

But until she speaks out about the newest tattoo, and the meaning behind it, fans will just have to keep speculating!

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Where Are Jennifer Aniston's Tattoos, And What Do They Mean? - TheThings