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The nicknames LeBron James and Dwight Howard gave the Lakers, ranked – Silver Screen and Roll

The Lakers chemistry this season has been at an all-time high. Throughout games this year, youll see the players smiling and joking around with each other on the bench and Dwight Howard (aka Superman) and LeBron James (King James) have even dished out a few nicknames to their Lakers teammates this season.

Im going to start off by saying, I think these nicknames could use a little work. Some of them are a bit cringe-y. Some of them are just bad. Still, there are a few that fit the player pretty well.

Lets start off by listing out the eight nicknames, so you can see them yourself, and decide what you think are the best before you see my ranking.

First, on a recent episode of Backstage Lakers on Spectrum SportsNet, Dwight listed off these nicknames:

Here are a few other nicknames that Dwight and LeBron gave out in various places this season:

Now that you have seen all the names and have decided for yourself that The Angry Bird is the worst one, heres my list from worst to best.

Dwight gave Davis this nickname on Instagram (and quickly edited the post, so maybe even he realized its too bad for the light of day), but didnt give a reason for the moniker. He changed it to The Angry Davis. Either way, both arent great. We all know Angry Birds as the game we played on our phones a few years ago, so maybe he got it from there? I mean, AD does kind of look like the red one, unibrow-wise.

Regardless, I cant call him that nickname. Maybe that wouldve worked better when he was a Pelican. That would make some sense at least.

Dwight called Kuzma Kris Kross, explaining it by saying Kuz wears dreads like Travis Scott. He looks like hes a part of the group Kris Kross. Heres a picture so you can see if you agree.

Now, I had to put this seventh on the list based of the fact that its not something you can call Kuzma all season, as he changes his hairstyle periodically. However, I will give Dwight credit that Kriss Kross and Kyle Kuzma have the same initials. Im not sure if he did that on purpose, but if he did, then well done.

Dwight said that the reason he gave Caldwell-Pope that nickname is because where theres fire, theres smoke... On the offensive end hes on fire, and on the defensive end hes smokin!

Now look, Im all for how Caldwell-Pope has been playing on both ends of the court this season, including shooting 46.4% from three in his last fourteen games, but I cant see myself calling KCP, Smoke Dog. I just cant.

There wasnt a reason offered for this nickname, but its pretty self-explanatory as to why it was given. Fans on social media have already picked up on this nickname and call him that at times when tweeting at him. Its a pretty fun nickname, it just wasnt creative enough to be higher on the list.

Dwight yelled this out on the bench to McGee when he hit a hook shot in the paint. Now, is it a bit cringe? Sure, but it worked. JaVale has hit a few hooks this season, and every time he hits one, I immediately think of that nickname. So its definitely left its mark.

LeBron gave Vogel this nickname after he won Coach of the Month for the Western Conference. Very rarely do coaches get a nickname, but with a player like LeBron, nobody is safe from a nickname.

Frank the Tank just fits Vogel so perfectly. Its hard to explain how, but it just does. The Lakers are dominating so far this season, and Frank the Tank just seems like a great name for a coach of that team. The last Laker coach to have a nickname was Byron Scott, who also had tank in the name the fans gave him: The Tank Commander. Im just glad tank is being used in a positive way now.

And who knows? Maybe Vogel is just a big fan of Will Farrells character in Old School and LeBron factored that into this.

LeBron gave Daniels this nickname because every time he shoots a three, its a layup. Now, Daniels hasnt exactly lived up to his nickname, with a three-point percentage of 34.8%, although his last five games hes shot 50.0% from three. I personally havent heard someone having that nickname before, so points for originality. Daniels has to start owning that nickname more though. After he hits a three, he should imitate himself scoring a layup like his teammates have done at times from the bench. Thats just a good free branding tip for you, Troy.

Dwight said that Greens nickname is Deadshot because, Hes a great shooter. I dont see too many shots that he misses. So I think his shots are dead on.

Now, like Daniels, Green hasnt exactly lived up to the nickname so far. This season, Green has shot 37.9% from three which by any means isnt bad. Deadshot was Will Smiths character in the movie Suicide Squad. On Wikipedia, Deadshot is said to be often considered as one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe, and is a guy who basically never misses.

Regardless of Greens percentage this season, though, Green has proven to be one of the deadliest three-point shooters in the league. Deadshot, to me, was easily the coolest and most fitting nickname on the list. Its so good that Green even got it tattooed on himself. If youre nickname is good enough that youd permanently tattoo it on your body, you have to get bonus points for that. I dont see Anthony Davis getting an Angry Birds tattoo.

