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Roses are red, violets are blue; Valentines Day is coming for you!

Yep, its that time of year again when everyone is seeing red, so you might as well order the flowers, pick up some chocolates, and skedaddle on down to the store and fight over whats left of the Valentine cards for your sweetie pie. Aint love grand?

Traditions do have a way of changing down through the years, and Valentines Day is no exception. For the sake of time and effort, and especially finances, Im betting some love birds swap texts or tweets instead of what worked for their grandparents in the previous century. Sounds pretty impersonal to me, but Ill admit that its easy and economical to share a Valentine thread on Facebook with the world, rather than seeing how far a box of chocolates will go.

Valentines Day is generally a major yearly landmark to couples at the beginning of their relationship, and sometimes a test of true love, but that can seem to devalue itself after many years. Admit it, a Snickers candy bar is a lot easier on the wallet than $20 box of chocolates, and a little easier on the diet, too. Remember how a $40 bouquet of her favorite roses would light up her smile? And now, many years into the marriage, a handful of periwinkles snagged from the flower bed on the way into the house after work is what some of us guys think will suffice. Right.

Remember those mushy Valentine cards that went on and on, professing undying vows that would last longer than a milk jug in a landfill? Then as time went by, you began exchanging the silly cards filled with goofy sayings that played funny songs. And now, after decades together, after the kids are grown and gone, after the grandchildren are already swapping cards with their sweeties, you settle for a verbal Happy Valentines Day and a quick smooch. That still counts, you know. And if you want it take it one step further, take your loved one to the card aisle in a store and each of you find a card for the other, swap them long enough to read them, then put them back on the shelf. Hows that for a romance thats going the distance?

Theres no shortage of ways to show your love to that special somebody. Be it cards, candy and flowers, or if you hire a pilot to do some skywriting for them to see. Id think twice about getting a tattoo of their name, though, just in case it all goes south. The smart answer to that would be buy a gift certificate for them from a tattoo parlor, where youve already picked out a design that features your name. That way, its on them, quite literally.

Another way of celebrating February 14 is going out for fine cuisine. Once upon a time, money was no object and youd find a fancy restaurant for some wining and dining under the starry skies. Forty years later, you whip through the drive-up window and take it home for some slurpin and burpin with a side order of fries and watch something mushy on the Hallmark Channel.

However you decide to celebrate Valentines Day this year, make it fun and genuine, and make plans to keep on doing it till they hang the toe tag on you. When cupid strikes and you first fall in love, somehow he leaves out the part about there being no statute of limitations on this annual acknowledgement of amore. But thats alright, because the dividends are divine.

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