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The 74 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men | Improb

If youre looking to get a new tattoo, you want it to be the best. You only have so much, canvas space on your body, right? So you cant waste surface area with a tattoo thats subpar. Thats why were highlighting 74 of the best tattoos weve seen. These should give you some ideas of what to take to your artist.

You can look at tattoos in a few different ways. First, what are you trying to accomplish. Second, who are they for? Third, whats your style?

Do you want your tattoos to simply display great artwork for visual pleasure or do you want them to mean something? If you want them to mean something, how far down into your personality do you want to go? Do you want to show your interests or your beliefs, a joke or a life motto?

The answers to those questions will determine whether youre looking for a design or a specific image. A lot of guys are going for floral, geometric, or tribal designs just for the artistry. They add some flair to your skin. Other men choose images of religious figures, verses of Scriptures, or popular quotes to remind themselves and others what they believe in. Others feature tattoos of tigers, warriors, and dragons to show their strength. Still others get tattoos of skulls, an hourglass, or death faces to say, I know its coming and Im not afraid. Finally, many men get tattoos of their favorite superheroes, movie characters, video games, or sports team logos as a sign of where their interests lie.

This question speaks to placement as well as theme. If you want other people to see and admire your artwork, youll to place it on your arms or other visible location. If youd rather keep it private, the chest is the area youll see most while not exposing it to others.

If you do want to show it off, your design should be clear and easy to see. You dont people staring awkwardly at your body while they try to figure out what your tattoo is. Keep text short and easy to read. Any images should be large enough to see the details. Use color to enhance the clarity and beauty of your tat.

Do you want your tattoo image to be cartoony or realistic? Sketched or finished? Shaded or colored? Abstract or lifelike? Whatever you choose, try to be consistent with any other tattoos you get. Even a collection of tattoos all based on different interests can make a fabulous collage when unified by a single or complementary art styles.

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The 74 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men | Improb


Tyler Seguin revealed the Boston moment that inspired his favorite tattoo –

February 27, 2020 | 9:33 AM

Tyler Seguin broke down his tattoos in a video for GQ Sports, revealing the meaning behind some of his ink.

The Dallas Stars center and former Bruin has worked through two full sleeves and a chest piece, full of words and images that inspire him and tie him to his hometown of Brampton, Ont. He has matching tattoos with his dad their last name and with his sisters sets of triangles that are colored in to match their birth order.

But his favorite tattoo is set apart, on his left side.

Stanley Cup Champions, reads the tattoo, in script, above Boston Bruins and 2011.

It was awesome, said Seguin, who played in Boston from 2010-13. A sports city, a hockey town that hadnt won in a long time. It was awesome.

Seguin also admitted that his dumbest tattoo came from Boston, too a stick figure in his right armpit.

I was in Boston getting tattooed one day. All my friends came, we were having a couple beers, everything like that, Seguin said. One guy asked the tattoo artist, Wheres the most painful spot? and he said Armpits, Ive found, are pretty painful.

So I said, Alright, lets do the armpit. And all my other buddies got little stick mans, and one guy got Nike shoes on his.

For what its worth, Seguin said the armpit wasnt the most painful because theyre all painful.

The latest updates from all of Boston's sports teams.

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Tyler Seguin revealed the Boston moment that inspired his favorite tattoo -


Ashley Benson’s New Tattoo Is a Subtle Nod to Her Hometown – POPSUGAR

Ashley Benson has a lot of love for her home state. The Pretty Little Liars alum was recently spotted on social media showing off an all-new tattoo that she got with a close friend of hers. Benson and her friend, who goes by @girleatsworldddd on Instagram, are both from Anaheim and Los Angeles, respectively, so it only made sense that the two of them get matching tattoos saying "California" written in cursive. Both of the tats were drawn in their mid-back areas by famed New York City-based tattoo artist JonBoy, who's also worked with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner.

Take a closer look at Benson's new ink ahead.

Ashley Benson's New Tattoo Is a Subtle Nod to Her Hometown - POPSUGAR


Myanmar’s last generation of tattooed headhunters – Bangkok Post

LONGWA (MYANMAR) - Ngon Pok remembers his father and grandfather returning triumphantly to his tribal village in Myanmar's far north with a human head -- and the agony of the tattoo he was given to celebrate their victory.

He is a proud member of the Lainong, one of dozens of Naga tribes -- many with grisly histories -- wedged in a semi-autonomous zone near the Indian border.

Ngon Pok, who believes he's around 80, gestures to his six-year-old grandson, saying he must have been about the same age when he received his tattoo.

