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Vancouver tattoo show to display preserved skin of dead …

The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show is taking place this weekend in Vancouver, and one former tattoo artists preserved skin will be on display to showcase his tattoos and carry on his legacy.

Well-known Saskatoon tattoo artist Chris Wenzels skin has been immortalized by an American company Save My Ink Forever.

The company has developed a unique process to preserve tattoos in order to fulfill their mission of carrying on loved ones stories forever and to create an everlasting memorial to the loved ones of their customers.

Wenzels skin was displayed at the Sasktoon tattoo expo last weekend, and will also be displayed in Vancouver this weekend.

The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show also took to their Facebook page to remember Chris legacy, which will be celebrated at the show. Come by this weekend and celebrate the life of our dearest friend Chris Wenzel you will forever be in our hearts, said the post.

According to Electric Underground, the tattoo shop in Saskatoon where Chris worked before his passing, Chris Wenzel was a self-educated tattoo artist, who did his first tattoo at the age of nine.

To learn more about the Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show where Chris tattoos will be displayed, click here.

When: Friday April 19 to Sunday April 21Time: Friday 4 to 11 pm, Saturday 11 am to 11 pm, Sunday 11 to 6 pmWhere: Vancouver Convention Centre, Hall BCost: $25 for a day pass or $50 for a weekend pass

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Vancouver tattoo show to display preserved skin of dead …


Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon

You will enjoy the comfortable bedside manner of all of our artists. While we love to have fun and never work inside the box, we are still professional and always courteous. Our work ethic is something that comes naturally out of our love for ink and art. We are detail oriented and are never happy unless we complete our very best work on each and every customer. Your 100% satisfaction is always our goal.

Lets face it; your tattoos are going to be with you for the rest of your lifetime. They are not exactly something that you should choose to do randomly, or with just any tattoo artist. It is true that not all tattoo artists are experts, and we have met our fair share of clients who have received botched tattoos at other tattoo shops. You can always trust our artists at Attitudes to give you the perfect ink that you will love each and every time.

Stop by to take a look at our gallery of tattoos, then book an appointment with your favorite artist. We look forward to seeing you!

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Tattoos Muskegon Tattoos Muskegon


Tattoo Shop in Sierra Vista, AZ | Battleship Tattoo Shop …

Battleship Tattoo Shop specializes in helping you make art come alive on your flesh. Through the depths of your imagination and collaboration with a talented artist, we want to provide you with the ability to be able to show off your true self to the world wherever you step.

Our team of tattoo artists are all talented and each has their own specialties and favorite styles. This gives you a variety of different artistic styles to choose from that you think would best suit your tattoo. We are dedicated to helping our clients find their match within our family of passionate artists.

There is no limitation to what our tattoo shop can do. From traditional tattoos to portrait tattoos or even cover ups, we are up for the challenge to help you create something amazing. If you have any custom tattoos in mind, we gladly provide you with a quote and take on the role as your tattoo artist to help create your masterpiece. Between tattoos and piercings, were dedicated to giving you the best service possible in body modification.

Our premier tattoo shop proudly serves our neighbors in Sierra Vista, AZ come visit us today.

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Tattoo Shop in Sierra Vista, AZ | Battleship Tattoo Shop …


The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …

Bali and Tattoo are unique engaging. The best tattoo artists are here, and Maharadjah Tattoo is the best tattoo studio. Maharadjah grows and develops in the spirit of offering the best combination of tattoo in Bali.

Our founder Jimz Toby Myer in the tattoo industry for more than 15 years, is very experienced nationally and internationally. In addition, we also have a tattoo artist team, each of which has special skills and characters, and is always passionate about producing a tattoo masterpiece at any time.

Located in Legian, close to beautiful beaches in Bali, Seminyak and Kuta, Maharadjah tattoo is an International standard tattoo studio. Equipped with the best tattoo equipment along with advanced sterilizers and needles & disposable tips to ensure that our hygiene practices are within or exceed international health standards. All our needle and needle tips are only used once, every time, every client. We make sure all our staff practice infection prevention and control for permanent tattoos that are hygienic based on international standards with one goal, is to give you a sense of security. Safe Tattoo in Bali? Maharadjah deserves your first choice.

With a combination of professional tattoo artist which certainly produces a good masterpiece, and guarantees high standard of hygiene then the tattoo prices at Maharadjah are the best. You get quality and satisfaction according to the price you pay.

