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However, the distinction between a professional and a non-professional tattooist was not always clear.

There is no clear age above which a tattooist may tattoo a person without contravening the law.

We would expect that tattooists inform customers of the ease of removal as part of normal good practice.

It is likely that, wherever a tattooist is discovered, there will be a number of tattooees.

It is even more noticeable as there are no tattooists in the area where we live.

But supposing a minor was tattooed, at his or her request, when the parents objected to the tattoo, would the tattooist be liable to prosecution?

Clause 33, to which reference has already been made, deals with acupuncturists, tattooists, ear-piercers and electrologists.

I suggested that she should go and see a tattooistand upon my soul she did!

That dealt with an outbreak of hepatitis and the subsequent control of tattooists and acupuncturists.

Prosecutions have also successfully been brought against tattooists who have made tattoo marks that have been held to be obscene.

It puts them in the same category as ear piercers and tattooists.

Some registered acupuncturists, tattooists, ear piercers and electrolysists are likely to have premises for their professional business which are part of and accessible only through their homes.

This has left tattooists in a dilemma.

Modern tattooists reduce risks by following universal precautions working with single-use items and sterilizing their equipment after each use.

His younger sister comes to stay with them, making them have to act as parents before she runs away to live with a tattooist.

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TATTOOIST | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary