#Balancetontatoueur: one of the accused tattooists files a complaint against the Instagram account which wanted to break the omerta – Inspired…

the essential A few months ago, a young woman, tattoo artist in Paris, created a page on Instagram, Balance your tattoo artist, with the aim of identifying testimonies concerning insults, mockery or alleged assaults during meetings at a tattoo artist. Since the creation of this account, the languages are loosened.

The Instagram account Balance your tattoo artist, created by a Parisian tattoo artist last year, has given itself the mission of breaking the omerta that reigns in tattoo parlors. He is now the subject of two complaints.

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The young woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had launched this account at the end of 2020 on the social network in order to denounce the inappropriate remarks, violence or sexual harassment that occurred during meetings with tattoo artists. She had indicated to the Dpche du Midi to have received hundreds of testimonies of embarrassing, uneasy, hurtful situations and even acts of sexual violence.

She also assured that investigations were underway and that alleged victims had initiated legal proceedings.

Contacted by us, she says that these complaints have not yet been filed. Filing a complaint is a complicated process especially in this type of business, it is not my role to put pressure, slips the young woman.

The lawyer of one of the tattoo artists targeted by several publications posted on the account Balance ton tattooeur contacted the Dpche du Midi. The latter told us that he has also initiated legal proceedings. This Tuesday, January 19, 2021, I filed, on behalf of my client, a complaint with the constitution of civil party before the dean of the investigating judges of Paris for acts of insults and public defamation against X and a complaint in the hands of the public prosecutor against the creator of the Instagram account and against all his co-authors and accomplices for harassment and cyber-harassment , details the Parisian lawyer.

According to him, his client was neither contacted nor interviewed by any police service whatsoever and even less criminally convicted for any offense. The tattooist targeted by certain comments published on this Instagram account denies having committed any criminal offense whatsoever and intends to pursue all slanderous and defamatory denunciations made by others.

Since the creation of this account, Internet users have been divided on this subject. Many have expressed the lack of good judgment on the part of clients who find themselves in uncomfortable situations on the pretext that you just have to leave the room or go away if you feel in danger. They also add that if there has been abuse, it is not on social networks but in front of the police services that it must be reported. Conversely, others applauded the approach of the tattoo artist behind this account allowing people to tell embarrassing or even insulting situations and thus change behavior.

Faced with these testimonies, tattooist associations confirm that they do not offer a code of ethics recalling good practices. These abuses must exist, inevitably, but no one wrote to us about it. And is it our role to make a charter?, Asks Tin-tin, president of the National Union of Tattoo Artists (Snat) in a published survey by our colleagues from Release.

In response to these various accusations, as the newspaper notes, some tattoo parlors have decided to launch their own ethical charter, benevolent and intolerant of discrimination. In Bordeaux for example, the contracts of the resident tattoo artists of the Sibylles salon stipulate that the service provider undertakes not to make any offensive racist, sexist, grossophobic, transphobic , at the risk of seeing his services canceled immediately. .

To date, it is difficult to accurately assess the number of tattoo parlors in France. According to the National Union of Tattoo Artists, they are between 4,000 and 5,000. One thing is certain: they are more and more in demand: according to an IFOP survey carried out in August 2018, 17% of French people have at least one tattoo , or more than 8 million people. Six years ago, they were only 5 million.

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#Balancetontatoueur: one of the accused tattooists files a complaint against the Instagram account which wanted to break the omerta - Inspired...