Cosmetic Tattoo | Perth and Mandurah


Cosmetic tattoo hurts Everyones pain threshold is different. We make it as comfortable as possible with the use of a topical anaesthetic which takes the pain away and stops bruising and swelling.

It lasts forever There are many factors which can affect the life of your tattoo. Regular touch ups are recommended to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant. Everyone is different and the time between touch-ups can vary from person to person.

I have to hide away while the cosmetic tattoo heals Absolutely not! There is minimal bruising and swelling so you can go back to your daily routine straight away. We do, however, recommend you stay away from direct contact with water during the healing process.

Anyone can do cosmetic tattoo Absolutelynot! There are many legal and health requirements for cosmetic tattoo technicians. Always check that your technician uses disposable, single use needles and operates in a clean and sterile environment. Always check the qualifications of your technician.

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Cosmetic Tattoo | Perth and Mandurah