"People had to catch me and hold me down," he tells AFP, removing his jumper to reveal his chest adorned with parallel, vertical stripes and two warrior figures.

Tribes and villages commonly waged war over land, and there are reports of warriors hacking off their enemies' heads for trophies as late as the 1960s.

To celebrate, a thorn would be used to drive tree sap under the warrior's skin to ink a permanent reminder of his headhunting prowess -- and his family would often follow suit.

Ngon Pok's wife, aged about 75, says she chose to have the geometric designs etched on her arms, legs and face as a teenager.

"It was so painful," Khamyo Pon Nyun remembers, hoisting up her skirt to expose her legs.

"But I told myself if my mum and my aunts could do it then so could I," she says, adding with a smile that -- unlike her husband -- she did not need to be restrained to withstand the pain.

- Naga nationalism -

The Naga consist of dozens of tribes in a region so isolated that neighbouring villages often speak completely different languages and dialects.

Divided between India and Myanmar by a border many deem as artificial, today a proud sense of nationalism unites the disparate tribes.

This is one of the poorest corners of Myanmar, where many must walk for days to reach the nearest town, few children progress beyond primary school education and only 40 percent of villages boast electricity.

People subscribe to a complex patchwork of customs, blending animist beliefs with various forms of Christianity brought by missionaries in recent decades -- and intertwining their warrior traditions.

American anthropologist and author Lars Krutak has travelled the world studying tribal tattoos, including among the Naga.

"What strikes me as unique is the diversity of Naga tattooing patterns," he says, adding there are more than 20 tribes that tattoo across both sides of the border.

They can signify tribal identity, life accomplishments or the completion of a rite of passage.

In some cases, people believed they would need the designs to transition to the afterlife, Krutak explains.

- Gory tradition -

One of the most feared tribes was the Konyak, now divided between India and Myanmar, their villages so remote Christianity only made inroads here in the 1970s.

The Konyak village of Longwa actually straddles the border, set on a high ridge commanding a view of both countries and is the seat of the tribe's king, whose house symbolically lies directly on the frontier.

Only a handful of the village's former headhunting warriors remain, sporting formidable tattoos that cover much of their faces in dark blue ink with skull-like patches left bare around the eyes.

Houn Ngo Kaw, 75, claims he helped put an end to the gory tradition in his village after he converted to Christianity in 1978 and admits "it's better now."

Younger generations of Naga rarely wear the traditional tattoos associated with headhunting, but there are exceptions.

Ku Myo, 35, says her parents were less than impressed after she came home aged 15 with her face tattooed.

"I did it without them knowing and they beat me when they found out," she says, admitting she too would be furious if her children exhibited the same rebellious streak.

But few seem to lament the passing of a tradition that will soon be lost forever.

"I wanted to be one of the last tattooed warriors and I am," Konyak elder Houn Ngo Kaw says with a huge grin.

"Of course I'm happy."

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Myanmar's last generation of tattooed headhunters - Bangkok Post


Tallulah Willis Gets Arm Tattoo Removed: ‘I Was 20 and Impulsive’ – Yahoo Entertainment

Tallulah Willis is saying goodbye to one of her tattoos.

On Monday, Tallulah the daughter of actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis revealed she had gotten a tattoo removed, sharing an Instagram photo of her arm in a white bandage.

TATTOOS R FUN UNTIL THER [sic] NOT ~~, Tallulah, 26, captioned the post, which shows her inside LaserAway a laser hair and tattoo removal clinic in Beverly Hills, California.

Thankful that magic erasers for skeen exists @laseraway *disclaimer my arms are burning as deep as my ego, but it really does work, Tallulah added.

As for why she decided to remove the ink, Tallulah told a fan, I was 20 and impulsive.

Tallulah also explained she didnt quite understand the word permanent' at the time.

Tallulahs sister Rumer Willis also visited LaserAway when she had her tattoos removed in 2017.

Feeling myself in these glasses @LaserAway thanks for zapping my tats #iwasyoungandcrazy #istilllovethem #laseraway, Rumer, 31, wrote on Instagram.

RELATED: Tallulah Willis Says She Almost Died from Alcohol Poisoning at 15: Had No Regard for My Life

Tallulahs decision to get one of her tattoos removed comes after she previously opened up about regretting the ink back in 2016.

During an interview with W Magazine, Tallulah told the publication, I have 28 and only regret one.

Only a few of them have some deeper meaning for me, most of them just feel like little decor on the bod, she said.

