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Great place for piercings. Guy named Jim did mine and my daughters.I had called ahead to make sure I had the documentation I needed to have my daughter pierced since she is a minor. They explained it all easily and I had no issue with getting it done. I'm glad they follow the rules on that! I had my daith pierced to see if it will help with migraines. My daughter had her second lobe piercing done.He took his time to explain the whole process and after care. The place is very clean and his area is very organized. Everything is labeled, and tidy. He changed his gloves multiple times during the process which was really nice to see such attention to detail. He took his time with symmetry on my daughters piercings. I'll be back for more piercings for sure. I plan on getting constellation piercings done and Jim knew exactly what I was asking for. Looking forward to more!

Jim is Amazing! I went and had my Tragus pierced on both sides. He is Extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything along the way. I also had him change out my jewelry which was done by another piercer. Even though he was not the original piercer, he very gentle and explained exactly how to care for my piercings. After my experience, I will never go to anyone else other than Jim to have any additional work done!

I go here all the time for piercings by Jim, he's great and I will definitely keep returning. I've gotten five piercings from him.

I was looking for a nose ring piercing and everywhere I called the piercer did not recommend getting a nose ring but a nose stud first (as there are more risks in the healing process with a nose ring). I called Tattoo Shop and talked to Jim, who assured me, as long as I followed his post-piercing care instructions I wouldn't get a keloid or infection. I decided to go with Jim and he was very good! The place and Jim was very clean. The piercing was over before I knew it and it wasn't painful at all! Highly recommend, it was worth the price.

Got a small tattoo on the side of my head from Brandon. I have several tattoos and they've been done by different people and I have to say this is the cleanest and most efficient studio I've been to, when I got there the pattern was ready for me, all he had to do was set up, while he was doing that I was told to feel free and look around since this shop has so many interesting things to look at all around, while I was getting a tattoo I believe the owner came by and we all talked for a bit, everyone there was nice and got nothing but good things to say about this place, now I want to go back for more!!!

I came here with 4 other women who were traveling internationally to get our ears pierced. The shop was very clean and willing to help us all out as walk-ins. Jim, our piercer, was wonderful. He made everyone feel welcome, gave educated advice and does excellent work. We would definitely come back here for more piercings. We got 2 tragus piercings, lobes, and cartilage and all went really well. We highly recommend tattoo shop and Jim for piercings in the area. It's not too far from the space center so we made a day of the adventure. 🙂

I adore their work here. I recently got an industrial bar piercing here by Jim and he was the most professional piercer I've ever had. He answered all of my questions and then some. His workplace was incredibly clean and the piercing was well worth the price. He tells you to text him or stop by with any questions which I appreciate because I always have questions. He was a total pro, worked with me, and explained exactly what he would be doing before he did it. I absolutely recommend this place for anyone's piercings.

I absolutely love this place!! I get all of my stuff done here. I first came here last year to get tattoos with my boyfriend & I believe the guy's name was Danny. He did a great job. I've also gotten all my piercings done here by Jim (pretty sure that's his name lol). He does a great job. They're super cool, clean, & helpful here. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I've even brought my friend to get her nose pierced here.

i went for a touch up on a very small tattoo behind my ear... paid 50 bucks and the guy zach didnt even go over all of it....

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