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Posted in Skin Art on Nov 23, 2018


Bandanas helps you create custom tattoo art in a diverse and well executed fashion. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority. Old style to new, portraiture to watercolor washes your artist Bandana Mike can give you what you want. Check out the web site and give us a call.

Established in 1982.

Mike Staum aka Bandana MIke has been creating hand drawn artwork on skin since 1982. Mike an Artist from New Jersey moved with the Navy to Washington State in 1981. Loving the Scenery and the people kept me on the upper left coast. Being licensed in Washington and the State of Hawaii gives me the best of both worlds and the opportunity to continue to learn and grow my skills. If you think you know everything its time to quit and Im not close to ready for that. 31 years is just the beginning!

Degree in Technical Drafting/ Architecture from Middlesex County Voc/Tech

Degree in Visual Communications from Shoreline Community College

A lifetime of experimentation since before I can remember!

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International Daily Tattooshop News | Bandanas Skin Art …