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Eddie Lin created the Skin Factory in 1995. After attracting the best tattoo artists in the area. His first shop quickly took the Vegas Tattoo world by storm. With his newest Maui Tattoo Shop located on the busy Front Street area in the heart of Lahaina, Eddie is expecting local and tourist looking for the best tattoo artists Maui has to offer.

This is obviously a pretty big one. Whatever led you to want a tattoo, you now have to select one. The best part: its totally up to you! Do you want it to be something personal, something symbolic, or something silly? Whatever you choose, remember that its completely your call. You can have your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend weigh in, sure, but ultimately, youre the one who will be looking at it forever. Itll be on your skin. Make it something that will always be special or important to you.

When deciding where on your body you want your first piece of ink, keep a few things in mind: your career, your typical clothing fit, and the privacy. If your companys policy prohibits showing tattoos, and thats important to you, get it in an area that isnt shown in your office attire. If your work is more accepting about tattoos, you still have a decision to make: do you want your tattoo visible to everyone, or do you want it just for your own eyes? The choice is yours.[wpseo_map id=1752 width=400 height=300 zoom=-1 map_style=roadmap scrollable=1 draggable=1 show_route=0 show_state=0]

Nothing helps more than having a companion by your side! If you are really nervous, especially, your pal can help ease you in the chair. Plus, if youre getting a big piece or are particularly sensitive to pain, you can hold their hand and give it a little squeeze!

Leading up to your appointment, make sure you eat a decent meal and stay hydrated. This will help keep you feeling as good as possible, especially for larger tattoos that might take a few hours.

Each tattoo artist has a specific set of aftercare instructions regarding cleaning. Do what he or she says! It will help you avoid infection and give your tattoo the best possible look once it heals.

More than likely, at some point in your life, someone will have something negative to say about you tattoo. You spent the time and money on this artwork that you get to carry with you forever. Dont let the haters tear you down! Its yours! Own it!

We at Skin Factory Tattoo and Body Piercing want you to get your first tattoo here!Contact usto check out our artists and their work and schedule an appointment today!

You knw whn you m t u you n xt th absolute bt. W ffr a vrt f rv including utm tttng, nd body rng at Ttt Sh n Mu Hw.

Best Maui Tattoo Shop Skin Factory Tattoo Maui

B assured that every rdur rfrmd in ur studio wll b xutd wth th utmost r nd precision.

W offer all tl f tttng, and a wide vrt f designs t h from. Our knowledgeable staff f rtt r highly qulfd t take ur ideas frm concept t xutn. Wr happy to nwr n qutn u m hv concerning ur ttt.

Ttt represent mr than n mg, t represents u. We undrtnd th importance of a ttt fr u so ur tff hndl each ttt session with the utmt care. Our Maui Tattoo Shop is md up f renowned tattoo xrt. We u strict hygienic procedures fr h ttt session nd lw leave our utmr ld wth our work. Mn of our Mu Hw ttt shop utmr have become long-time utmr, knowing tht thr ttt will be hndld by professionals. W hv n xtnv lt f tattoos w ffr. Such as Custom Dgnd Ttt, Tribal Ttt, Dragon Tattoos, Fnt Tattoos, Smbl Tattoos, Orntl Tattoos, Cllgrh Ttt, Animal Ttt, Prtrt Tattoos, Mystical Tattoos, Crtn Ttt, Mg Tattoos, Girl & Pinup Ttt, Sh Tattoos, Clbrt Ttt, Athletic Ttt, Flower Ttt, nd much mr.

All ur rng are done wth th hght quality jwlr nd qumnt vlbl. Our jewelry all th hght quality nkl fr surgical tnl steel and ttnum. W l hv a lrg ltn f gold nd gm jwlr available for urh.

Our tff handles your rng wth the utmost r nd rn, from start t finish. W u the ltt tools and tt-f-th-rt hygiene rdur t rvd you wth th best rng n Ttt Shops in Mu Hawaii. Wr klld n rvdng clean nd frndl rng wth gntl hnd, mkng your mfrt nd xrn whl t Ttt Shops in Maui Hawaii a rrt. Our list f rng tht we ffr lw growing, mk ur t contact us with n nqur on nw trnd piercings. We urrntl offer Tngu Piercings, Er Prng, L Prng, Ebrw Piercings, Orgn Piercings, Srftn Prng, and Prng Stud lng wth n assortment of Piercing Ar t h from in ur studio.

Nw, u hv ur frh nw tattoo, nd you want t take gd r f t! Frm th nt n, your artist is not responsible fr any nftn r problems you m have wth ur ttt f you dont take rr r of t. It vr mrtnt tht you fllw th guidelines. A rll butful ttt n turn into a dtr f th rr ftrr not tkn.

Yur artist tk th care to vr u ur nw ttt fr a very gd rn t keep air-borne btr frm nvdng ur wund. Yes, as rtt as ur new tattoo , t is tll a wund. On flesh a breeding ground fr btr nd infection. Leave the bndg n for a mnmum f tw hours. Extmnt f hvng a nw tattoo wll mk u wnt to remove th bandage so u can hw your frnd, but ur friends wll jut hv t wait untl later.

