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Top chest tattoos for men. For ladies wholove tattooed men, brace yourselves for our Top 144 Chest Tattoos for Men that will surely make you fall in love. And for men who are looking for chest tattoo inspiration, our long list of 144 will be more than enough to inspire you and make the ladies go crazy!

Ladies love muscled chest, and a tattoo makes it more interesting and sexy. There are a lot to choose from. The chest is one of the most common placement for tattoos because it is visible and can be a teaser when you are wearing a button down shirt or a zippered shirt. Just like superheroes who usually have their logos on the chest, having a tattoo on the chest will make you feel super as well.

Therefore this post is for both sexes to give you an eye candy and to make you want to go out there and get a chest tattoo for yourself. I hope you will enjoy them.

An eagle, stripes, stars and American colors for the heart. This guy is loyal to his country.

This entire chest tattoo is lovely, I love how the flowers, bird, sky and the clock are all incorporated in this chest tattoo piece.

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Quote tattoo on the right chest and a tribal tattoo on the left looks quite harmonious, dont ya think?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Quite a meaningful tattoo this one is.

A lot of people even non-Mexicans love day of the dead tattoosbecause of its rich culture, and their bold and beautiful colors.

Well at least this lion looks well behave and regal.

Heres an amazing 3D clock chest tattoo that would make your heart hurt, just by looking at it.

Originally posted by Andrea Birkett

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I like the color combination of this tattoo, it would look awesome in blacklight.

Tribal tattoo are always cool and timeless.

Makes him look so macho!

Nautical tattoos are very popular, especially to the marines.

Quite dark and messy tattoos, but some people love it.

Quite cool, but I think it would have been better if there were more shading?

The stag is a symbol of manhood and sexuality. Theres nothing else can be more manly than a stag chest tattoo with a crow.

Youll be seeing more of our eagle tattoos, most men wanted an eagle for a chest tattoo, maybe because its a perfect placement.

I actually love the Indian and skull tattoo better than the wolf tattoo.

The Deaths-head hawkmoth is quite an interesting tattoo and an insect itself, thats because of its skull shaped print on its thorax. It is associated with dark supernatural belief among some cultures.

This tattoo is for those batman fanatics. The bat symbol is perfect on the chest than anywhere else.

For the night owls out there. If you want more owl tattoos and its meaning, you may check out our article,

20 Owl Tattoos That Will Keep you Awake

This is also a great idea for a couple chest tattoo!

Oh look! Thats my name on his chest. So some guys have a tattoo of their love ones on their chest. I love the heart tattoo though, it looks like a love potion to me.

This is an old school theme, old school never dies.

This mans tattoos are all traditional. If this photo was not black and white, I bet those tattoos are boldly colored.

The ravens are quite symbolic and mythical. It is often associated with power, prophecy and protection.

Originally posted by Aunna

You dont always need to have an explanation why you got such tattoo, right? There are no rules, only great art work andworst tattoos.

The entire tattoos are awesome, Im distracted and loving the statues on the stomach.

Im not so sure if this tattoo is unfinished or he prefers it like that, but already his winged hour glass chest tattoolooks stunning! It is quite similar of that in number 5.

Love the Shakespearian skull tattoo!

For those who love pirate themed tattoos, which are awesome in its own way, this whole piece is a great inspiration.

Weve all been there and done that, getting our hearts stabbed again and again, this tattoo is epic!

Theres nothing more manly than cog gears, right?

Heres something different from the usual pirate ship and other nautical themed tattoos. A beautiful mermaid! Not too feminine, this is for men!

Animal skulls chest tattoo for men and a cool font quote that goes with it.

Each symbol has its own meaning, but they are all incorporated well in this tattoo.

All the vibrant colors are here.

This is my favorite tattoo among the list. I love elephants and I love Ganesha.

Skulls are quite a hit when it comes to chest tattoos.

I think this tattoo is quite Emo, but it looks great even for a guy to wear it. I love the sketchy design and the beautiful red in it.

I think this tattoo suits perfectly well for the lionhearted men out there!

Im not so sure what tattoo these are really, but I think theres a a cover up that has been done here which were formerly swallows.

I love the mix of colors of this tattoo, remind me of the novel Moby Dick. It looks so classic.

Originally posted by Nick

To other people, your tattoo doesnt always have to make sense, they just have to be attractive.

For black and grey to be mixed with other colors is not so bad at all.

This tattoo is surreal.

Gold and red are such a perfect tandem colors.

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