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The Tattooist (DVD, 2008) | eBay

I’m a Background Fan of Tattoos and This Film.

For the most part, the film worked for me as an entertaining rendition of a mystical legacy brought about by the director’s and writer’s views on there Samoan tradition of tatau (the root of most tattooing).After re-watching the film once again with director Peter Burger and the main actor Jason Behr, I had a more distinctive education about how the film unfolds and why the editing was so important. Since this film was a collaborated joint venture between New Zealand and Singapore, the producers had to get the permission from film institutes before progressing.As we soon find out, the story-line is not just some average lone hacker film much like “The Dentist”, but actually involves a style more in line with the backdrop being like “A Stir of Echos” where the evil was perpetrated on an individual person, who seems to encapsulate the essence of the shamefulness that the Samoan people tend to frown upon with certain family circles of ritualistic manhood passages known by getting the body tataud. It is considered shameful for someone to not complete this ritual.The American tattooist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) travels in search of healing lore about body tattoos for his clientele. While at an Expo in Singapore, he steals a tool that belongs to a Samoan family of a lady named Sina (Mia Blake) he briefly meet while there. In one scene, Jake is confronted and startled by a disgruntled father of a client he tattooed. During the sudden startling moment of the confrontation Jake drops his suite case and falls to the ground causing his tattoo instrument to wind up on the ground. He cuts his palm with the stolen tool. Jake begins to experience dreams and weird occurrences such as seeing dark figures and a pattern of blood flowing down the drain. Jack soon returns to work in New Zealand where he tattoos several people and then finds Sina again and falls in love with her. Soon Jake finds that his recent clients are falling prey to a black evil fiend that is somehow consuming them through the tatoo work Jake did. We soon discover that the fiend is somehow attached to a Samoan family who performed a ritualistic tatau on a son who mysteriously disappeared unknowingly shaming the father in the Samoan community.Peter Burger did an excellent job of tying things together on screen, but failed to deliver the story about the Samoan practice of tatau for the film. It would have made it much easier to understand if he’d only have started by describing more of the practice before he got to New Zealand, then you would really perhaps understand what was going on with the tatau comb that Jake had stolen. The film takes a long time to get to the point of any horror (scary at best) but just a bit more in lines of being a mystery thriller with a bit of lost spiritual possession. The hospital scene was well done, but a little too late. You don’t get the usual tricks like shadowy figures, creaky doors, sudden slamming of furniture, bellowing winds or musical crescendos. In fact, you don’t get much of that at all, only the occasional figure seen in a reflective surface, and even then done so low key, it surprisingly doesn’t even raise a brow of wonder. The way the narrative played out was in the vein of horror movies like Shutter, but without the unexpectedly frightening bits. It was as if the movie was in self-censorship mode, reeling back from full gory details, choosing to let the mind imagine what horrible fates have befallen the unfortunate victims.Read full review

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The Tattooist (DVD, 2008) | eBay


Best Tattoo Shops In Metro Detroit CBS Detroit

These days, tattoos are as popular as they ever were, with individuality and creativity being among the top fashion trends that many young Detroiters are seeking out. In order to satiate this growing need for body ink, a number of tattoo shops have recently opened in Detroit and a number of others that have been around for some time are making a comeback in a big way. Here are some of the best tattoo parlors in Metro Detroit that employ the best artists, safest practices and most reliable service in the industry.

Weve covered our favorite tattoo shops before. Find our older picks here.

Tattoo done at Bz Ink Tattoo Shop (Credit, Michael Ferro)

Bz Ink Tattoo Shop6453 Rochester RoadTroy, MI 48085(248)

Bz Ink is more than just your average tattoo parlor, it is an all-in-one-stop shop for everything body alteration, including piercings. Bz Ink Tattoo Shop won the Detroit A-List CityGuide Best Overall Tattoo Shop Award for 2014, which was chosen by the consumers themselves, so you know it can make customers happy. This shops team of talented artists pride themselves on their clean, sanitary and friendly service. There are two locations of Bzs to choose from: Troy or Macomb, both offering the same great services.