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The nicknames LeBron James and Dwight Howard gave the Lakers, ranked - Silver Screen and Roll


Razzouk Tattoo | Since 1300

Tattooing is an art the Razzouk family introduced to Palestine centuries ago. Bringing it with them from Egypt when my great grandfather moved here for trade, this art has been in the family for 700 hundred years starting in Egypt.

Our ancestors used tattoos to mark Christian Copts with a small cross on the inside of the wrist to grant them access to churches. Those without it would have difficulty entering the church; therefore, and from a very young age (sometimes even a few months old) Christians would tattoo their children with the cross identifying them as Copts.

Today we continue this family tradition offering tattoos to visitors to the Old City of Jerusalem.

My grandfather, Yacoub Razzouk (known also as Hagop or the tattooist), was the first tattoo artist in this country to use an electric tattoo machine (which was powered by a car battery) and the first to use color as well. Many artists have learned from him and he has been mentioned in many books and magazines that discuss the history of tattooing (especially religious and Christian tattoos).

He had learned the art from his father who learned it from his father who came from Egypt and brought with them the wooden hand-carved stamps that act as stencils for the religious designs of settings inspired from the bible such as the crucifixion, the acssention, the virgin Mary and baby Jesus, etc Pilgrims would stand in line waiting for their turn to be tattooed with either a cross or another design of their choice with the date as certification to their pilgrimage to the Holy Land and as a souvenir. Many Pilgrims would visit another time in a different year and have the date of that year added to the tattoo.

My Father, Anton Razzouk, speaks of a man who had visited Palestine for decades on a yearly basis bringing other pilgrims with him from Egypt every year, and every year he would bring his groups to be tattooed and, of course, get tattooed with the year again, which has ended him with tens of tattooed dates on his arms. Another story that my father is proud of is the fact that his father had tattooed the ruler of Ethyopia at that time who only wanted to be tattooed by the original artist. One of the interesting recent stories is that my father was contacted by an Armenian American doctor who invited him to the USA to have him put an original tattoo for him (probably cost him more than a hundred tattoos!), but for him, the authenticity and the heritage was all that mattered.

My father (Anton Razzouk) has been teaching me as his father (Yacoub Razzouk) taught him, and I have decided to carry over the tradition and the heritage and hopefully, one day, teach it to my sons

In the old City of Jerusalem one afternoon in 1956 I discovered a collection of woodblocks which struck me as unique in character. So begins John Carswells compellingly simple account of his discovery of the remnants of a centuries old tradition of tattooing in the Holy Land that goes back in written records to at least the 1600s and quite possibly much earlier. In the tattoo/coffin-making shop of tattooer/coffin-maker Jacob Razzouk, Carswell recorded the designs of 168 wood blocks that were carved with various, mostly Coptic Christian, tattoo designs. The blocks and the trade had been in Razzouks family for generations.

Customers looked at the blocks and picked their design. The tattooer would then use the block to stamp an ink impression on their skin, using it as a guide for tattooing. A cross of equal lengths on the inside of the right wrist or on the back of the hand, between the base of the thumb and the index finger, was not an uncommon way for pilgrims to commemorate their journey to Jerusalem.

Several accounts of tattooing in Palestine can be found in travel journals of Christian pilgrims and the practice continued well into the twentieth century. In 1956, a professional tattooist, Jacob Razzouk was using tattoo designs carved on woodblocks that had been handed down from father to son in his family since the seventeenth century. The blocks he used were copied and published in Carswells book Coptic Tattoo Designs, printed in a limited edition of 200 copies in 1956. The book contains reproductions of 184 prints together with descriptions of the traditions and symbolism associated with each design. There are only two definite dates in the collection of woodblocks and one is Armenian and dates to 1749 and the other is Resurrection one dating to 1912.

