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i currently have 2 earrings on each ear, 6gauge and 18gauge. and i have a stud on my left lip. I want to get another lip stud next to it. then i want a nose stud, then cartilage ear piercing.

I would NEVER get pierced on the eyebrow (it rejects easily, and people’s eyebrow piercing can rip out), i would never get a bellybutton piercing (i love my belly button the way it is, and also in my opinion i dont find belly piercings it attractive, sorry if i offended you but ppl have different opinions), tongue piercing (im allergic to food that can swell my tongue ) genital piercing (infections and can risk disease and might rip condom) and nipples pierced (my bf wants me to get them, i think about sumtimes but the pain would be terrible!)

i dont have tattoos but i am thinking of one for my left arm that starts on the shoulder and ends before the elbow. i would never get a tattoo on my face, legs, wrist, belly, chest, lower back (you know that cute little dents on ur lower back? i like to keep those clean from ink, it looks pretty already) and i dont want tats on my hips. so yea i only like to have tats on my arms, back of neck, and shoulder and upper back. i love shoulder tats, i find them sexy for sum reason lol

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tattooing/piercing your body? | Yahoo Answers