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Justin is arguably one of the best tattoo artist around. Efficient, artistic and a quality job. Brought a design in and requested some changes, he listened, made the changes to my liking and went to it. The place is clean and well maintained, hygiene is a priority. I highly recommend Constable and Justin for your tattoos needs

I've been tattooed and pierced in several places throughout the country and I've come to realize that two of the worst experiences I've had were here at The Constable. I got my daith pierced here in 2016. The piercing itself went as expected, except I wasn't given any aftercare instructions aside from a verbal "don't mess with the jewelry and make sure you clean it twice a day." Super helpful. I was also never told what gauge or metal type was used. Also, a few days after the piercing, one of the balls of the curved barbell (think septum jewelry) came unscrewed, this was unsettling as I did not "mess with the jewelry" as directed.I reluctantly returned to get a small tattoo with a friend in late-2017. We chose to come here after nearby shops were booked up and we were mere walk-in clients. Given the size and lack of detail that our tattoos required, we expected to be in there for MAYBE forty minutes. Instead, it took nearly two hours. Our artist was very unprofessional and distracted by literally everything. At one point, he answered the phone during my friend's tattoo. Presumably, the caller asked if the shop could accommodate a walk-in, he said yes, but that he would be doing the tattoo, and he was an apprentice. Interesting. He never told my friend and I that he was an apprentice. Given the fact that he was putting something permanent on our bodies, this would've been an important thing to tell us. Another thing that irked me was the overall decor of the shop. Immediately upon entering, you're greeted with an overwhelming amount of NRA and Thin Blue Line paraphernalia. Regardless of how you feel about either organization and their message, it is agreeable that this is a questionable design theme for a business, especially one with such a broad clientele.

This, cost $150. Wasn't told the price until afterwards. I told the artist I wanted this tattoo done for my father who passed: and he completely took advantage of us. Tattoo is crooked and looks like I've had it for 20 years, done 2 months ago, took only 10-15 minutes to complete. This should have NEVER costed above the shop minimum (come to find out is only $60) this jerk (chad) ripped us off then wants to charge $60 for a touch up! NO shop charges for a touchup! I've been tattooed throughout the country and never have been charged for a touchup: don't let this shop fool you. This is NOT tattoo etiquette! And to think I went to this establishment because they support law enforcement and my boyfriends a deputy. Ill take my business elsewhere. If you want to be completely ripped off, go here!Photo of what I'm talking about in the photos. Prepared to be baffled!

I am return customer from several years ago with Brendan, and he did not disappoint. He is an amazing artist, as are all the others in this fabulous shop. I wanted a lotus flower, so I gave him some picture ideas and he brought that cision to life. I LOVE it! The shop stays super busy for a reason! Always professional, clean, and excellent customer service. Highly recommed!

Chadd has been the best artist I have worked with in the past 5 years of getting tattooed. I make the 2.5 hour drive down from Indiana just to get some work done by him. Stoked to get some more work done by him soon. 5 stars all day.

Bobby Link seems like the most underrated artist in the shop! I didn't see him mentioned on the website and he is stationed in the back, but this guy is an artist!. My daughter got some work done by him before he was at Constable. This was my second time with him and both times he did exactly what I was looking for. I still have more to do and can't wait to see how the finished piece turns out!

My friend and I went here to get our double helix done by Kayla about a month ago. She really didn't seem interested in piercing us and did not make the experience good. She was very rude and did not explain anything, she didn't even tell us when the needle was going to go through. My friends ear was bleeding all over her hair, and she just left it and said "oh you can wash it later". Later on I went to get more piercings at a different parlor and my piercer told me that my double helix was pierced wrong, the angles were incorrect causing it to not heal properly. Along with the healing process, we never got any after care information from her. I can say we will not be coming back.

