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Welcome to Pure Vision Tattoo one of the best tattoo places in Melbourne. With a team of articulate tattooists that are second to none in their craft and an impressive studio tucked away in Abbotsford, our Melbourne tattooists care about the art we create.

Passionate about being one of the best tattoo Melbourne parlours, Pure Vision Tattoo has one focus: to provide our clients with customised, unique and stylish tattoos in a relaxed and positive environment.

Pure Vision Tattoo is also home to highly experienced, passionate and unique Melbourne tattooists. Specialising in Japanese, portraiture and traditional style tattoos, the talented team at Pure Vision Tattoo can help you leave the most stylish of marks.Each design is custom made to suit every need and desire of the client, and our main priority is always the art that the client wants to create. From the smallest of projects to the largest, Pure Vision Tattoo is home to some of the most professional and creative tattoo artists in Melbourne. If youre looking for Melbourne tattoo shops that care about the customer and their creations, make Pure Vision Tattoo your first choice.

With our love for artistry and attention to detail, Pure Vision Tattoo provides you with a tattoo shop in Melbourne where you can feel completely comfortable. From your very first tattoo to your seventeenth, Pure Vision Tattoos team of unique Melbourne tattooists can be trusted to deliver superior detail, creativity and service. If you have an idea for a tattoo design or if youre finally going to get the tattoo youve been thinking about, visit us at our tattoo parlor in Melbourne or contact us on (03) 9486 0030. We cant wait to discuss your next piece of art and help translate your ideas into a unique and stylish design.

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Pure Vision Tattoo - Tattoo Parlour Melbourne | Melbourne ...