Tallulah Willis | Leon Bennett/WireImage

RELATED: Tallulah Willis Admits She Didnt Know Intimidating Mother Demi Moore Very Well Until Recently

I cant stop getting them, much to Mamas chagrin. My favorite one is on my right arm and its the head of a creature Scouter and I collaborated on when we were on bored on an airplane, Tallulah said.

In my impulsive way, I decreed that I had to get it the moment we landed, which I did and thankfully it turned out pretty good, she added.

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Tallulah Willis Gets Arm Tattoo Removed: 'I Was 20 and Impulsive' - Yahoo Entertainment


Lil Baby Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Tattoos – XXLMAG.COM

Lil Baby doesn't have any ink on him and it was a calculated choice.

On Wednesday (Feb. 26), The New York Times released an in-depth interview with the Atlanta rapper ahead of the release of his new album My Turn, due Friday (Feb. 28). When asked whether he'd always planned to be a rap star, Baby revealed other plansand they explain his lack of tattoos.

I never saw me being a rapper. A big-dog dope boy, thats it," Baby explained. "Not even just a dope boy. Thats why I aint got no tattoos, because I always knew I was going to run my money up, and I was going to have to go sit in front of some people to do something with my money. And I didnt want them to look at me like a dope boy. I had to keep my appearance straight."

He went on to explain that even though he's a rapper now, he still appreciates the choices he made early on.

"I literally said, When I sit down in front of these white folks, I dont want to have no tattoos. In a way, its still that today," the Fall 2019 XXL cover star said. "Because when Im sitting in these meetings, I dont have tattoos on my face. I know theyd have to think something if Ive got tattoos on my face.

My Turn was originally slated for a late 2019 release, but was pushed back a few months. The 20-track LP follows 2018's Street Gossip.

See 92 Albums Turning 10 in 2020

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Lil Baby Explains Why He Doesn't Have Tattoos - XXLMAG.COM


Jon Bon Jovi’s secret tattoo meanings revealed as Prince Harry meeting looms –

The New Jersey-born performer, now 54, shows no sign of slowing down as he prepares to meet Prince Harry today at London's Abbey Road studio to discuss a special Invictus Games single. Despite being known for channeling the stories of real people he knew into his songs, his tattoos have remained less spoken about. In unearthed comments we reveal his words and the designs he chose to immortalise on his body.

Jon Bon Jovi has had an impressive career he went from being a self-professed loner to one of the most successful musicians of all time.

He has an incredible 12 studio and two solo albums to his name, which have sold more than 130 million copies.

Two years ago his band, of the same name, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Outside music, Jon Bon Jovi had also tried his hand at acting where he featured in the several small films and the TV series Sex and the City.

Now he is due to re-record his 2019 hit Unbroken for the Invictus Games at Londons Abbey Road Studios today.

In a thoughtful interview published by website InkedCeleb in 2016 the star revealed he had regrets about some of his tattoos.

He compared them to old clothes when he said: I wish you could change them with the styles. But they were a part of my life at that juncture.

Over the years, Jon Bon Jovi inked his skin three times with less than usual designs.

He has the Superman logo on his left arm and a cows head on the right, and then a small dragon on his left ankle.

JUST IN:Bon Jovi's cryptic nod to Meghan Markle as Prince Harry meeting looms

This one depicted a steers head, which looks like the skull of a bison.

He explained: I took guitarist Dave Snake Sabo to the tattoo parlour and had to show him that getting one didn't hurt.

I guess that tattoo symbolises the feelings I had on the New Jersey album of being a cowboy.

We'd ride into town, take the money and the women, drink their booze, and be gone before morning. Ah, the innocence of youth.

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Jon Bon Jovi's secret tattoo meanings revealed as Prince Harry meeting looms -


The strange case of Amanda Bynes: From ‘Hairspray’ to face tattoos, how it all unravelled for the child star – MEAWW

Amanda Bynes was once a household name, having achieved success very young. With her girl-next-door semblance, wicked talent and incredible comedic timing, she easily rose to fame becoming America's sweetheart in the 1990s and 2000s. She began her career starring on the hit Nickelodeon show, 'All That', and thereafter in its eponymous spin-off series.

Bynes also starred as a regular in 'What I Like About You', from 2002 to 2006. She got her big break in the film industry through blockbusters like 'What a Girl Wants', 'She's the Man', 'Hairspray', and 'Easy A'. But by 2010, things had begun to go downhill for the actress.

