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His heartrate is sky high: Jake Paul says Tyron Woodley underestimates him

Tommy Fury made light work of Anthony Taylor after outclassing the boxing novice over four rounds.

The knockout didnt come, though that might be a blessing in disguise and tempt Jake Paul into taking a fight against the former Love Island star next.

Fury, on his US debut, immediately established the jab against Taylor, a sparring partner of the YouTube star, with his frame too big and strong to ever encounter trouble.

The knockout was hard to find though, with Taylors small target and slippery, safe style enough to see him see the final bell.

Elsewhere Daniel Dubois knocked out Joe Cusumano to make it two wins for the Britons on their US debuts.

Lets get it on Jake, Ive done my bit, you do your bit. said Fury after his win. It should be easy enough for him, I went four rounds with his sparring partner. Im a seven-fight novice in the gym, nowhere near the finished article.

I thank you so much for having me. Of course [I was nervous], getting in there and fighting, fight by fight Im learning, well get there, slowly but surely.

It wasnt my best performance. Im getting better, Im trying my best. Looking at that, Jake should have an easy night, there are no excuses, I want you next you bum, lets get it on.

Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley to move to 4-0 as a professional boxer with his split decision the most successful fight of his career to date.

The YouTube star admits training has been draining over the past 18 months and that he intends to relax, recharge the batteries and consider his future in the sport.

Though he did promise to rematch the former UFC champion if he gets a tattoo that says: I love Jake Paul.

Woodley swiftly accepted the terms before shaking Pauls hand: Bet, lets go!

Find out who could be Pauls next opponent plus the latest odds below:

Jack Rathborn30 August 2021 06:41

Jake Paul has offered Tyron Woodley a rematch if he gets a tattoo that says: I love Jake Paul.

The former UFC champion dropped a split decision against the YouTube star in Cleveland and immediately demanded a rematch.

After landing the most effective punch of the fight, to send Paul sprawling, Woodley failed to capitalise, instead remaining hesitant as his opponent cautiously circled him while swaying the judges.

And Woodley remonstrated with Paul after the decision was announced: You are the one that got wobbled, almost sent through the ropes.

If these ropes werent 7ft 2in, youd have gone through the ropes. I landed the power punches.

To which Paul replied: You had your opportunity, you had your chance.

I was nothing but respectful to you now. If you get the tattoo, I love Jake Paul, lets run it back.

Woodley was quick to accept the terms, snapping back and shaking Pauls hand: Bet, lets go!

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 15:17

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 14:30

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 13:54

With a private bet about a tattoo, a bad round and a good fight in the end, the carnival of boxing mayhem finished its business in Cleveland late on Sunday night to leave Jake Paul riding out of the city on a big white horse.

Jake Paul is the irritating, infuriating and breath of fresh air that is dividing the boxing business with his antics outside the ropes, his ability to market the Jake Paul Experience and his refusal to acknowledge any of boxings historical steps. He is both the apocalypse and the future, a clown and a prospect, a conman and a genuine danger.

Steve Bunce assesses Pauls latest victory, as well as wins for Daniel Dubois and Tommy Fury.

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 12:40

Take the fight, stop running!

That was Tommy Furys immediate message to Jake Paul following his victory on his US debut in Cleveland.

The pair later clashed backstage following Pauls win over Tyron Woodley, with Fury pushing for a showdown in the UK.

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 12:10

Jake Paul can no longer go after easy fights, according to his advisor Nakisa Bidarian, as the boxer plots his next opponent following his victory over Tyron Woodley.

[The next opponent should be] someone who has the ability to make people believe that they can beat Jake Paul," Bidarian told ESPN after Pauls latest victory.

"He's at a level now where he can't have easy fights. Every fight has to elevate given the type of attention he commands, given the pay-per-view box-office power he has and the relationship that he has with Showtime.

We love, love, love fighting MMA opponents. Not because they're easy, because they're not. Tonight showed that. But it engages two different segments of the population."

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 11:40

LeBron James was entertained by Jake Pauls victory over Tyron Woodley.

FACTS! was his response to former NBA player Kendrick Perkins assessment that the fight was entertaining as hell.

The fight was taking place in James home city of Cleveland.

Jamie Braidwood30 August 2021 11:14

You dont get paid for overtime, said Dubois.

I had a great performance and had the best training camp ever. I want to fight for a world title.

I want to fight the best. Its going to come soon. Whoevers next. I want to fight for a world title.

Jack Rathborn30 August 2021 10:40

Cleveland you always had my back, Love shouted to the audience at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Its an amazing feeling. Its very emotional right now. Im here in my hometown. Its an amazing feeling. Its a dream come true.

Jack Rathborn30 August 2021 10:25

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