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The Best Tattoo Shop, Studio & Artist In Bali, Seminyak, Kuta …


Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 21

is a family owned and operated tattoo studio. We are a nationally, as well as internationally recognized upscale tattoo studio in the great city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Beyond the glitz and glitter lies a jewel in the desert, the best custom tattoo shop in Vegas. We have won numerous awards for best tattoo shop/ best tattoo artist (Austin Spencer). We have been featured in a multitude of magazine articles both nationally as well as internationally. Our exceptionally clean tattoo studio and art gallery is home to a team of multi talented, professionally licensed tattoo artists. Their knowledge and experience in the trade is obvious in their quality, diversified styles and creative tattoo designs. Their painting and illustrative skills further fuel the artists passion to turn clients ideas into reality. Our customer service team is top notch and goes above and beyond to make your total experience a pleasant one. We are a community minded team dedicated to our profession and love of the arts. We strive to build long term relationships with our clientele through our commitment to customer service.

Visit link:
Las Vegas BEST friendly and professional Tattoo Studio 21


DSPS Tattooing and Body Piercer

License Information

Per Wis. Admin. Code SPS 221.04, all tattooing and body piercing activities must occur in a licensed establishment. In addition, all tattooists and body piercers must also hold a practitioner’s license.

Temporary Body Art Establishments – please viewTattooing and Body Piercing at Festivals and Other Events for important information.

What Counts as Tattooing or Body Piercing?

A Licenseis required for a person whoapplies a tattoo to another person, and/or aperson whoperforms body piercing.

Eachlicense issued by the Department expires June 30th of each year.

If a license is granted after April 1 of a license year, that license will extend to June 30 of the following year.

Fee Reduction

Pursuant to 2017 Wisconsin Act 319, beginning August 1, 2018, an applicant for an initial credential may apply for a reduction of the initial credential fee that is equal to 10% of the initial fee. Qualification is based on the federal adjusted gross income being at or below 180% of the federal poverty guideline prescribed for the applicant’s family household size by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. To determine eligibility please visit the United States Department of Health and Human Services website at, prior to submitting Form 3217.

Variance Request

If you are requesting a variance, please complete this form, Body Art Variance Petition Application (Form # 1000-IS),and return it to either your local Health Department or DSPS as applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattooing and Body Piercing Frequently Asked Questions

Body Art Agent Map

Follow this link:
DSPS Tattooing and Body Piercer


Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your brows are the curtains. Maintaining your brows shape is critical because eyebrows act to frame the eyes and highlight your best features. Makeup artists say that the right eyebrow shape can not only brighten your appearance but also make you look more youthful.

Nowadays, there are tons of eyebrow products and eyebrow design services available on the market. Even though most of them are good at keeping your brows neat and groomed, the problem is that their effect does not last long. And thats when microblading comes into play. Microblading is a new beauty trend that has already won the hearts of thousands of women worldwide. Unlike other eyebrow procedures that come and go, microblading might be here to stay.

In the event of searching for the best microblading training in Chicago, look no further. Esthetic World Beauty professionals will teach you all aspects of microblading, from drawing eyebrows to setting up your own business. We promise our microblading classes in Chicago will make you confident and eager to master your craft.

With Esthetic World Beauty, microblading certification in Chicago is not a problem anymore. Our school offers courses for all experience levels from beginners to pros. This means that both newcomers and cosmetology professionals can benefit from our microblading training programs.

We know everything about permanent makeup, and we are willing to share our skills and knowledge with you. Our microblading experts have all the tools to equip you for a prosperous and rewarding career as a Microblading Technician.

EWB comprehensive training program teaches both theoretical and practical application of microblading. Most microblading courses we provide include a detailed examination of brow morphology as well as the comprehensive background in color theory. You will get to know our unique method of achieving the ideal brow shape. Whats more, you will have an opportunity to practice microblading on a live model. And thats just the beginning.

Esthetic World Beauty is the perfect place for people who want to become successful microblading artists and improve their makeup skills without spending a lot of money. We have developed not just a training course, but the whole comprehensive business program that ensures maximum success of our students in their career. Microblading is our passion, and we try our best to provide each student with a simple, understandable, and exciting training.

Today, to become a reputable microblading practitioner is easier than ever before. Wait no longer, let EWB experts introduce you to the world of microblading!

