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Incredibly happy!Got my first piercings yesterday with Jesse. He did an excellent job and listened to me. All tools were new and clean from packet. Quick and easy process! Very happy with my piercings and the overall experience. Will be definitely coming back to get my next ones done with Jesse! Thanks!

I was a costumer and got tattoos done there before.I got a tattoo done on my finger and foot and the artist told the that is normal for it to fade and I have 90 days for a free touch up.I went back about 1 month later spoke with a different artist and he told me I just could get it fixed for free with the artist that have done it, if he fix for he would have to charge. That is ok.I went back today and Spoke with the artist who did my tattoo and she said that she never told me that, who ever I spoke before was crazy to tell me that she would touch up for free and there is no such thing as 90 days.

This time around I saw more arts of work that I like from the other staff members here. Still as I entered the store, only one person greeted me as I entered. I don’t know her name so I will call her Zenobia.Aside from her friendly greeting, the rest of the staff didn’t talk to me unless I addressed them with a question…I didn’t. The works of Tim Mitchell caught my eye this time around. Pity there weren’t any of The Grudge, The Ring or The Nun tattoos drawn yet.I wonder which character Tim would find the scariest out of those three ladies?I found the signs with when the artists would be in helpful. It saves time from asking stupid questions. I can hear my teacher from 3rd grade say…” there are no stupid questions.”I will have somethings to think about should I decide to get a cover up…

Jesse’s still awesome. At least in my body, dermals last 6 years. Hence, the last 2 times I’ve gotten one have been from him. He also eased out the dangly rejecting bases that were the last vestiges of the first 2 times when it came to it. Like Jesse a lot. Wholeheartedly recommend this shop and everyone in it, while I’m at it. Maybe don’t get your nose repierced and your sparkledot put back in on the same appointment, though. I’m sort of regretting having both sides of my face sore at the same time.

So after reading the reviews, I was a little hesitant to visit their shop. But I thought to myself, I’ve been on YELP long enough to know you can’t always judge a place based on the reviews and decided to give it a try. I went in to add another piercing in my cartilage. I was immediately greeted by friendly, smiling faces as soon as I walked in. Although they were busy with tattoos, they took the time to ask if I needed help and guided me to the back of the shop to see Jesse. The moment I met him, he was friendly and had a great sense of humor. He did an amazing job with the placement and piercing itself. He was extremely professional and took the time to go over the aftercare step by step. We were greeted on our way out of the shop by each employee with a “thank you”. I am extremely pleased with this place and will be back once my new piercings heal to get another. Thank you JESSE!

Jesse is so fricken awesome.So I actually hadn’t been back to the Body Gallery in a long while (mostly because I left the area). I came here when I had just gotten out of high school to get a cartilage piercing from Jesse and hadn’t been back since, though my friends in the area all go here for piercings.Anyways, fast forward several years. I got a new cartilage piercing done in DC and it was completely butchered. The bar that the piercer put into my ear was wayyyy too short for healing. When I asked about that concern, she told me it’d be fine. It has been a year and it hasn’t healed correctly, which I just kind of dealt with thinking it’d eventually go away. I was wrong. It didn’t go away and recently the backing of the piercing basically sunk into my skin. I had to spend thirty minutes pushing the hell out of my piercing hoping that the hole hadn’t closed or something. It didn’t, and I did eventually get the back of the piercing pushed back out. But, that was when I realized I needed to go see Jesse.I stopped by today for a new piercing and he replaced the piercing with a longer bar and explained to me the trauma my ear had gone through and how I should expect this to heal in a few weeks after proper care. He also said if it didn’t heal in a few weeks to come back in and they’ll take a second look at it.I’m so thankful for Jesse. He didn’t even butcher this piercing and was so kind and attentive in terms of making sure it healed correctly this time around and educating me on the topic. He also replaced the backing of one of my other piercings when I asked (I lost the backing to it) without any questions.

Went about 3 weeks ago to get a piercing from Jesse. I wanted and received a double helix piercing with two hoops. I was a little worried about the pain or the after care but luckily it was quick, and pretty painless. I had asked previously if they were able to do it with two hoops and gladly they were able to. Jesse is an amazing piercer and Im very lucky and glad I went to the body gallery to get this done. thank you!

The only time I’ve been here was to have both of my daughters’ ears pierced by Jesse. The experience was fantastic, I like that Jesse explained everything not just to me, but to my girls as well. There were no tears, just smiles and 2 happy kids. The people at the front desk were very pleasant too. I had called the day before to ask about the process and what I’d have to bring and all my questions were answered patiently.