History of STENCILS

Some of the earliest known stencils are the felt pads from the Scynthians tombs. The people of Borneo, and the Coptic people used carved block of wood to create stencils. Jacob Razzouk was a Coptic tattooist and coffin maker whose ancestors settled in Jerusalem in the 18th century and who passed down stencil blocks to him. Carved in heavy relief these blocks would be inked lightly and then the image could be transferred onto the skin for tattooing

Jerusalem Cross Tattoo The symbol of the Jerusalem cross has a long history in the world of Christendom as well as the world of tattooing. Sometimes described as a cross potent between four crosslets or a cross of equal arms, each terminating in a cross bar, there is no mistaking this distinctive and squarish cross symbol out of the dozens of types that have been used in tattoos. Its earliest appearance as a symbol seems to have occurred, not surprisingly, during the first Crusade (1096), in the coat of arms of Godfrey of Bouillon, the first Latin ruler of Jerusalem. Dead by the age of only forty, the tall, handsome, and fair-haired descendant of Charlemagne found his way quickly into legend, idolized as the perfect Christian knight. In the nearly one thousand years since then, the Jerusalem cross has been associated with Christian crusades, heroism, and knights, but especially with Jerusalem, especially when it comes to tattoos.

In the old City of Jerusalem one afternoon in 1956 I discovered a collection of woodblocks which struck me as unique in character. So begins John Carswells compellingly simple account of his discovery of the remnants of a centuries old tradition of tattooing in the Holy Land that goes back in written records to at least the 1600s and quite possibly much earlier. In the tattoo/coffin-making shop of tattooer/coffin-maker Jacob Razzouk, Carswell recorded the designs of 168 wood blocks that were carved with various, mostly Coptic Christian, tattoo designs. Prominent among them is, of course, the Jerusalem cross. Pilgrims to the Holy City have likely used it for centuries in order to commemorate their journeys even pilgrims such as King Edward VII of England and King Frederik IX of Denmark

One of the most famous of Christian types of tattoos, however, is still in use today that of the pilgrimage tattoo. At least as early as the 1500s, visitors to the Holy Land (including crusaders) often acquired a Christian tattoo symbol to commemorate their visit, particularly the Jerusalem Cross. Some of the most well known and best documented examples of piligrimage tattoos comes from John Carswells book of Coptic Christian tattoo designs.

In this more elaborate example, the cross of the equal lengths has a similar cross in each of its quarters, a symbol known as the Jerusalem Cross. Above it are three crowns and a star with its lowest point extending downward. Below are two branches joined by a bow. This tattoo was probably used to commemorate a pilgrimage to Bethlehem with the three crowns standing in for the three wise men, plus the star of Bethlehem. These tattoo blocks, passed down through generations, retain the unaffected, straightforward, and distilled designs that even today manage to exert their charm. But tattooing and coffin-making? Pilgrimage tattooing peaked at Easter and the rest of the year Razzouk had to make a living somehow no association between the two occupations apparently.

Today, Christians of all denominations are at work imbedding in their skins the symbols of their religion. From the same symbols used by early Christians to full blown scenes of the crucifixion, the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, crosses with a Celtic flavor, or the classic Americana tattoo of the Rock of Ages. There seems to be no end to the varieties and styles and the different combinations that are possible. With a history of tattooing that stretches back for approximately two millennia, that variety and popularity is to be expected.

Click here to read an Associated Press article on our family.

Feb 10, 1972

Summer 2011. I met a beautiful young Armenian lady from USA, she wanted to get a pilgrimage tattoo. Her name is Gayane Khechoomian. I tattooed a small armenian cross on the arm. She mentioned me in her article in a magazine called HAYTOUG. Thank you Gayane. Click here to read Gayanes article.

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Razzouk Tattoo | Since 1300


Parking charge increases will "kill town" warn business owners – Devon Live

Hundreds have signed a petition against parking charge increases which will kill town businesses.

Parking charge changes were announced by Mid Devon District Council earlier this year, with 30-minute free parking scrapped between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, with charges of 1.25 for an hour, and 2.20 for two hours during weekdays at Becks Square and Market Place in Tiverton.

At the multi-storey car park, there will be a 10 charge for a day parking, with two hours 2, five hours 4 and ten hours 6.

The petition says: We are petitioning Mid Devon District Council to reconsider the imposition of a staggering 200 per cent increase in parking fees at the Multi-Story Car Park (MSCP). We are concerned that the imposition of these high fees will essentially kill Tiverton town centre and encourage shoppers to use big brand retail stores in the surrounding areas and Exeter instead of supporting local independent shops.

Recently, Tiverton had a vast number of retail spaces close down, and this has seen a decrease in shoppers over the last year. Higher parking rates will also encourage car users to park in residential streets, clogging up the smaller roads already at full capacity.

We, the undersigned, want MDDC to not impose excessive fees from local shoppers and workers who use the MSCP daily, which may cause them to venture elsewhere.