Aftr u rmv the bndg, u wll want t wash ur ttt. U lukwrm wtr nd mld, liquid ntbtrl or ntmrbl (Stn nd Provon r m hght recommendations. Dl tnd to b t hrh generic brnd antibacterial soaps are actually bttr) t gently wash w n ointment, blood nd/r lm and to completely ln th area. D nt u a whlth r nthng brv. Yur hnd ur bt tl n th . (If ur tattoo fl slimy and lr, you hv rbbl been zng lm. Tr to gntl rmv muh f this possible (whn the lm dr on the skin urf, it rt b.)

Thn pat (d not rub) the area frml with a CLEAN towel r r twl to get t mltl dr. Fllw wth a vr lght application f ur choice f ntmnt. A&D vitamin nrhd ointment wuld be my frt h, but if you dont hv n, Btrn r a similar ntbtrl ntmnt tbl.

D nt u Nrn. This is a wndrful product fr ut and r, but not fr tattoos. Sm n have an allergic reaction t the Neosporin, which u lttl rd bum. Whn the bum g away, d the ink, and you nd up wth a polka-dotted tattoo.

Y, you n (nd should!) shower wth a new tattoo. Its OK t get ur tattoo wt just dnt k it. Submrgng your ttt n a bth r ht tub can u ru dmg, youll want t vd th fr 2-3 weeks, but hwrng rftl fine lng as u dont turt ur ttt. If u get r hm on your tattoo, just rmv it ukl wth wtr. Swmmng whthr t b a l, frh wtr or lt water huld be vdd fr at lt 2 wk.

Aftr a fw d, u will nt m lng nd possibly a lttl scabbing. Excessive bbng uld indicate a rl-dn ttt, but a little sometimes normal nd thr is n need to n. Apply wrm mt mr t th scabs fr about 5 mnut 2-3 tm a d t ftn thm nd th wll eventually m off n thr wn. (Do nt l ointment r lotion t a ftnd b wait fr t to dry) Yu wll also start t th, jut lk a sunburn whn t begins t hl. Th dv here , dnt k, and dnt scratch! If the kn th, slap t. If it is peeling, ut lotion n it. And f t bbng, jut lv t ln. Yur ttt lmt hld, and nw is nt th time t ruin t!

After ur tattoo is hld, frm now on, u wll lw want t rtt t from th un ultraviolet rays. Th n fd nd dmg a brilliant tattoo vr ft. Before spending a lot f tm n xv heat, rtt ur tattoo with a mnmum 30SPF unblk. This will k your ttt vibrant fr mn r, nd it wll ntnu t b a source of grt rd.

If u have n utn rgrdng your ttt, fl free t ntt us anytime.

Body nd Fl Aftercare T:

A well-done rng with a rftl placed jwlr n still cause problems f not rd for rrl. W knw tht h bd rt dffrntl t the vru t f piercings. Hwvr, we l know tht when the lnt fllw a wll-xlnd set f aftercare gudln, th healing r muh better fr the grt majority of th .

Bd rng need t b lnd n r twice dl, vr d, fr the ntr ntl healing time. Most l clean morning nd/r nght, n the shower. Do nt clean more ftn th n rrtt your rng, nd bl delay ur healing. Fr once-a-day cleanings, do t t the nd of your d. Optimal frqun will dnd n ur skin ntvt, activity lvl, nd nvrnmntl ftr.

wh ur hnd thrughl wth lqud antibacterial nd ht water. If u wh, u m u dbl latex or vnl glv.

Prr th area for the lnng b rnng or kng wth warm wtr nd be sure t remove n stubborn crust using a cotton swab nd warm water. Nvr pick wth fngrnl. Th t mrtnt for your comfort.

Al a mll amount f th lnng lutn t th r. Cln th r nd th jewelry, nd gently rtt th jewelry back and forth a fw times to wrk th lutn nd. There n need t rtt th jwlr during the frt few cleanings. If th cleaning lutn ndt that rinse is nr ftr lng t, d under runnng wtr while rttng th jwlr back nd frth t mltl remove th cleaning solution, thrw lt it r dry (..: H2On Sr).

Pl try t b patient. Eh bd is unu, nd hlng tm n vary ndrbl. If the rng tender r rtng, you should continue th r regimen, vn f t past the ttd vrg hlng tm rng.

Bldng, brung, dlrtn nd/r wllng r not unmmn. An break f th kn, including a new rng n bld or bru. Th are nt ndtn of n mltn. Rdu intake f aspirin, alcohol, and ffn. For the above-the-neck rng, try lng wth th hd elevated above the ht t limit vrnght swelling. Stud show nn-trdl nt-nflmmtr rdut uh Ibuprofen (Advl, Mtrn, etc.) n help mnmz wllng. Sm tndrn or discomfort n th area of a nw piercing nt unusual.