I decided to get my first tattoo here after browsing through the Instagram photos of their artists. Tim Mitchell’s tattoos drew me in. He is very talented artist. I’m so in love with my tattoo. I borrowed inspiration from internet but Tim made changes to make it unique. He made me feel very comfortable and it was surprisingly pain free. Not sure if it’s the location of where I got it, inner forearm, or if it has to do with the artist but I felt zero discomfort the entire time. I keep getting compliments on my tattoo and people wanting to know where and who did it. Will definitely return for my next ones!

Such an awesome shop. I’ve been there multiple times now and every time a great experience. I’ve been tattoed by Tim twice now and will be going back for more, I’ve also had multiple friends get work done by him! Tim and his work are amazing and he will make sure you get exactly what you want. I was also tattooed by Lina who is apprenticing there and there was so much support from the whole staff. All the staff is kind and helpful from the second you walk in. There is an artist for everyone and they are all ready and eager to answer any questions you have. Highly recommend The Body Gallery!

Jessie absolutely rocks the house. Thoroughly professional and straight-shooter. Very welcoming environment, friendly and fun all around. Highest recommendation!

There have been multiple occasions where I’ve shown up at the shop and they’ve closed early. The website says 8 p.m. however the workers stick to their own timings. There was a time when I showed up an hour prior to closing and the workers were sitting inside and just didn’t open the door. Incredibly unprofessional and I recommend taking your business elsewhere.

Nothing put positivity to say about this shop. The people make the environment fun, and exciting. I’ve been working with Tim, and so far he has been killing it! He’s a great artist and if you’re looking for some dark and crazy tats he’s your guy. Highly recommend the Gallery to anyone looking for a quality tattoo.

I went to Jesse to get my second piercing done because of a recommendation from my friend. She had gotten a bunch of piercings from him before, and there were never any problems. I got my first piercings done at Claire’s. Not good. I really needed a reputable place because there were a lot of problems with my first piercings. I didn’t need an appointment, and there was no wait when I went. The forms and paperwork didn’t take long. Jesse showed me where he thought the piercings would look best, I approved, and he pierced my ears. Then, he told me about the aftercare and gave me his card in case I had any questions. I was probably in there for a max of 15 minutes. The amazing part is, my two lobe piercings only cost $50 for both the piercing and jewelry. Compared to other shops, where the jewelry alone costs like $50 a piece, this was a deal. You don’t get to choose your jewelry, so it’s just a pair of silver barbell ball-back earrings. You don’t have to keep them in for long though, so I was fine with it. I used the H2Ocean Piercing Spray a couple times a day to make sure my piercings were clean.Just a weird thing I thought I’d mention–my ears bruised like crazy a couple days after I got the piercings. They looked like they could be infected, but I quickly realized they were bruises. I bruise super easily, so it wasn’t a big concern and went away after a couple days. I just thought I’d mention it so anyone who also experiences it doesn’t freak out.Overall, I’d totally recommend Jesse!

I have been here a couple times for piercings, they are friendly and patient. My first time i got my nose pierced, and the women piercing me was gentle and very nice, enough to distract me from the pain i was going to feel. My second time, i walked in randomly and was able to get my belly pierced. This time i got a man, he was VERY gentle to the point where i asked if it was going to hurt and he was already done! I totally recommend getting your piercings done here!

We come to this place a lot and put up with a lot of “laid back” work ethic but we are done now. We called at 7:05 for a piercing. They said the guy would be there until 7:30 though they actually close at 8:00. So we arrive at 7:24 and he has packed up and we get some lame excuse “I can’t control what he does”. I remind her we just spoke and he is now leaving earlier than we were told. Just not cool. I would not have come and this is rude. Why is it this group of people feel they can be rude and not held to any sort of work ethic? I’m sure there are some out there who have a great work ethic but we have not found them. Any suggestions for a good piercer preferably closer to Leesburg 🙂 We won’t be coming back here again.

I got my ears pierced the other day. It was an overall pleasant experience. There was one man there doing tattoos that made the experience super fun and welcoming. I like that they are more professional and hygienic than going to the mall for piercings and it was quick and somewhat painless. You don’t get to choose what earrings you get, but $50 for jewelry and a piercing is a great price. I would definitely recommend this place!!

My daughter and I each had a tattoo done by Tim and we couldn’t be happier!!! Both are gorgeous! I highly recommend him.

I’ve had almost ever single tattoo done here (7) and I’ve only had AMAZING service! I hadn’t been in since 2011 and just went in today to have my eyebrows done with Daila. Wow!! Girl knows what’s up! Super sweet easy to talk to and made me feel SO good! I highly recommend seeing her for ANYTHING! I’m now planning to have a tattoo removed and re done with her!! I love this place!

Amazing experience!!! I had Tim Mitchell cover up a rose on my ankle with a watercolor flower tattoo and it came out better than I had imagined. I’ve had work done before, but he went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. He was easy to talk to, and let’s be real, that’s important when you’re going to spend hours with someone. I would absolutely recommend Tim to anyone looking for an artist.

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