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Microblading Training Chicago – Microblading Classes …


State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs entering the field of tattoo removal is this: can I perform laser tattoo removal in my state?

While the answer to this question is not always clear, the short answer is typically yes, it can be done.

Entrepreneurs with no medical background in over 45 U.S. states operate highly profitable laser tattoo removal businesses on a day-to-day basis. Some states have no regulation on the subject, most require very little to be done, and a few have stricter regulations that favor medical professionals with advanced degrees.

Laser tattoo removal businesses exist in all U.S. states and territories and are established with an understanding of the legal requirements. Here, we are going to discuss the most common laser tattoo removal regulations found in the U.S., what the due diligence process looks like, and how Astanza can help you get started.

The vast majority of states do not require tattoo removal clinic owners or laser operators to have medical credentials, whether as a physician, nurse, or something similar. In fact, non-medical personnelmake up the bulk of individuals active in the laser tattoo removal industry.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, but the most common regulations include some combination of the following requirements:

Use of an FDA cleared device for the removal of tattoos.

A physician medical director affiliated with the practice.

A certified laser operator with at least 16 hours of hands-on training.

A laser operator with laser safety training and certification.

For entrepreneurs seasoned or otherwise these tasks should not be daunting. Any reputable laser company will sell you a device that is cleared for use in the U.S., well-known training organizations (and laser companies) will provide the training needed for certification, and medical directors are surprisingly easy to come by when you look in the right places.

Astanza has helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs in variously sized markets across the U.S. find a medical director by providing the resources to do so. A medical director is an off-site physician licensed in your state that supervises the laser operations at your clinic practice. This role generally requires only periodic check-ins and availability at the discretion of the physician; ultimately, a limited responsibility position for the doctor.

Other, more highly regulated states, require a physician medical director to be “on the premises” in addition to an advanced or mid-level practitioner operating the laser system. These states are the exception, not the rule.

State regulations for this popoular procedure are very much like a bell curve with many variations in laws. A small number of states (e.g. Colorado, New York) have little to minimal regulation for laser tattoo removal. An equally small number of states (e.g. Ohio, New Jersey) only allow physicians to fire a laser device.

Most other states fall in the moderate area that requires simply a medical director and a trained and certified laser operator, possiblyone that is also a mid-level medical practitioner (e.g. RN, PA, NP). To get a better sense for the range of strictness, see the state guideline examples and graphic below:

Entrepreneurs continue to open successful tattoo removal clinics across the U.S., even in states with more advanced regulations. Various business models have been used all across the country for tattoo removal businesses that make several hundred thousand dollars in profit annually.

Astanza representatives want to share their knowledge with you to help you make the most of your market.It is important to note that doing your due diligence is a better business practice, regardless of the industry of interest.

Each state sets its own regulations for laser tattoo removal who can fire a laser, who can delegate the procedure, and who can own the laser device. It is usually the respective states medical or licensing board that puts forth the ruling.

Weve compiled a document that hosts the contact information for the relevant governing body in each state. When contacting the respective agency, please keep a few of these tips in mind:

>> State Medical & Licensing Board Contact Information PDF >>

Astanzas representatives are well-versed in laser tattoo removal and have helped clients across the United States (and world) build laser tattoo removal practices all it takes is a little bit of research. Starting the research by looking at the competition in your area might be a good start, and Astanza’s experts can help point you in the right direction.

Like any business, a laser tattoo removal clinic may take a bit of leg work while starting up. However, partnering with the right company will put you in a significantly better place and allow you to become much more profitable, faster.

Though the answer to the regulations question is not always clear, the most successful tattoo removalbusiness owners don’t blink an eye. Even though most state medical boards do not have strict requirements, it is always in a business owners best interest to have a physician tied to the clinic as a medical director.

Since most U.S. states’ laser regulations are not purely black and white and often require several contact attempts with the state, often the fastest, most accurate method of finding up-to-date laws is through legal counsel that is familiar with the medical laws in your state. Consulting with an attorney on this matter is a simple, few hour long process that is ultimately worth the cost for both peace of mind and business legitimacy.

Check out these other laser tattoo removal resources from Astanza:

Note: This content was not crafted by a lawyer, and nothing on this page is intended to be legal advice. Nothing can replace the authority of a licensed attorney in your state.

