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Me and my brother came in with asa to get a tattoo done. I was recommended to get a tattoo done by him after seeing his work on Instagram and he has amazing work. I got a small tattoo and it came out perfect. He has a light hand and didn’t hurt at all. Took about 35 mins. Asa is a really awesome dude. If you are lookin to get a small tattoo I recommend you coming in with asa. He does an amazing job and he’s super nice! Thank you asa for our tattoos! Def will be coming back for another one! 🙂

Amazing staff and place., Got there with no previous appointment and they were able to do my tattoo right there and there the price was fair and the quality even better, Connor is a really nice guy and a cool dude to talk while you are getting inked! Defently coming back here ! You guys rock

Best tattoo parlor in San Diego.Great service and attention to detail. I’ve gotten most of my work done in this parlor and I can tell you by experience there is no better tattoo shop. Thank you Dewayne and the rest of the staff at Tower Tattoo Parlor, see you guys again soon!

I was recommended this place by a girlfriend who had recently gotten a tattoo done. So excited this place was my first experience with getting a tattoo. I’ve been wanting one forever and have too afraid to commit and these guys made the process so fun that I’d do it again! Super super friendly staff!! Got my first tattoo done by Asa Crow and I LOVE it. The whole experience was wonderful from beginning to end. All the guys in there are very down to earth and approachable, Asa explained the whole process and worked with me to create exactly what I wanted. The prices are super reasonable and the professionalism is spot on. It’s located above the tower bar in City Heights and it’s freakin awesome. Such a fun spot to check out!! Will definitely go back!

Excellent customer service in a great atmosphere. Tattooed by both Dewayne and Connor, and couldn’t be more stoked on the work they both did. Extremely professional and friendly. Thanks guys!

Got me in last minute. Quoted me $600-$700 depending on detail. Prior to the artwork, they said they can do it for $500. That’s good business.

I highly recommend this establishment. Just had a piece done by Conner “Scooter” and the whole experience was awesome. He’s got a nice easy hand and did amazing line work for an American traditional pin-up. I can’t stop looking at it and everyone has been asking where I got it. I can’t recommend this place enough, it’s not a cookie cutter tattoo factory, the place has the ambiance of an old school tattoo parlor with great music and conversation the whole time.

Today was my first time coming here loved my tatt. I didn’t ask the guys name but he was good. (The one with the long beard)appreciated the fix he did to a jacked up tattoo a so called tattoo artised did at ink pusher(steve Martinez ) (wackk) thanks, going back soon!!

I have been getting tattooed by Asa Lee crow for years now and he is such a great guy and awesome tattoo artist. He has always been understanding, fast, but a great artist. Everyone who works here is super nice and they always play good tunes and share good laughs. They won’t dick you around.

Awesome place! Got my tattoo done by “scooter” Conner and it was min but squeezed me in between his appointments. Great prices for San Diego area.

Love this funky establishment. Can’t miss it, that’s for sure. Some friends and I came here to get tattoos, and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the experience. I got a tattoo of a Torrey Pine tree on my bicep, very small space for such a detailed tattoo, but Asa Crow killed it. He’s seriously the man. I was concerned that we may have to tweak the sketch a couple times to get it how I wanted, but it’s like he read my mind. It was perfect on the first go! My little tree tat is so awesome; people are always commenting on the insane amount of detail that he got into it. Thank you Asa, I couldn’t be more happy with the result. The other tattoo artist that was there, Scooter, is a real cool guy as well and did a really good job on my friends’ tattoos. The tattoo shop itself is very small, but very clean. The process was smooth and simple. Oh, and there’s a cool little bar downstairs, too. Super bonus! I have already recommended Asa Crow as well as Tower Tattoo to my friends, and will continue to do so.

This shop is awesome. Conner, one of the artists, did my friend’s first tattoo and he was fantastic. Clean lines and a really pleasant attitude. The shop is clean and super welcoming. Would definitely come here again.

Late review but timely in the hope that I can track down the artist responsible for my favorite work and get it expanded and refreshed. I was in twice in early 2006 and was extremely happy on all counts despite the sketchy neighborhood. Got a small single orange lily on my right shoulder turned into a cluster of fuschia tropical flowers with foliage the first time, then returned to get a palmetto on my left thigh reworked/finished/colored after an aborted work at a to-remain-nameless PB place.Now I just want to get more–would like to expand the shoulder cluster to bring in more foliage/florals and a hummingbird if it’s not too gaudy. Will see if I can find the original artist or get another Tower pro to help me out!

