By the Skin of Our Teeth: The Art and Design of Morning …

A lush, full-color, beautifully designed visual history that brings to life the innovative and creative world of acclaimed Brooklyn-based boutique design studio Morning Breath, Inc.

In 1996, while working at the in-house design department at Think, a small skateboard company in San Francisco, creatives Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto forged a collaborative style that would transform into a remarkable partnership: an endeavor they called Morning Breath.

Working with some of the top music artists and corporations, Morning Breath, Inc., has made its aesthetic mark on pop culture, devising Grammy-nominated and award-winning workincluding more than 100 album covers and countingas well as one-of-a kind pieces of fine art that have been featured in shows across the country. Inspired by 1950s1980s Americanacomics, Mad magazine, punk, hip-hop, and heavy metal, car culture, skateboardingDoug and Jason incorporate pass pop culture art elements with simple, limited color palettes, bold lines, and exciting page layouts to produce fresh, original imagery that embodies their absurdist humor, antiauthoritarian sensibilities, and playful sense of wonder.

Driven by Doug and Jasons uncompromising vision and dogged work ethic, Morning Breath consistently pushes the boundaries of design and printing to create a unique retro-modern visual style. Morning Breath has produced an amazing portfolio of work for a wide range of clients, including Ray-Ban, Ride Snowboards, Velocity, Foo Fighters, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, Slayer, Queens of the Stone Age, Vans, Upper Playground, Zoo York, and Adidas, to name a few.

By the Skin of Our Teeth: The Art and Design of Morning Breath, tells their story and showcases the fruits of their collaborative relationshipartwork and designs from music packaging, T-shirts, and posters, to fine arts, lifestyle, and products. Throughout, Doug and Jason spotlight the artistic influences and roots that have shaped them, including graffiti art, silk screening, collaging, painting, and fine arts.

Filled with dozens of full-color images and contributions by writers and artists like Mike Giant, Matthew Newton, Bill Adler, Geoff Peveto, Eddie Zammit, Matt Revelli, and Jeremy Fish, By the Skin of Our Teeth is a comprehensive display of Morning Breaths provocative, imaginative, and original stylea combination of the dream-like and the quotidianthat has defined a generation and captured the attention of artists, designers, and pop culture lovers everywhere.

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By the Skin of Our Teeth: The Art and Design of Morning …