The Ink Addiction Body Tattoos & Piercing Shop in Taylor (Credit, Michael Ferro)

Ink Addiction Body Tattoos & Piercing11607 Telegraph RoadTaylor, MI 48180(734)

Ink Addiction Body Tattoos & Piercing shopwon the Detroit A-List CityGuide Top 5 Award for 2014 and many of its loyal fans claim that they will never enter any other shop. First opened back in 2003 in Garden City, Ink Addiction has expanded to a second location in Taylor. Owners Garnet and Kim Miller were tired of doing things the way theyd been told while working in other tattoo shops and decided to open the ultimate parlor that was up to their specifications. The result: one of Metro Detroits most well-loved tattoo shops!

A relative newcomer to the Detroit tattoo scene, Chroma Tattoo has been operating for close to three years now. Operating in West Bloomfield, its not a stretch of the imagination to say that Chroma Tattoo is a little more upscale than many of the other Detroit tattoo shops, but you certainly get your moneys worth here. Also aDetroit A-List CityGuide Top 5 Award for 2014, a simple Google search of Chroma Tattoo will show you the results: a legion of fans who review this tattoo shop as the best in Detroit. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Black Rabbit Tattoo Gallery is another one of those parlors that fans and customers just cant help but shout their love for. This shop loves to get involved in the local Detroit community, not only offering tattoo and piercing services, but also participating in community events. All requests and accommodations can be made and tailored for each individual. Call or contact the shop on Facebook for more information for your special project.

Ageless Image Tattoo prides itself on being one of the Motor Citys most professional tattoo parlors that you can visit. With numerous artists on hand and a willingness to customize any job brought to them, its no surprise that these folks have a legion of supporters from around the local area. Also offering top-notch piercing and jewelry options, Ageless Image Tattoo can help you find whatever it is you need to help give yourself that personalized look youre going for.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Metro Detroit CBS Detroit


Tattooing – Inksanity Tattoo Company – Leesburg, Virginia

was established in 2011. The company’s artists have been providing Leesburg & the Northern Virginia area with quality custom tattoos for over 15years.

All of our experienced tattoo artists are certified in Bloodbourne Pathogens, CPR, First Aid and are licensed by the State of Virginia.

#1 Tattoo Shop in Northern Virginia 4years in a row

Northern Virginia Magazine!!

2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Hours: Monday – Saturday 12 – 7/8pm Sunday 12 – 5/6pm

Our staff is happy towork with you to create the tattoo you’ve been dreaming of.

Have a look around the website, browse through the portfolios andread up on the artists.Stop by the shop, give us a call or shoot us an email with any comments, questions or concerns.

“Best we’ve ever been to.

Love what they do and stand for.

Upstanding business and people

working there.”

Pat & Mike H.

Leesburg, VA

“Absolutely fantastic – this is

THE place to go in Northern VA!”

Lisa K.

Ashburn, VA

“This shop is professional

and takes the art of tattoo


Suzanne W.

South Riding, VA

26-A plaza St. leesburg, va

View Tattoo Art by clicking on artists picture

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Tattooing – Inksanity Tattoo Company – Leesburg, Virginia


Rick’s Tattoos

HoursMonday Friday: 12 pm 8pmSaturday: 10am 9pmSunday: 12pm 6pmWe take walk-ins every day!(703) 527-8377

Rick Cherry The Boss currently travels the country visiting various tattoo shows, displaying his American-made tattoo machines, and allowing himself to be persuaded into doing a few tattoos here and there. Visit our blog to find out where you can catch up with Mr. Cherry at a tattoo show near you!

Are you currently enjoying your new tattoo? Take a look at our aftercare information to find out how to keep your tattoo clean, safe, and vibrant. The first days of tattoo care are crucial for your health and the long-term appearance of your tattoo, so make them count!