I went to Kayla for a nose piercing and the piercing itself was fine, but she was quite rude and dismissive. It was like she wanted us out of there. Horrible customer service. I was told by a friend of mine that you're supposed to get an aftercare card and I wasn't given anything. I even asked about the jewelry I wanted, which was a hoop, and was told I couldn't do that. The same friend of mine went to the constable when they had a different piercer there and was able to get a hoop. I actually had no choice in the jewelry she gave me. She never actually told me what size the jewelry is either. The only reason this wasn't a one star review is that the placement of the piercing is good and I'll like it better when I get the jewelry I want. Definitely will never go back, horrible experience!

From the girl that pierced me to the guy that tattooed me, horrible service. Never coming back again. Everything was rushed (even though we booked the appointment) the guy didn't even care what I was saying/wanted he just automatically started tattooing. The girl was extremely rude, no after care instructions, didn't get to pick a piercing and she got impatient bc my nose wouldn't stop bleeding... they are in need of some new employees.

I brought a picture of what I wanted and it was exactly just that I love how clean the lines are . I cant wait to see how it looks after healing.

I don't normally leave reviews but i feel like i need to. I called today to ask a few questions about piercings. The girl on the phone was so rude and unprofessional that as soon as i hung up the phone i decided i will never step foot into this place. I know the girl i talked to on the phone has nothing to do with the employees( and they are probably great) but when this is the first person you talk to, and you get talked to like an idiot- it was enough to make me leave a review and never go there.

In regards to my experience with getting my nose pierced by Kayla, me and my aunt both went in and got the same thing. For starters, the customer service was terrible. Once she finished both our piercings, she did not inform us with the proper after care and the healing time. After a couple days with the piercing, it got ripped out of my nose by my towel. The actual nose stud was very complicated to put back in so I went back to see if she could show me how to properly put it back in. She then gave me an attitude, put the stud back in very roughly, and didnt even show me how to put it in and sent me on my way. Poor customer service and definitely not going back.

Came here for the $13 piercings on friday the 13th. Although i realize it was a long day, i feel lied to. My friend and I both came in for septum piercings. After waiting for 3.5 hours, my friend was able to get one, while i was turned away. I was told that "some people are just unable to get one". All my friends told me this isn't the case, and online I found that nobody has experienced this. I feel like it comes down to a lack of experience, and I feel as though if I went to a place more experienced, the job would have been done. I heard bad stuff about Constable Piercings before, but having experienced it first hand, I will not be coming back.

I love constable, Justin is so talented and prices reasonable...have had Kayla do a few of my piercings and shes awesome too,its like my second home!!!

Worst peircing experience. She didn't ask me any questions about placement for my conch piercing and didn't even mark it for me to approve of where it was going. She just peirced me with no warning! Then walked out of the room with gloves on and didn't change them before touching my ear again. To top it off, I had no say in what jewelry went into my ear. I gave constable a chance and will never be back. I'm taking my new piercing out and going to a fine line tattoo to have them do it right.

Brendan is an INCREDIBLE tattoo artist! I was originally scheduled to come in the same week his son was born, so instead of pushing my appointment back, he moved it up to make sure I got in before he had to take off. He tattooed both myself and my brother in the same day. Both of our tattoos came out stunning--people still ask me about mine all of the time! Brendan listened to what I wanted and was able to create an original piece of art based off a design I brought in. The tattoo is a reminder of the strength of the women in my family, and Brendan's art fully exemplifies that strength. I can't wait to get another tattoo by him!

My place!I got a few buddys around the US I work with.Kyle has a great shop, great artists, and they all do great work.Kyle is my go to for cover ups. Ill post a few hes done.For anyone and this goes for all shops. Stop blaming the artist or shop for a bad healing tattoo. Thats on YOU. Most likely usuing WAY to much ointment to heal it or the wrong stuff.KEY TIP: DONT USE ANYTHING. DRY HEAL IT.It will heal just fine!I have my whole body covered and NEVER once had an "infection" or "bad healing" tattoo from any artist I'veworked with.Dont blame others for how you treat it.Anywho come stop by for awesome piercings and great work!Kyle is the man.