Syluss Sayin, a tattooist at Grindstone Barbers in Fore Street said he had more than 700 signatures at his business and a further 25 businesses in the own had petitions of their own.

I saw a sign in the car park which was barely noticeable and the writing was tiny, he said. We then realised what was happening; it is really sneaky of them. Theres no email address, and so people are being deterred from writing with their objections as people use emails.

My Sayin said that he drove into Tiverton each day and that a petition seemed the best way to show the strength of feeling.

Everyone is on the same side, he said. Itll affect us all massively. Some have to pay 2 a day, but soon it will go up to 10 a day, five days a week at 240 a month. People cant afford that in a small town like this.

I think doing it now, around election time, is convenient for them. It comes across like theyre trying to push it under the radar. Nobody will be reading an A4 sheet of paper when theyre on their way to work in the morning.

I am hoping that people wont take this lying down and that they have to consider everybody and the way the world is financially.

With Brexit, people are holding onto their money more. Nobody is sure whats happening, but also take into consideration this increase is quite big for a lot of people.

Richard Williams, owner Grindstone Barbers, added: Primarily my source of income is from Tiverton, but I still get people from Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple and Bideford coming here for a haircut. If they are putting the prices up to the extreme that theyre going to, those people wont be coming here anymore.

The public transport systems around here arent good enough. Theyre trying to mask it as a green and environmental carbon footprint strike, but its because theyre trying to squeeze money out of people. If public transport was better, people may use it, but you cant rely on buses, the train station is seven miles away, and to get here, you have to get a taxi or a bus which doesnt run very often.

Maria Miller from Johns Barber Shop in Westexe said her petition had seen more than 1,000 people sign it.

No matter what administration, we always seem to be getting problems, she said.

I campaigned for free parking in the town more than five years ago; I also went to Eric Pickles to campaign for an extra ten minutes, which we were successful with.

If they take away free 30-minute parking, it will kill the town businesses. All the shops at Westexe need free parking. Its not going to take an hour to go buy incontinent pads, get a haircut, get some photocopying done; its crazy.

Jo Webber from Jo Amor on Bampton Street added: Tiverton is building a cool community of independent shops and businesses all over the town which need footfall and customers to survive.

Mid Devon plays an important role in our high street regeneration. What message do these increases give?

Deputy Chief Executive (S151) Officer, Andrew Jarrett, said that any changes to Council owned car park charges had to strike a very careful balance between delivering value for money for the user and customer and generating enough revenue to ensure the ongoing maintenance of these important Council assets.

He said: In order to give some context, our current parking charges have been frozen at the level introduced back in April 2016. After a number of joint working groups, discussions at the Economy Policy Development Group and finally recommendation by the Cabinet, our draft car parking charges have been put out for public consultation.

With regard to the MSCP the Councils Cabinet at a meeting on August 22, agreed to allocate just under 1m to deliver two-year essential maintenance and upgrade programme. This has clearly had an impact on the proposed charges being recommended in the future.

However, for regular users of the MSCP, we have frozen the price of our annual daytime permits at 310.00 per annum. Therefore, a trader using the MSCP is effectively paying just under 1.35 per day based on a 46 week five-day working year. This has to be considered as very good value for money.

Mr Jarrett added that in addition to the proposed charges for the MSCP the Council were also proposing: Reduction in the one-hour tariff on all short stay car parks (most used tariff). Introducing stepped tariffs to suit the customers needs in our long stay car parks. Kept 30 minutes free tariff in the evening in all car parks across the District. Untouched tariffs for overnight parking, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Still offering four free parking in our long stay car parks for three Saturdays leading up to Christmas and one Saturday of the three Town Councils choice. Frozen all day-time Permit prices (undertook a major advertising of Permits with the C/Tax bills to increase uptake). Reduced Overnight permits from 180 to 100 to help relieve residents parking issues during the evening. Maintaining ten amenity car parks throughout the District which have no charging tariffs in them.

Mr Jarrett continued: All of these proposals have been advertised in the local press and on the entrances to all of the Councils car parks as per the conditions on the Off-Street Parking Places Order (OSPPO). All of the public feedback will be considered prior to any new charges being implemented early in the new year.

