Cicada Tattoo Shop – Seattle, WA

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We are open Fri-Wed, 12-8 pm, closed on Thursdays.

Our phone number is 206-327-9309

Our email address is [emailprotected]

We are located at 10309 Aurora Ave N (highway 99). Seattle, Washington. 98133.

Cicada Tattoo is a quality tattoo shop located in the north endof Seattle, WA. We are just north of Greenlake, nestled between Northgate and Greenwood, a block from Oak Tree Cinema. The shop offers spacious, clean studios and a relaxed environment.

There is street parking available on the side streets or on the other side of Aurora.

We are closed on Thursdays, certain holidays, and during some regional tattoo conventions including the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

We have a new location in Tacoma, Washington!For now we will be working by appointment only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Contact us to set up a consultation appointment.253-260-4045[emailprotected]instagram.com/cicadatattootacomafacebook.com/cicadatacoma


We offer many styles. Whether it be a large dragon sleeve, a custom piece on the ribs; or just a small star, cross, or butterfly on a foot or wrist, we are happy to work with your ideas and realize your vision. Some of the things we enjoy doing: traditional Japanese, traditional American old school, new school, bio-mechanical, script, black and gray, realistic portraits of pets or love ones, animals, angels, creatures and monsters, flowers, abstract designs, reworking older designs to bring them to life, cover-ups (instead of removal), and larger free hand compositions that compliment the shapes and forms of the body.

Many of the designs in our portfolios are one of a kind custom pieces that we have drawn for our clients. We also have a great collection of tattoo flash available if you want to choose from already rendered pictures. Our walls are covered with hand drawn and painted artwork from artists who have worked in our industry for the last one hundred years or more.

The process can be confusing at times, especially for those who are new to it. Weve written a bit here, so that you may avoid the pitfalls and understand what to expect

Yes and no. We are more than happy to tattoo you on the spot if possible, but often our artists are already booked up for the day, so its a good idea to set things up ahead of time. If the artist is available, they can draw up simple tattoos while you wait, but larger more complicated tattoos will take some planning so an appointment will still have to be made in order to give the artist time to properly prepare.

If the tattoo is fairly simple and straight forward, you can set up an appointment over the phone. The number is 206-327-9309. We do require a deposit so you would need to use a credit card. Anyone at the shop can set this up for you. We do not generally schedule appointments via email because the flow of communication is too stilted.

If the tattoo is a bit more complicated you should speak directly to the tattoo artist. If you live relatively close, it is always best to stop in and talk to the artist face to face. If you are from out of town or it is difficult to make it in, you can still make the appointment over the phone, but you will want to talk directly to the artist. Often it is helpful to also email the artist all precise details about the tattoo and attach any relevant reference photos. [emailprotected]

The Artist will want to know such things as size of the tattoo, placement on body, any existing tattoos that need to be worked around or incorporated, whether the piece will be in color or black and gray. The artist will also want to know the style you are going for (realism, old school, cartoon, stylized, abstract, design, etc.).

If you randomly come by the shop there may be an artist not currently working who will be happy to talk to you about your tattoo. But if the artist you desire is busy tattooing, they may not be able to talk at all. At best they can only take a brief break to set up an appointment or answer a quick question, but will not be able to talk at length or explore ideas. Similarly, if you call to request a certain artist. The artist will not be able to chat if they are busy tattooing and a message will be taken. Which leads us to the consultation appointment.

Since artists are often busy, a consultation appointment is the perfect way to insure your tattoo ideas get the attention they deserve. You can set up the appointment over the phone or in person. Anyone at the shop can schedule it for you. You can request the appointment to be made with a certain artist. If you are not particular about who does the tattoo, we will pick one for you based on who is available on the day you are available to come in. For most consultation appointments, we set aside a half hour of time so that your ideas can be properly discussed. If necessary we can look at some pictures on the internet or in books. The consultation is for brainstorming more than drawing: some rough sketching may be done at that time, but usually the artists saves the actual drawing for later. There is no deposit necessary for a consultation, and no obligation to get the tattoo. If you feel good about things, the artist will then schedule you for the actual tattoo appointment.

To set up a tattoo appointment we will require a deposit. For most tattoos we require $80, but the artist may ask for more, especially for a larger piece. This money lets us know that you are serious before we commit time to drawing. We do not actually charge anything to draw; this money will eventually all be applied to your tattoo. If your tattoo involves multiple appointments, the money will be carried over to hold each subsequent appointments and will then be applied to the cost of your final session. The deposit is not refundable, so if you decide not to get tattooed after all, the artist will keep the money as compensation for drawing or planning of the tattoo. If you miss your appointment without letting us know ahead of time, the deposit will be forfeited. We require at least 48 hours cancellation notice for rescheduling. Anything less than that does not give the artist time to book another client, so the artist would be left essentially unemployed for that day.

Our Prices start at $80 for the smallest tattoos. Almost every shop has a minimum to make sure they are compensated for materials and preparation time. This is a set up fee and is charged at the beginning of each session. The fee is gradually phased out as the tattooing time approaches two hours in any given session.

In addition to the $80 set up fee, there is also an hourly charge. The hourly rate is $175. Tattoos over two hours in a given session pay only the hourly.

Artists reserve the right to quote a flat price that differs from standard pricing. Examples of this would be a tattoo that takes an unusually large amount of preparation even though the actual tattoo is quick. Or difficult areas, like fingers, which require expertise and often require a followup appointment.

We have a talented crew here. Most of the artists have over ten years experience. We have dedicated our lives to the art, and look forward to making a beautiful tattoo for you.

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