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Southern California based singer-songwriter Liberty has released her debut original single Tattoo with its accompanying music video packed with luminous, dreamy visuals. PRESS HERE to watch.

Tattoo immediately leaves a mark as breathy verses coast over a skittering beat as the track builds towards an evocative chorus. The single details Libertys move from California to Dallas after her acceptance intoSeptien Entertainment Group and her experienceof going from childhood to adulthood so quickly while enduring the judgements she faced from others for pursuing her dreams. At this veritable creative boot camp whose alumni includesDemi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, and more, Liberty spent nine hours a day on sessions, lessons, and rehearsing. Hyper-focused on her artistry, she impressed vocal coach Remington Rafael so much that he agreed to produce her first two singles.

Tattoo follows the recent release of a moody re-imagination of Hey Violets Guys My Age which provided Liberty a strong sense of strength after dealing with a boy problem. Set over an airy electronic soundscape, her magnetic voice recharges the original with a silky sense of soul.

With a powerful voice, lyrical eloquence, and warm spirit,Libertyturns true stories and unfiltered emotions into artful alternative pop carried by intimate lyricism and dynamic vocals. Music undeniably helps people feel understood and it serves as no exception forLiberty. Through her music, she wants her listeners to know that they too are understood.

I thrive on human connection,Libertyexclaims. Being authentic and real with others fuels my life. Its also what I try to do in my songs. Im sharing my story. Its so natural for me to be personal. Whatever flaws or pain we have, its still beautiful. Music proves that theres art and beauty in every single moment.

At eight-years-old, she wrote her first song in order to cope with her parents divorce. Inspired by everyone from Birdy and Kesha to Tyler, The Creator, she quietly kept writing before her dad enrolled her in singing lessons at the age of twelve. By staying true to who she is and unapologetically following her dream, she ultimately forges an enduring connection with this release.

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Learn more about Liberty in the following All Access interview:

Thanks for your time! So how are you keeping busy and musical these days during the pandemic? How are you staying connected to your fans? Are you finding that social media is even more useful now?

During the past few months I have been doing quite a bit of virtual training. As precautionary measures have now been taken, I am able to go back into studio and work is a socially distanced environment. Its so nice to be able record again and work on production in person. I have found social media even more useful throughout the course of this pandemic. It has given me an easy way to stay connected with fans, friends, and family in a safe way.

Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be a musician? What do you think motivates you day in and day out? How has that drive changed since you first starting writing songs?

As young as I can remember I have wanted to be a musician. I honestly think I never questioned it. My parents raised me to believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to, so I always believed I could succeed. My greatest motivation to keep working everyday is the opportunity I have been given to reach so many lives. I think about that opportunity everyday and it keeps me going when I may be tired. Originally I wrote music 100% for me. I wrote to process my thoughts. Now I write not only for myself, but also to bring others a sense of connection.

How do you think your hometown has influenced the kind of music that you make? If not, why is that?

I grew up in Bakersfield, CA. I grew up idolizing many hometown artists that went on the do great things in the music industry: Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, etc. This encouraged me to know that anything is possible, even coming from a small town.

Growing up, how important was music in your life? Was your family and friends always supportive of this career choice? If you werent a musician today, what else could you see yourself doing?

Music has always been one of the most important things in my life. From as young as I can remember, music was my sole dependence. For me, music was the only way in which I could process and verbalize my thoughts. My family has always been so supportive of my music. My dad especially took interest in my music and is the main reason I am able to do what I love everyday. If I wasnt doing music, I have always been interested in physiology. I am fascinated the study of the human brain and they way by which it effects each person differently.

What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all? Is there anything you wish you could go back and tell your younger self about this industry?

I think what I was least excepting as a young artist was the criticism. I had no idea that some people will hate on you for no reason other than the fact that you are following your dreams. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to be brave and confident. Not everyones opinion matters, in fact very few opinions matter outside of your own. Dont accept criticism from people who dont know you or have your best interest in heart. Decide who you trust enough to offer constructive criticism, and the others you do not even need to listen to.

Lets talk about your single, Tattoo. What was the inspiration for this track? What did it feel like finally putting out your debut original track?

I wrote Tattoo upon moving from California to Dallas. I experienced a lot of criticism for my decision and this song follows my journey in overcoming that. It was a nerve racking but more importantly freeing experience to release this track. Not only is it an original track, it tells the tale of one of the most influential, challenging, and shaping times in my life. My move from California to Texas, and the response that followed my decision shaped who I am today and I am proud to say I love the person I have become, due to my experience.

What was it like making the music video for Tattoo? How creatively involved with the process were you?

Tattoo was the first music video I have ever filmed so it was exhilarating to say the least. I had the most incredible team and so much love and support on set. I designed the entire mood board for the shoot, did my hair and makeup, and picked wardrobe.. so Id say I was pretty heavily involved in creatives for the video.

Do you have plans to release more new music soon and a full collection of new songs?

Yes yes and yes. I have so much in the works. I cant say too much, but I will say you should get excited! There is so much more to hear and see. I love to keep my music new and exciting and keep everyone guessing about what comes next.

I would love to know more about your time at the creative boot camp, Septien Entertainment Group. What did the experience teach you about music and writing music?

Training at Septien Entertainment Group taught me so much about music. I take guitar, stage presence, multiple different vocal lessons with two different vocal specialists, and tons of songwriting hours. I have learned so much about my voice, how to take care of it, and reach new places with it. I am still sharpening my craft everyday and I dont plan on ever stopping.

What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future? Who has consistently been inspiring you and the music that you make?

My all time favorite artist is Sasha Sloan. I would love to collaborate with her sometime in the future. I think her songwriting is incredible, so raw and vulnerable. She is consistently inspiring me to say honest in my songwriting process and explore vulnerability in ways I never have before.

At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

I hope my music leaves people feeling understood and connected with. Ultimately, that is the most beautiful thing about music to me. The fact that we could feel so utterly alone, and one song could change that for us. Music hugs the lonely. Music mends the broken. I want my listeners to know someone understands and someone is walking through it with them. That is why I will never compromise honestly in my lyrics because honesty is what can change a life.

An Interview With California-Based Singer-Songwriter LIBERTY On Her Debut Original Single 'Tattoo' and Much More! | All - All Access Music Group