Excerpt from:
Parking charge increases will "kill town" warn business owners - Devon Live


‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: Ashley thinks about leaving Bar after he takes Holly to a tattoo shop – MEAWW

Ashley has been having her doubts about Bar ever since she got back from her LA trip. Bar and Ashley had managed to reach an understanding after the two decided to head their separate ways as they thought they would work better as co-parents. However, Ashley and Bar got into an argument after he decided to take their daughter, Holly, to the tattoo shop.

Ashley was unimpressed that Bar would take Holly to the shop while he was at work. She thought that it was no place for a small girl to go to. However, this wasn't the only thing that was bothering her. Bar and her relationship had been deteriorating after he wasn't happy with the fact that she was traveling a lot.

Ashley revealed her disappointment with him while she was talking to her mother, Tea. She opened up about how Bar kept constantly calling her during her trip to LA even though the two were not in a relationship.

Tea wondered if Bar didn't know the feelings that Ashley had for him but she made it clear that time and again she has conveyed to him that there is nothing between them. She was also disappointed that he switched off his phone when she was traveling with Holly in the middle of the night.

Ashley thought that it was immature and he should have thought about their daughter. Unfortunately, Ashley reached a position where she could not control her emotions and broke down after confessing that she was tired of giving Bar in numerous chances to try to fix things. Meanwhile, Bar did not think he was doing anything wrong and was convinced that he was taking all the responsibility of being a perfect father.

While the two have been seeing different pages of the same story it looks like co-parenting is going to get harder for them than they had expected.

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'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Ashley thinks about leaving Bar after he takes Holly to a tattoo shop - MEAWW


Jacqueline Jossas husband Dan Osborne has secret meeting with model Natalie Nunn to beg her to deny t – The Sun

LOVE rat Dan Osborne has been plotting to cover up his reality star threesome days after Im a Celeb star wife Jacqueline Jossas jungle triumph.

The former Towie star, 28, met his Celebrity Big Brother housemate Natalie Nunn to try to persuade her to deny the sleazy claims.


They met, along with her husband, at his tattoo shop before heading to a pub for talks.

Dan, who has two children with Jacqueline, was said to have had a threesome with Natalie and glamour model Chloe Ayling, another Big Brother housemate last year.

Dan wanted Natalie, 34, to post a denial on social media and get him out of trouble with his EastEnders actress wife, 27.

But his hopes were dashed at the awkward meeting with the US reality star and husband Jacob Payne, 28, when she refused.

A source said: Natalie has one focus right now and thats keeping her family together. She is committed to Jacob and wishes she hadnt got herself into this mess.

She believes Dan needs to sort his own relationship with his wife out and found the meeting this week extremely uncomfortable.

Chloe, 22, told The Sun on Sunday he performed a sex act on her after romping with Natalie in front of her during a drunken night.

Thursdays meeting in South London was understood to have been arranged after Jacob, a minor American football star, insisted on confronting his rival face-to-face.



Dan hoped Jacqueline, crowned queen of the jungle last weekend, would be there but she refused.

An onlooker said: It looked like an awkward meeting. Dan seemed to act super-friendly at first."

He was laughing and joking, like nothing had happened."

Jacob then made it clear he was there to find out exactly what happened that night."

Dan gave his account of that night but he denied they ever went into the hotel or had sex."

He then went on a rant about all the girls who said they have bedded him. But Jacob wasnt impressed and said something like: You dont have a great track record, Dan. That was one of many tense moments but the meeting seemed to end well.

Jacqueline has remained silent about the claims, cancelling all TV interviews scheduled last week.

A source close to Dan insisted there was no confrontation at the meeting.

Read more from the original source:
Jacqueline Jossas husband Dan Osborne has secret meeting with model Natalie Nunn to beg her to deny t - The Sun


National Friday the 13th: The tattoo tradition you’ve never heard of WTMJ Staff 3:31 –

MILWAUKEE Amid the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa holiday festivities, there is one more holiday taking place this year you may not know about: Friday the 13th.

It's not just about werewolves, full moons and Jason Voorhees. It's about getting cheap and sometimes free tattoos.

"It's like a Black Friday kind of for tattoos," said Joe Roethel, a tattoo artist at Atomic Tattoo in Milwaukee.

Every Friday the 13th, he said, long lines form hours before the store opens up. It's a tradition for many.

"Friday the 13th collectors that come every year and kind of get a little piece," he said.

It's all about the discount though.

"Some designs will be $13 and that includes a $7 mandatory tip," Roethel said. "Otherwise, we have slightly bigger designs that are going to be $31 with a mandatory $9 tip."