Excerpt from:
State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal


tattoo shop being rude to costumers.? | Yahoo Answers

If that hurts your feelings, sorry about that! Not acceptable in any business! He just lost another customer! Pamela Anderson got hepatitis, probably from her tats, not from sex!

If you don’t think you’ll get an allergic reactions to the ink, the FDA have gotten reports from people who have, and I have read it several times on YA TATTOOS.

Some tattoo colors are harder to remove than others. Laser treatments can turn some tattoos darker instead of lighter, or change them to a different color. The same goes for “permanent makeup,” which is a kind of tattoo. It depends on what ingredients went into the tattoo ink to produce the color.

But it can be hard to find out what’s in tattoo inks because they usually don’t have ingredients listed on the label. Very often, even the tattooist doesn’t know what’s in the tattoo ink because the company that made it considers the formula “proprietary” (pro-pry-uh-tar-ee). That means it’s a trade secret.

Here are some more facts about tattoos: FDA has not approved any color additives for injection into your skin. People who get a tattoo should not give blood for a year afterward because of the chance of infection. Although it happens only very rarely, some people may have an allergic reaction to the dyes used for tattooing. Imagine being allergic to something that’s been injected into your skin. Or, the tattooist may make a mistake. Who wants to wear someone else’s mistake forever?

Speaking of forever, how often do you change your mind about your hair, your earrings, or the clothes you like to wear? It’s not so easy when you change your mind about a tattoo.

Although many “temporary tattoos” are legal, some — especially some of those imported from other countries — are illegal in the United States because they use color additives that are not approved for use on the skin. FDA has had reports of people having allergic reactions to temporary tattoos.

What about henna temporary tattoos? Henna is a brown to reddish brown dye made from a plant. It is approved only for use on the hair, not the skin. If it is black, or any other color besides brown or reddish brown, it contains other ingredients. It also may contain other ingredients to make the stain darker, make the skin absorb the color more easily, or make the stain last longer.

Could these ingredients hurt you? It depends. Individuals are different and may be sensitive to different things. If you don’t know what the ingredients are, it’s impossible to tell what they might do if you put them on your skin.

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tattoo shop being rude to costumers.? | Yahoo Answers


Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia

Tattoo is a 1981 erotic thriller film directed by Bob Brooks and starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams. It depicts the relationship between a fashion model and an eccentric tattoo artist that quickly turns sinister.

Tattoo artist Karl Kinsky (Dern) is approached to work with renowned photographer Halsey (Leonard Frey) on temporary tattoos for swimsuit models. Despite his misgivings, Kinsky agrees to participate after seeing photographs of one of the models, Maddy (Adams).

Maddy arrives late to the photoshoot, but the two quickly bond when she expresses admiration for Kinsky’s arm tattoos and recognizes their Japanese influence. After the shoot Kinsky jealously eavesdrops on Maddy and her flirtatious boyfriend, jazz musician Buddy (John Getz). Maddy complains of having had to “dope” herself to sleep because of Buddy’s odd hours. Maddy invites Kinsky to dinner where he awkwardly asserts his dominance towards the matre d, and then threatens to kill Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Albert (Sam Schacht) for using profanity and drunkenly flirting with Maddy. They quickly leave the restaurant and drive to Maddy’s apartment. She invites him in, but he declines saying he has to catch the last train home. Instead, he goes to a sex show and aggressively speaks to a peep show girl.

The next day Kinsky surprises Maddy in Central Park with flowers. After confronting her over her use of sleeping pills, he invites her to dine with him at his apartment. She admires his tattoo equipment and artwork. Kinsky explains his theory that women who get tattoos, which he calls “the mark”, do so out of a desire to belong. The two go upstairs to dine, and listen to Buddy’s music. Kinsky tells Maddy she deserves better than Buddy, citing his handsiness. Maddy calls him “old-fashioned” but begins to makes a pass at him. Kinsky turns her down, citing a need for commitment. Maddy tells him, “people don’t make commitments when they fuck anymore” and Kinsky snaps at her over her use of profanity. He kicks her out but follows her to the street, insisting that they see each other again. She agrees to meet him at a Japanese art exhibition at the Met before speeding off in a taxi. The same night, Kinsky repeatedly telephones and berates Maddy from a telephone booth. When she asks him to stop, he returns to his apartment and intently watches her modeling tape.