It turns out that being thrown into the spotlight at a tender age and subsequently being catapulted to stardom had devastating consequences for Bynes. The reason for her downward spiral hasn't come to light, but it was drastic enough for her to turn to drugs in order to stabilize herself and her rapidly deteriorating mental health. The 33-year-old is almost unrecognizable now from the bubbly young girl that she used to be.

Her troubles came to the public domain in 2012 when she had a breakdown on Twitter, followed by a DUI charge that was dropped two years later on receiving three years of probation. A year later, she was arrested for marijuana possession when she was caught smoking a joint in the lobby of her Manhattan home and allegedly threw a bong out of the window of her 36th-floor apartment.

It only got worse from thereon. Later that year, she was detained for allegedly starting a fire in a stranger's driveway. As a result, her parents were granted temporary guardianship and she was sent to rehab for 6 months for displaying erratic behavior.

These incidents shocked her fans and the world but pinpointing her as the sole reason for her fall from grace, wouldn't be valid. Hollywood had managed to break Amanda Bynes, and the negative media coverage that she often received wasn't helping her one bit. Instead of being sympathized with, she was belittled, and she went off her rocker.

In 2014, she took to Twitter to fire off several tweets accusing her parents of emotional and sexual abuse, only to retract them later claiming "the microchip in my brain made me say those things but [her father's] the one that ordered them to microchip me."

Her experience with substance abuse was shocking because she had begun smoking marijuana at age 16. By the time she was well into adulthood, she had experimented with serious drugs and become severely addicted to Adderall. The 'skinny girl' drug gave her the high that she soon got very accustomed to.

Bynes was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began her tumultuous journey to end substance abuse. She enrolled herself at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise to pursue a Fashion degree while trying to get her life back on track but dropped out soon after.

Albeit, over the past couple of years, Bynes has taken time off from Hollywood, gotten engaged to her boyfriend of a few months, and tattooed a crooked heart on her cheek. Fans still express worry over her actions and hope that she may not be falling into old patterns since the face is an odd place to get a tattoo. But iIt could be a symbol of self-expression, while she's keeping healthy and following a definite path to sobriety. We hope it's the latter.

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The strange case of Amanda Bynes: From 'Hairspray' to face tattoos, how it all unravelled for the child star - MEAWW


Beau Institute for Permanent Cosmetics Training

The Beau Institute is a leading center for permanent cosmetics in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our Institute is world renowned for its beautiful and transformative permanent makeup applications.

Beau Institute is recognized for its in-depth and unparalleled permanent cosmetics and permanent makeup training. Our Institute continues to welcome trainees from around the globe, from the medical field and various professional backgrounds as well as those with no experience in the cosmetic world. Beau Institute offers the finest training and a lifelong relationship that includes ongoing support and advancement throughout your entire career.

We offer state-of-the art equipment such as Nouveau Contour and Skin Master products as well as a comfortable, inviting environment. Whether you visit us for a customized permanent makeup procedure or attend one of our expert-led permanent cosmetics training courses to master the art of permanent makeup, you will experience the personal attention, warmth and professionalism that has defined the Beau Institute.

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Beau Institute for Permanent Cosmetics Training


Tattoos, Addiction and Zen – Eugene Weekly

Kenny Williams sits in the front row of the congregation at Buddha Eye Temple in Eugene during a Sunday service. The low tone of a bell rings rhythmically through the room. The faint bitter smell of incense hangs in the air.

A tattoo of a grasshopper, legs bent and ready to spring, rests on top of his left hand in the space below his thumb and forefinger. Other tattoos peep out from underneath his loose blue meditation garb on the back of his neck and the top of his feet.

Williams is one of tens of millions of Americans with tattoos: More than four in 10 people in the United States have tattoos, according to an internet survey conducted by Dalia Research. But 34 percent of tattooed Americans regret getting at least one of their tattoos, and tattoo removal is projected to be a $4.8 billion global market by 2023, according to Market Research Future.

Williams has been getting tattoos since he was in high school. His tattoos, and those hes covered or removed, reflect contrasting periods of his life his addiction, his recovery and his Zen practice.

He was born and raised in Los Angeles. When he was around 15 years old, he got Olde English, the name of a malt liquor brand often sold in 40 ounce containers, tattooed in large letters across the top of his back. Hed been drinking and smoking pot since sixth grade. He started doing hard drugs, like the hallucinogen LSD, in seventh grade. From then on, he rarely did homework and skipped school often.

I couldnt even say I have a third grade education because third graders are much smarter now, he says and laughs. Theyre probably way ahead of me.