Pretty good deal for a tattoo. The catch? You only get to pick from a select number of designs.

"Each artist will do like a preset design sheet of like 20 different designs," Roethel said while looking at a design sheet. "We kind of print sheets off the day of, so it's kind of a surprise when they show up.

According to a New York Times article, this tradition was started by a guy named Oliver Peck, who owns Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, back in 1996. The tradition stuck and is now celebrated at tattoo parlors throughout the country.

However, not everyone is a fan of the unofficial holiday. Atomic Tattoo is one of the few places that does it around Milwaukee.

"I guess having people that arent normal clients of your shop that come just for the deal," he said.

Another issue Roethel said is that it sometimes becomes too trendy and loses its special meaning for tattoo enthusiasts.

However, Roethel likes giving back to the customers and giving them a deal.

"I'm one of the newer artists, so I really look forward to it," he said.

This story was originally published by James Groh on WTMJ.

Read this article:
National Friday the 13th: The tattoo tradition you've never heard of WTMJ Staff 3:31 -


Tattoos on Ancient Egyptian Mummies Revealed Through Infrared Imaging – The Vintage News

Tattoos have been around for a long time, we now know that even an ancient Egyptian had them. More recently, after the early 1900s, it seemed as though only military men and prisoners got tattoos in the familiar blue ink. Around the 1990s, tattoos became popular again for both women and men in either black, blue, or brightly inked colors that run the gamut of self-expression.

Throughout the history of human civilization, the practice of applying permanent pigment to the body has represented a variety of things including a persons rank in society, magical protection, group membership, religious beliefs, in honor of someone or something, to mark a milestone, or just for fun decoration.

With the constant improvements in technology and infrared photography, researchers are now able to photograph ancient Egyptian tattoos without any type of invasion that would damage the deceased and its wrappings. Using that technology, seven new ancient tattoos have been seen. Deir el-Medina, an ancient site on the west bank of the Nile River at Thebes in Upper Egypt was once a settlement for the craftsmen who built the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

Animal tattoo found on an Ancient Egyptian mummy. Credit: Anne Austin / University of Missouri

Archeologists found seven 3000 year old mummies sporting some of the earliest known tattoos. Up until that point, only six mummies had been found with tattoos, but with the new technology, mummies in museums all over the world are being scanned and are providing new insights into ancient tattooing. The only mummies in Deir el-Medina with tattoos, so far, have been women.

Using infrared scans to look at Ancient Egyptian mummies. The tattoos that were revealed above include two stylized eyes that symbolize protection and a hieroglyph of a bent papyrus plant with water. Credit: Anne Austin / University of Missouri

One mummified woman had as many as thirty tattoos, according to archaeologist Anne Austin of the University of MissouriSt. Louis at the yearly meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research. In her research statement in the posted abstracts at, Austin notes that the tattoos were used not only for religious purposes but to forge permanent, public identities.

Close up look at the animal tattoos. Credit: Anne Austin / University of Missouri

In 2018, tattoos were revealed on a female and a male mummy from over five thousand years ago in the British Museum in London. The famous iceman, tzi, who lived about 3100 BC and whose nearly complete skeleton was found preserved in glacier ice on the Similaun Glacier in the Tyrolean tztal Alps, on the border of Italy and Austria in 1991 was found to have sixty-one tattoos.

The geometric tattoos of Otzi the Iceman. Credit:EURAC/M.SAMADELLI/M.MELIS

The majority of them consisted of groups of straight lines found mostly on his legs and arms leading his caregivers to believe they may have been therapeutic due to the fact that the lines were usually placed where his bones show degradation. According to Discover magazine, a newly discovered tattoo on tzis chest has been found where there are no signs of illness or bone wear, but it may have been painful due to conditions that left no scar on the body. It is also possible that the Icemans tattoos had nothing to do with health problems and have a totally different meaning, if any.

A little after ancient Egyptian tattoos, Ancient Roman slaves and criminals were tattooed as well. In ancient times, before the use of ink, pigments were made of ashes and soot and sometimes plant materials mixed with oils.

The first tattoo guns were invented in 1891, and before that, simple needles or chisels were used with hammers to pierce the skin, and the ink was chiseled directly into the holes in the skin. Early colors were made from carbon, cinnabar, and cadmium compounds, according to Authority Tattoo.