On the day of the exhibition, Maddy sends her friend Sandra (Rikke Borge) to tell him Maddy is out of town, and to ask him to return her modeling tapes. He visits Maddy’s apartment, where he is told the same thing by Buddy. He leaves an ominous message on her answering machine, before returning to his family’s home to show it to prospective buyers, only to announce that it is not for sale.

Back in Maddy’s apartment, she kicks Buddy and his jazz band out for keeping her awake. As she is cleaning up, the doorbell rings. When she answers the door, Kinsky incapacitates her with a chloroform soaked rag. The next morning she awakens and discovers her chest, shoulders and back have been tattooed with floral patterns. She screams at Kinsky and smashes a mirror once she realizes she’s become a hostage. Once Kinsky tells her he’s not finished tattooing her, she faints. The next day, the tattoos have been partially colored in. Maddy makes a failed escape attempt, after which Kinsky has her call Buddy at knifepoint to tell him she will not be coming home. Recognizing Kinsky’s increasing violence, Maddy agrees to “wear the mark” in exchange for her safety.

Nearly finished with the tattoo, Kinsky stops and has Maddy masturbate while he watches from another room, much like the peep show he visited earlier. Kinsky orgasms just as she begins weeping. Maddy berates him for not “being a man” and having sexual intercourse with her instead. She finds a shard of glass from the mirror and plans to kill Kinsky with it, but is discovered. She seemingly resigns herself to her fate as Kinsky continues to expand the tattoos over her entire body.

Maddy is shocked when Kinsky finally announces, “It’s all finished.” He disrobes them both and begins to rape her. Maddy is able to grasp the tattoo gun and plunges it into Kinsky’s back. As Kinsky dies, Maddy sits up, his limp body draped across her lap. She strokes his hair as she stares off into the distance.

The film was written by Joyce Buuel, the daughter-in-law of surrealist artist Luis Buuel, based on a story by director Bob Brooks. It was featured in an April 13, 1980 New York Times article spotlighting films being shot on-location in New York City; the article mistakenly identified Rikke Borge as Dern’s love interest.[2]

The tattoo designs seen in the film are credited to Isadore Selzter, a prolific illustrator and graphic designer known for drawing many Sesame Street Magazine covers.

The film had a contentious post-production and pre-release phase. Producer Joseph E. Levine made edits without informing director Bob Brooks, who wrote an angry letter to Levine accusing him of prioritizing the opinions of “assholes in Los Angeles.”[3] Feminist group Women Against Pornography protested the film for allegedly equating violence with love.[4] They defaced the advertisements in the subway, which reportedly delighted Levine, who considered it free publicity.[3] Tellingly, although the release date was announced as November or December 1980 in the NYT article, the film was delayed nearly a year until October 9, 1981.

The songs “What’s Your Name” and “Shot in the Dark” were written by Barry DeVorzon and Michael Towers, and sung by Euca Burrows. Other instrumental music is heard in the film but an official soundtrack was not released.

Bruce Dern earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Actor for Dern,[5] who lost to Klinton Spilsbury for his performance in The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film two out of four stars. He wrote that he enjoyed the film’s first two acts, and singled out Dern’s performance as “very good,” but thought the film faltered in the triteness of its climax. He wrote,”‘Tattoo’ could have been an effective and disturbing movie… [It] opens so promisingly that its crucial scenes are doubly disappointing. Because the film’s first hour makes it clear that Tattoo is not intended as just another creepy horror film, the failure of the conclusion is all the more disappointing.”[6] New York Times film critic Janet Maslin gave the film a similar review. She praised the two leads, along with Borge and Frey, but wrote that while the film “begins with a bit of style… [it] doesn’t take long… to turn predictable and slow.”[7]

The film’s depiction of stalking has been compared to the much more successful films Taxi Driver and Maniac.[8]

In Episode 4 of Series 2 of the BBC sitcom The Royle Family, the film is discussed extensively. The character Denise calls it “absolutely brilliant,” and explains the plot to Barbara and Cheryl, who are both fascinated and horrified. Meanwhile in the living room Dave is explaining the film to Jim, who questions why the protagonist would want to cover up his victim’s breasts rather than look at them. Upon learning that the title of the film is Tattoo, Jim references the Fantasy Island character Tattoo and his catchphrase[9]

See the article here:
Tattoo (1981 film) – Wikipedia

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