About the same time he got the Olde English tattoo, Williams got Skins tattooed on the inside of his lip a homage to members of gangs affiliated with the skinhead subculture hed been hanging out with in junior high school. I felt that whoever got tattoos were tough, and the tougher people that I could be around, the safer I would be, Williams says.

But as some of the skinheads fell deeper into neo-Nazism, he says he stopped associating with them.

The whole Nazi thing never fit me, Williams says. I only did any of those things because I was in fear.

Around the time he got these tattoos, Williamsstarted hanging out with older guys whod served long prison sentences. He skipped his junior year of high school, and only went to a week of senior year.

It was those ex-prisoners who tattooed 13 on Williams right shoulder. While his other tattoos glorified drinking and racism, the 13 was dangerous. He says it labeled him as a supporter of any number of Southern California gangs that have 13 in their names. And it signaled that he was an enemy of any northern California gang that used 14 in its name.

It was an open invitation for conflict.

Williams says this tattoo got him into tons of fights over the years, especially during his stints in jail, where he says wearing a 13 makes you feared or hated. But thats what he wanted. He liked the danger.

He started doing crystal meth around the time he got the 13 tattoo. As he got older, the addiction started taking over his life. Williams says hed regularly stay up for four or five days at a time, extremely high on meth. His mental health suffered.

At 30 years old, he didnt have a job. Many of his friends had died of overdoses or in gang-related shootings. Hed ruined relationships with many of his family members and was living in one of his friends houses the only one whod still let him stay with her.

One day after a meth binge, Williams woke up feeling like hed run out of options for what he could do with his life.

I was panicked, and I was alone, Williams says. Nobody wanted me around.

Williams tattoos told the world he was tough, but on the inside, he was terrified. He went to a drug treatment center, starting a battle toward sobriety.

A little while into treatment, he asked Robert Porter, a counselor at the California treatment center, Whats wrong with me? Porter responded by looking at Williams and singing the chorus from Youve Lost that Lovin Feeling, a classic pop song from the 1960s.

I just started crying, dude, Williams says about the moment. He says it was the first time hed cried for a long time.

The tears had been beat out of me deaths, so many deaths. So many of my friends have lost their lives to all of this stuff, Williams says. That day, I knew could either be cold and alone, or I could get back everything that I was looking for.

He says the song cut him so deeply because he realized hed nearly lost his ability to love by doing drugs and getting tattoos that told people he was hateful and violent. Williams has been sober since.

Its unlikely for anything revolutionary to happen until you get to your wits end, Williams Buddhist teacher and the head priest of Buddha Eye Temple, who is known as Ejo, says to the Sunday service congregation 17 years later.

After his moment with Porter, Williams laser-removed Olde English and Skins from his body and covered up the 13. He says the tattoo removal was excruciating but necessary.

It was worth every bit of pain to be able to have that time of my life washed away, he says. Those stupid tattoos. He pauses. They were holding me back from who I really was.

Williams got a pit bull named Sky a few years after he got sober and got a tattoo of her face on his upper back. She died a few months ago, and he says he loved her deeply. Williams says he could never have taken care of Sky during his years of addiction, when all he did was live on peoples couches and use their drugs.

Williams says he loves pit bulls because people think theyre mean, but they can be extremely loving if theyre treated right. Williams says pit bulls, like him, look tough on the outside but are really sensitive on the inside.

He also got a tattoo of the face of his oldest friend, a famous tattoo artist known as Trigger who was shot and killed a few years ago, on the right side of his stomach. They used to hang out as teenagers, even when they were in rival gangs. But their relationship bloomed once Williams got sober.

Williams moved to Eugene with his wife three years ago. Hed visited Buddha Eye Temple a few times during visits to Eugene because his wifes brother goes there. His brother-in-law paid the priest Ejo to fly to L.A. and to give Williams and his wife a Buddhist wedding.

When Williams picked Ejo up from the airport, the priest lightheartedly complained and swore about the L.A. traffic, just like anybody else would. Williams felt comfortable around him because Ejo didnt try to hide his faults. Williams started going to the temple right when he moved to Eugene, knowing that Ejo would be a good, non-judgmental teacher for him.

Williams got the tattoo of the grasshopper on his left hand right before he moved to Eugene. Williams says it symbolizes a new phase of learning in his life a reference to a 1970s television show, Kung Fu, where a monk in training is called a young grasshopper. He plans to become an official disciple of Ejo in February, which will give him new responsibilities and opportunities for learning.

At first, they were a symbol of who I wanted to be, Williams says about his tattoos. Now, theyre a symbol of who I am.

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Tattoos, Addiction and Zen - Eugene Weekly

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