Related Article: The secret meaning behind vintage tattoos

Recently tattoos which are invisible unless held under a black light to make them glow in the dark have been developed using phosphorus, a toxic chemical element. As most modern inks are vegetable or metal based, many tattooists are hesitant to use a known cancer causing agent not approved by the FDA. UV ink, which does not contain phosphorus, also glows under a blacklight, fluorescent light, and LED lights and can be well tolerated by the body.

Excerpt from:
Tattoos on Ancient Egyptian Mummies Revealed Through Infrared Imaging - The Vintage News


10 Of Miley Cyrus’ Best Tattoos (And 10 We Wouldn’t Spend A Dime On) – TheThings

Once Miley turned eighteen, she quickly started collecting tattoos on her body. The latest count of the tattoos people know about is well past fifty. Since she divorced from Liam Hemsworth she has been living her best life and amassing tattoos. It feels like she posts on Instagram just to show off her latest ink. At the rate the singer is going it won't be long until she has full sleeves.

Miley has gone through a lot since she left the world of Disney behind and her tattoos reflect that. Each one tells a story. Some stories are obviously more meaningful than others. Some she clearly got when she was in her VMAs/twerking face or when she was under the influence. Down below will showcase only about half of her tattoos, the best and the worst. The one thing they all have in common is that they need to be discussed asap.

Miley Cyrus debuted this tattoo back in October. She shared a video showcasing her new tattoo with, "Every. Rose. Has. It's. Thorns." The interpretation of roses to mean the classic Rock N Roll song is very Miley Cyrus. She got this tattoo from Nico Bassill, an LA tattoo artist who has been doing all of Miley's tattoos lately.

Miley posted on Twitter about her new tattoo. She explained she wanted to get it "because I am her favorite and she is mine." If she wasn't the favorite grandchild before, she certainly is now. This portrait is one of Miley's bigger tattoos and one of her many portraits in honor of her family members.

Miley decided to get her dog, Emu immortalized on her body forever. Miley has thirteen pets in total: nine dogs, three cats, and one pig. It's clear Emu is one of her favorites. This portrait of her beloved dog is the best way to honor and treasure him.

Miley Cyrus and her new boo Cody Simpson love getting tattoos whenever they are hanging out. The two of them didn't get matching tattoos this time. Miley decided to get Rock N Roll heart with a dagger going through it. Perri Lister was her inspiration for getting this tattoo.

Miley got this tattoo when she came back from vacation with Kaitlynn Carter. According to tattoo artist Dr. Woo, the inspiration came from the "cool old sculpture @MileyCyrus found in Italy." It's the Visconti of Milan coat of arms. Whenever Miley looks down at her arm she'll remember her amazing vacation in Italy.

There have been millions of Elvis inspired tattoos over the years. This one stands out among the crowd with its font warped in a heart-shaped. An Elvis style heart will last the test of time and won't become taboo in the next few decades.

When Miley was younger, Johnny Cash wrote a letter to the star. One part of the letter said, "I'm in your corner" followed by his signature. If Miley is ever feeling insecure she can look down at her arm. It won't be difficult to find confidence when Johnny Cash is on your side.

Miley has several tattoos in dedication to her pets. While most of the time she goes for realistic portraits, this time she went with a more cartoon style for her beloved dog, Floyd. This tattoo gives a hint of the dog's personality with its playful design.

This tattoo can be difficult to read if you aren't familiar with cursive. It's a lyric from Pixies, The Thing, "My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free." Many believe this tattoo is in honor of her breakup to Liam Hemsworth. It might be the case. However, Miley does have several tattoos for musicians and artists she's inspired by.

This tattoo is based on one of Leonardo Da Vinci's medical drawings and research. Hopefully, there's a meaningful reason behind this tattoo on Miley's body. If not at least it looks beautiful and it matches the other tattoos Miley's been adding as of late.

Miley has several tattoos with Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver. The tooth has to one of the worst ones. Apparently Miley has an interest in teeth and not from a medical standpoint. In 2014 she was selling fake "Redneck Billy-Bob" teeth.

Miley got this during the VMA period of her life when she was known for twerking and sticking her tongue out. It's a good thing lip tattoos aren't supposed to last very long. It's going to be awkward explaining the crying cat emoji to her dentist.

Miley Cyrus was way into the avocado trend before anyone else. While most young people love avocado toast, not many would go this far to show their dedication to the fruit. It is one of the few colored tattoos Miley has. Hopefully, this tattoo will last longer than an actual avocado.

