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Established in 2004, Infamous Studio is built on over twenty five years of international tattooing experience.In providing high quality custom and classic tattooing we have earned a solid reputation within our local and the international tattoo community.With our professional and knowledgeable staff and unique environment we work hard to deliver the goods for a lifetime of satisfaction.

State regulated hygiene standards are maintained.

* Please Note; You must come in to make appointments, we dont provide price quotes via telephone or email. We prefer face to face interaction.

We are located on the island of Sdermalm in Stockholm, in the SoFo area- bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping and artsy shit.

Our doors are open to the serious collector & novices alike.

Most work and consultations are done by appointment, however we can often be caught for a drop-in.

Come as you are, we’ll help you change that!

– Please arrive on time for your appointment.- It is recommended to rest well and to of eaten prior to your appointment.- It is not recommended to bring a bunch of friends with you when you get tattooed, only you can come into the working areas.- If you have children it is best that they dont accompany you when you are to be tattooed.- We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, bring ID.- We do not tolerate drunks or people otherwise intoxicated.- You must give 48 hours notice to change or cancel you appointment in order to receive a refund of your booking fee. Our time is as valuable as yours.

Leave a bandage on until the following morning or 8-12 hours.Remove bandage & wash thoroughly warm water & mild soap.Gently pat dry with clean towel. Do not re-bandage.Clean tattoo with water 2 or 3 times throughout the 1st day.Use soap only if necessary.Do not apply any lotion/cream for the first day-the tattoo must have air.

For the next 7-14 days with clean hands lightly apply perfume free lotion/cream 2-3 times daily.You can use less, but not more.The tattoo must not feel wet or dry.Continue as above until healed.

Your tattoo will scab & peel lightly.It will be in the colors of the tattoo & look similar to fish food as it flakes off- this is completely normal.

-WHILE YOUR TATTOO IS HEALING-Do not pick at your tattoo! Picking and scratching at your tattoo will damage it!

Do not sunburn, sauna, swim or exercise strenuously with your fresh tattoo.

No wool, polyester or tight fitting clothing directly against your new tattoo.

Do not listen to tattoo experts in bars or on the street.


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