I've gone here twice now for two tattoos by Chadd, he just recently started here as a permanent artist. He's super personable, responds to emails very quickly and does a great job. Now that he's a permanent artist I won't be going anywhere else! His custom drawings are incredibly impressive, he has serious talent!

My mom, aunt, cousin ,and I decided to get matching tattoos to celebrate a particular milestone in our lives. We were so excited and spent a really long time researching exactly what we wanted. My cousin emailed Josh and gave him an extremely detailed breakdown of the tattoo we wanted (we wanted 'warrior' with a semicolon instead of the 'i' and an arrow with a feather underneath), including the font we wanted for the text and the exact arrow.We went into the shop yesterday with an appointment, excited to see what Josh had ready for us. When we walked in, he stared at us and said "So...who's getting tattooed again?" Immediately, I was put off by this lack of preparation, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was still trying to get everything set up.We told him that we were all getting tattoos done, and he said "okay, so what are you getting?" Really.I shot my cousin a look and she pulled up her email and showed everything to him, to which he remembered that he'd gotten that email. He then opened Photoshop and started selecting computer fonts for the tattoo. I was livid at this point. He had made zero preparation for us and began to treat us like an inconvenience rather than actual clients. He then did something I have never in my life seen a tattoo artist do: he googled 'arrow tattoos', grabbed on off of Google Images, and put it into Photoshop. Then he upped the contrast and removed the image's background and acted like this was what we wanted. SOMEONE ELSE'S TATTOO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES. My aunt started telling him that, per the very clear email's instructions, we wanted the feather towards the back of the arrow. He grabbed the feather with the cursor, flipped it upside down, and put it on top of the arrow. I felt like I was on a camera show. What was happening? It was at this point I pulled my family outside and said there was no way I was letting this person tattoo me. It looked like Microsoft Word clip art. He had zero sketches prepared, no ideas of his own, and he told us that the feather was 'way too complicated' (it wasn't, I can assure you. I will post a photo of what we wanted after this review if I can). We had correspondence proving exactly what we wanted and how to go about it, and he acted like we had walked in and requested massive, intricate tattoos with no appointment.I went back in to get our IDs and said "Thank you, but we're going to go with another artist." He threw his hands up in the air and said "I don't understand." I said "this is the most under prepared session I've ever been to, and we (my cousin and I) both have tattoos. You were trying to give us something we didn't ask for, and we outlined it so clearly in the email." He looked at me like I was crazy and said "Well, I guess I don't even know what to say to you." I could not believe he was giving me attitude instead of trying to rectify the situation. I said "Okay thanks, bye" and we walked out.I think what baffled me too was there was another tattoo artist (a woman with dark hair) listening to us instead of tattooing someone else, and she offered no help, suggestions, or information. I don't know if this isn't a team environment, but every tattoo shop I've been too has had a welcoming, kind vibe. This place had rifles on the wall, NRA posters and gun magazines, and something that nearly made me walk out: a "Blue Lives Matter" plaque. No one ever smiled or treated us with respect. I not only will never go there again, I will explicitly tell others to go somewhere else. One of the most appalling experiences I've ever had.

Brendan Heneghan is your guy. I never thought i would ever get a tattoo. Then my Oma passed away and I felt the need to do something permanent to remember her. It took me a long time to commit to my choice and Brendan was so helpful in the selection and design. He took his time and really helped me to think about what I was really doing. He placed the design 4 different times before we decided on what to do. He was ultra concerned about getting it right. Then it was an education. He showed me every step of how things are done. He went over his infection control protocol with me he showed me how careful and serious he takes sterility. Then he walked me through Four HOURS of the process and it was no way near as bad as I thought it was going to be. He gave me a treasure that reminds me everyday of a woman that was so important to me. It is so cool and a work of OLD SCHOOL classic art. Brendan thank you for your skill and kindness. forever grateful.

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