Miley has several tattoos dedicated to her furry family members. This is her only one dedicated to her dead fish. While the tattoo is beautiful, at the end of the day, it's still for a pet fish. It might have taken longer for the tattoo to be done than the entire life span of the fish.

This has the look of a typical flash tattoo. It's a completely different style compared to Miley's other tattoos. This one makes the list because it's one of her matching tattoos with her ex Liam Hemsworth. Since Miley has been on a tattoo kick lately, maybe she'll cover it up with something cooler.

The anchor was one of Miley's first tattoos. This makes the list for our least favorite tattoos because it's very simple. This tattoo has been done many times before. It's such a basic white girl tattoo. Coming from a girl with a tooth tattoo, it just doesn't fit Miley's personality.

This is another tattoo for Liam Hemsworth at least according to fans. Vegemite is a well-known condiment in Australia where her ex is from even if the tattoo wasn't intended to be in dedication to her ex, there's still a clear connection. It's a bad idea to get tattoos for lovers even when they come out as nice as this one.

The name Miley came from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, calling her Smiley. Sadly, this is not a tattoo for her father. She does have one of those. In 2014 she walked onto the red carpet sporting this smiley face tat. She and her friend decided to use a tattoo gun on each other. It's best to leave it to the professionals.

Miley posted this tattoo on Instagram with the hashtag #lilbbJupiter. The problem with the hashtag is the tattoo is clearly Saturn with its rings. The tattoo doesn't appear to have been done very well. There isn't any shading to it. Based on her Instagram caption, this could have been a party tattoo.

Either this tattoo was done at a party or Miley let one of her friends tattoo her with a tattoo gun they bought on Amazon. No one is certain why Miley has this tattoo. She does own a farm maybe it's for her love of cows?

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‘True To You Tattoo’ Teams Up With Brevard Sheriff’s Office to Hold Friday the 13th ‘Toy Drive’ | –

Tattoo Artist Jayvo Scott and his team at True To You Tattoo facilitated a Christmas Toy Drive in Melbourne with the partnership of the Brevard County Sheriffs Office to assist with their annual Christmas efforts for kids in need on Friday. (BCSO Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA Tattoo Artist Jayvo Scott and his team at True To You Tattoo facilitated a Christmas Toy Drive in Melbourne with the partnership of the Brevard County Sheriffs Office to assist with their annual Christmas efforts for kids in need on Friday.

As part of the initiative the team at True To You Tattoo collected boxes of new unwrapped toys that were then given to our agency to help make certain that every kid in Brevard County has a great Christmas morning.

Please join me in thanking Jayvo and his amazing staff who contributed to the effort for organizing the Toy Drive and for working so closely with our Crime Prevention Unit to help those in need.

As I always say it takes a community to protect a community and events like this are a perfect example of that statement at work!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey


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Tattoo Market Size, Status, Types, Applications, Key Players and Forecast 2025 – Techi Labs

The market study on the global Tattoo market will encompass the entire ecosystem of the industry, covering major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa, and the major countries falling under those regions. The study will feature estimates in terms of sales revenue and consumption from 2019 to 2025, at the global level and across the major regions mentioned above. The study has been created using a unique research methodology specifically designed for this market.

Quantitative information includes Tattoo market estimates & forecast for a upcoming years, at the global level, split across the key segments covered under the scope of the study, and the major regions and countries. Sales revenue and consumption estimates, year-on-year growth analysis, price estimation and trend analysis, etc. will be a part of quantitative information for the mentioned segments and regions/countries.

Qualitative information will discuss the key factors driving the restraining the growth of the market, and the possible growth opportunities of the market, regulatory scenario, value chain & supply chain analysis, export & import analysis, attractive investment proposition, and Porters 5 Forces analysis among others will be a part of qualitative information. Further, justification for the estimates for each segments, and regions will also be provided in qualitative form.

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The study will also feature the key companies operating in the industry, their product/business portfolio, market share, financial status, regional share, segment revenue, SWOT analysis, key strategies including mergers & acquisitions, product developments, joint ventures & partnerships an expansions among others, and their latest news as well. The study will also provide a list of emerging players in the Tattoo market.

Based on regions, the market is classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. The study will provide detailed qualitative and quantitative information on the above mentioned segments for every region and country covered under the scope of the study.

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Tattoo Market Size, Status, Types, Applications, Key Players and Forecast 2025 - Techi Labs

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