Love, love, love this place! My boyfriend and I got some work done by Steve and he is fantastic! Very kind and as gentle as a tattoo artist can be. I got a large tattoo I designed on my lower back and my boyfriend got a scorpion on his shoulder/collarbone. He kept asking us if we were okay, if we needed a break, he was very kind. I will definitely be going back to him for more.

About 5 years ago a few of my girlfriends wanted to plan a group tattoo outting. It was to be my first ever and Iwas a bit nervous. We asked a big time TV tattoo guy who he would reccomend in San Diego and without hesitation he said Dewayne at Tower Tattoo so we set it up. I brought in my very simple idea for an ankle wrap piece and Dewayne came back a few minutes later with a beautiful piece… better than I even imagined. While working he asked if he could add a little more and some color…though nervous I totally trusted him and said go for it…the end result was perfect. To this day I continue to get compliments on his work…all the lines are still crisp and clear. I couldn’t be happier… Planning my second piece now and was looking up reviews to try and decide where to go… nothing but positives about these guys and their shop…I will for sure be going back very soon!!

Go see Pat Bieck, the sweet ginger prodigy, before word gets out & he’s all booked up. Fantastic. Shop is clean, artists friendly & professional. Getting tattooed on the 2nd floor of a historic building overlooking University? Awesome. Experiencing pain following your appointment? Just head downstairs for a drink.

While I do agree with Danielle W, that this is the best place to get ink… bar none, I actually have to take the last part back, because there is a bar downstairs. I’m kidding… but seriously…. there is a bar. The first time I got work done by Adam was maybe 8 years ago or so when he was down in IB. I, of course, have had work done elsewhere before and after, no regrets, no complaints, but I always end up coming back to him for more. Not that I have ever been unhappy with any of the other work I have, its just that nothing has ever been comparable to what he’s done. To take a patch work quilt of thoughts and ideas and then turn it around into something tangible is one thing. To do that, but with the style, attention to detail, and expertise he possesses, is f*n amazing. Having never had work done by Dewayne, I can only attest to what I’ve seen on others, and all I can say is that between the two of these guys, there isn’t any style, they don’t excel at. From Old School to New School, Traditional to Bio, Portrait to Black and Grey, bright vivid colors or intricate shading highlighted by the slightest accents of white, it doesn’t matter if this is your first tattoo, your last, or if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, THIS is the Parlor to go to. I haven’t had work done in a while, but the time is coming and my ribs are eagerly awaiting their turn. What to do, what to do… So much ink, so little time. L8r

A sleezy tattoo parlor in a sleezy part of town, with some extremely amazing tattoo artists. Not to mention they are located underneath the historical City Heights Tower! (ha)Have gotten tattooed by Pat a few times, and he’s fantastic. Every time he does a new tattoo, you can see how much better he has gotten. He is constantly improving. I highly recommend him. Plus he’s super niceand isn’t super heavy handed.I can’t say much about the other tattoo artists, since I don’t have any work from them, but I do have a lot of friends who go to Dewayne and love his work.Ps- You gotta walk up the stairs to the left (facing the bar in the parking lot) to get to the shop.

One of the cleanest shops around. All of my work has been done by Adam, besides 2 terrible ones I had done in Orange when I was 18, and actually Adam fixed one and covered the other quite well. His own style is unique, but he is very talented in ALL arenas (Portrait, black and white, traditional) and uses the best colors. I still have people ask me if I just got work done because the colors are so vivid. Another great thing about Adam is that he moves very quickly while maintaining sharp and clean lines, and when you are paying by the hour it is very nice to have someone who moves quickly. Good for the tolerance and the pocketbook. Not ONE blown out line on any of my work, all fresh, clean and quick. Dewayne and Jackie are also quite good, though I have not had any work done by them I’ve seen what they can do. They also have an apprentice who is learning quick and pumping out some cool pieces. The overall experience is pretty much what you would expect at a tattoo shop, minus the “too good” attitude but not minus the smart ass remarks. Its a tattoo shop, not a nunnery! Nice comfy vintage chairs that were once dentists chairs. TV, Tunes, bathroom. All the staples to make your 2-3 hour sit comfy. Make sure you go in and have a mini consultation before hand or know what you want coming in, no one likes a time waster who sits around and looks at flash for hours before deciding on a butterfly above their cooter. Especially these guys!5 stars for the shop, too bad the downstairs bar couldn’t keep up with them.

Went to get matching tattoos with my mom today (her first ever) and couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We got our tattoos done by Pat, who seemed shy at first but quickly opened up. Very EXCELLENT work!! Clean place, new needles, very helpful about aftercare, and Pat was very patient. Highly recommend this place!

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