Ricks Tattoo Studio employs only the most talented tattoo and piercing artists in the region. A sketch can be changed, but a tattoo is forever so why trust an amateur? Take a look at our artists and their portfolios and find out who our latest guest artists are to make sure you get the tattooyou want.

Brittany R., Toano, VA

Kelly H. , Chantilly, VA

Halle L. , Indianapolis, IN

Desiree R., Washington, DC

Lauren P. , Somerville, MA

Sandra G. , Woodbridge, VA

4818 Lee Hwy

Arlington, VA 22207

(703) 527-8377

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Rick’s Tattoos


Orlando, Florida Tattoos, I-Drive Tattoos, Orlando Tattoo …

Get tattooed by one of the best professional tattoo artists in Central Florida from the Best Tattoo Shops, Scratch The Surface. Two locations in Orlando, FL on International Drive are convenient for tourists and locals. Competitive prices. Family-friendly, comfortable, laid-back atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. Clean, safe and hygienic. Custom tattoo designs and a wide selection of flash art. All styles. Come and visit the best tattoo shops today!

Call 407-351-9794 or 407-351-9876 for an appointment with one of our I-Drive tattoo artists. Walk-ins to our Orlando tattoo shops are welcome. Get a Tattoo in Orlando, FL today!

The staff at Scratch the Surface Tattoo Orlando maintains the highest industry standards. Every employee receives Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Certification. Looking for Florida Tattoos, come see Scratch the Surface for the best I-Drive tattoos.

Call us at 407-351-9876 or contact our Orlando Tattoo Shops online.

Florida Tattoos | I-Drive Tattoos | Best Tattoo Shops | International Drive Tattoos | Tattoo Orlando

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Orlando, Florida Tattoos, I-Drive Tattoos, Orlando Tattoo …


Cadillac Moon – Show Me Your Tattoo Music Video (Fan …

Show Me Your Tattoo(Campbell,Deery,Hackford,Noyes,Nugent,Santoriello)1996 Pay The Band Musicrecorded by Cadillac Moon on SNV RecordsUSED BY PERMISSION

Show Me Your Tattoo is a classic by Cadillac Moon from the 90;s. I’ve been a long time fan of Cadillac Moon since the late 90’s when I used to travel the East Coast filming their live gigs. Since most of that footage is on a hard drive I need to get restored, there are no videos for Cadillacl Moon’s music. Recently the band got back together for a reunion tour and filmed an hour long concert at the LI Blues Warehouse in Long Island, NY where these guys hail from. You can view that video at…

To contact or follow the band, and to buy their music, visit their web sites at the links below:…

CADILLAC MOON FANS: IN THE KITCHEN IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR Digital DOWNLOADING AT THESE SITES: CD BABY Apple iTunes Tradebit GreatIndieMusic Amazon MP3 Spotify Deezer MySpaceMusic 24-7 Simfy Google Music Store Nokia

Cadillac Moon played the bar band scene in the famous movie Devil’s Advocate while Charlize Theron was dancing in the scene. Rich Campbell, the keyboard player, got bit by the Hollywood bug & had been involved with acting ever since.

Rich Campbell-keysCliff Hackford-drumsDave Noyes-bassMike Nugent-guitarAl Santoriello-vocal

BiographyCADILLAC MOON put out two CD’s in the 1990’s with Al Santoriello singing lead vocals: “PLUG ME IN” and “IN THE KITCHEN.” The band got off the ground by getting top honors at the LONG ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL. The band went on to appear at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST in AUSTIN, TEXAS, as well as at the Philadelphia Music Conference & the NEMO conference in Boston. Appearing in the film “DEVIL’S ADVOCATE” brought the group wider recognition.CADILLAC MOON brought their exciting , original brand of funky blues-rock to both their songwriting and live performances. Their style was first and foremost about laying down solid, fun grooves. Their songs include bits and pieces of New York funk, New Orleans honky-tonk, and straight-ahead, ass-kicking guitar. The energy they generated during live performances always had crowds excited and groovin’.