You m fl tngng, burnng, hng r other unlnt ntn ff and on for vrl d r longer. Durng healing thr may be some itching. Secretion f a flud, which contains bld plasma, lmh nd dd ll, rftl nrml. It frl lqud like, whth-llw in color nd frm a rut n th jwlr t th openings f th rng. Th not a lu, but indicates a hlng rng. Once hld, your piercing m rt a m-ld wht mldru ubtn from the oil glnd lld sebum. Agn, th nt a lu, but ndt a healed rng. Prng m hv a tendency t hv a r f ups nd dwn during healing b seeming healed nd thn regressing. Alw tr t b tnt, and do keep cleaning durng th entire ntl hlng tm, vn f the piercing m healed sooner.

If you hv any qutn rgrdng ur rng, fl fr to ntt u anytime.

Although w welcome n wlk-n ttt clients r piercing lnt, we nurg u to ln ur visit to ur Maui Tattoo Shop. Tr t get m d about wht ttt dgn or rng tht you want done nd hw u wnt your ttt design or rng to look on ur bd. Thn, we nvt u t come nt th Skin FactoryMaui Tattoo Parlor nd cruise our mn references, ttt dgn examples, nd tattoo nd piercing ht bk f each rtt wrk fr nrtn r clarification of your d. Choose a Mu Hw tattoo r rng rtt wh wrk or nrg u like. Nw you are rd to come n or ll nd t up a nulttn with th Mu Hawaii ttt r rng artist u h, nd h/h will be gld t hl rlz ur vn.

Aftr ur ntl nulttn, th Mu ttt rtt at the Skin Factory will take a dt and draw a dgn fr ur ttt. When u rv th drwng, you wll t u n ntmnt to bgn your nw (r first!) ttt . If u hng ur mind, be ur to call ur Maui Tattoo Parlor and gv u t lt 2-3 d notice so ur Mu Hw ttt artist n book th time he/she held open fr you. Sn mn f us bk our ttt lnt wk n advance, th nr u are able t nl your tattoo th bttr. If u nl without uffnt nt, the Maui ttt rtt will k ur dt.

On the d f th appointment, we k our Maui Tattoo Shop utmr nt t num lhl or aspirin. Please b sober-minded nd hlth. Th conditions wll ensure th best possible trt fr your ttt r bd rt, and hl mk the Mu Hw ttt xrn tv. How wll ur ttt heals h everything t do wth hw wll u tk r of t afterwards, b rrd to fllw th ftrr instructions ur Mu ttt parlor rvd. Your Maui Hw ttt artist wll tuh up ur kn art after t is hld (uull fr fr). W wnt you to b absolutely h wth your nw Mu Hw ttt r body rt.

Mn people hv concerns about the safety f receiving a tattoo. At Mu Hw tattoo h, we are serious but our lnln nd trlztn rdur. Our utlv and thr Maui ttt h equipment are spore-tested by a thrd rt lbrtr vr wk, ndl r never re-used, nd w u nl the hght quality nk nd pigments. Our Mu Hw ttt rtt wll b h to du any nrn that u may hv but ttt h ft. It is mrtnt to u tht u r f n ur Mu Hw ttt h.

N, as a gnrl rul, t doesnt hurt. Hwvr, l xrn the n in dffrnt w, nd m places on th bd hurt more than thr. Mt l find that th fr f getting a ttt fr wr than th n th actually xrn. All kinds f people gt a ttt or bd art, nd lmt everyone is bl t tolerate the ntn. Sm l vn find tht th rll like getting a tattoo!

Althugh tlrn fr pain dffr frm rn to person, w hvnt t had a client n ur Maui Tattoo Shop wh kd us t t th tattoo r du t excessive n.

Yur deposit wll g twrd ur lt session, and u fr h n whn t fnhd. Our Maui Tattoo Shop t major rdt cards nd h.

Our Maui Tattoo Shop wants u t have th best xrn wth ur nw tattoo bl. If u hv any utn about ur nw Maui Hw tattoo, l tk a look t ur Mu Hw Ttt and Piercing Aftrr Page nd rd the ntrutn.

Many people are worried but th possibility f getting n infection frm gttng a tattoo. It vr, very rr fr a rn n good health wh takes gd r of the ttt to gt n infection. However, m l d hv a rtn to the nk, r (mr often) t th ntmnt r ltn used durng th hlng r. When th hn, th tattoo m bm th, r a ml rh m dvl. Th rtn r not serious, but they n fft th w th ttt lk when t heals, and they r mtm uncomfortable. People mt mmnl rt to rd nk. Contact ur Maui Hawaii Ttt shop fr mr nfrmtn.

Althugh ur Maui Tattoo Shop is mtm rwdd, w will try to accommodate any gut you brng along fr mrl urt. Our Maui Tattoo Shop wtng r h one f the most comfortable tng r in Maui Hw, wth a lrg rn ld-tv nd satellite television fr ur vwng lur.

W blv tht t is extremely mrtnt t keep our working nvrnmnt trlzd nd ln for the best working ndtn possible. Therefore bv ll the murmnt we tr to keep a sterilized environment

Call Eddie at the Skin Factory Maui location today702 768 8578

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