All rights reserved to the band & dancers, video produced 8-19-12 by Gina Jordan.

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Cadillac Moon – Show Me Your Tattoo Music Video (Fan …


TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) – Smarter Every Day …

Free Audio Book Tweet FB info! Click below for more links! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Official comment thread on Reddit here:

I hope this video helps break a few of your stereotypes. I found that most Tattoo artists that I dealt with were very courteous professionals.

Shot with a Phantom Miro Camera

The awesome piano music by “A Shell In The Pit” is called:”Explodeface, Destroyer of Worlds” It can be downloaded here.…The song at 2:30 is called “Poacher Shack”…

A huge thanks to Seejay and Leah at Timepiece Tattoo. They were open and welcoming to some random nerd who asked if he could hang out and film in their shop.Seejay and Leah Tattoo here

Leah’s work can be seen here:

I like following Leah on Instagram, she posts fresh tattoos almost daily, as well as her original sketches and artwork. (guy that did the macaroni tattoo) and the owner of the shop.

While you’re at it, I have an instagram account too. I like to post rockets and interesting observations I make. I reserve the right to post “proud Dad” pictures.

Awesome coil and electromagnetic field graphic elements by Graphic Designer Emily Weddle

Outro Music is “Bottles” by A Shell In The Pit. Download them here:…

A special thanks to Tattoos forever in Ft. Walton Beach Florida for teaching me about needles and letting me film in their shop.

Note:All tattoo equipment is sterilized before and after every use. I edited the video in a non-sequential timeline.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tweet ideas to me’m also on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit

If you like what I do and want to support my efforts to create Smart kids and Smarter Every Day here are a couple of links you can use to help. You will be notified when every single video is released!Patreon Support Link: Support Link:

Warm Regards,


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TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) – Smarter Every Day …


Piercing – Training – Course – UK Official Tattoo Academy

My name is Holly Hourigan I’m a professional body modification artist. I am originally from North West London and I have been working within the tattoo and body modification industry for 10 years now, I have been based in Sheffield for the last 5 years.

I currently work at one of the busiest studios in the UK, where we are regularly performing up to 50 piercings per day. I have worked extremely hard in order to develop and hone my skills over the course of my career. I have experience performing all body piercing and numerous modifications such as earlobe reconstruction and scarification as well as silicone implants and magnetic implants.

From a very young age, body piercing and body modification was something that intrigued me and as soon as I found out that this was something people are able to do for a living I was hooked! I would regularly spend my weekends going to get new piercings as a teenager and this is something that continues to this day. I have even pierced myself on occasion!

I have attended numerous seminars on body modification and I am constantly learning and evolving throughout my career. I am now working in collaboration with the UK Official Tattoo Academy to teach students on our piercing courses. The piercing course will give you a solid foundation on which to progress and build a career for yourself as a body piercer.

Needless to say this isn’t something for the squeamish or faint hearted but for those of you who have a genuine passion, a desire to learn and dedication to progressing within the industry, this is the course for you.

I will teach the essentials such as cross contamination prevention and sterilisation techniques as well as some basic piercing. This will include, ear work, oral piercings, nostrils, nipples & navels. I will go through the correct jewellery gauges/sizes, styles and placement and cover the do’s and don’ts for each piercing covered. Customer care is of the upmost importance to me and I will be showing each and every student the best ways to put people at ease in a piercing room as well as how to deal with the potential risk of fainting and what to do should this scenario arise.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to join us on this course and allow us to start you on your way to a shinier future!

You will learn: studio hygiene, sterilisation, be shown examples of basics piercings, customer care, Septum, Diath, Conch, Tragus, Rook, Nose, Scaffold, Navels, Nipples, Ears, Eyebrow, Labret, Madonna , Lip, Labret, Tongue, Erl. Use of piercing gun is also covered.

The course does not have a maximum age restriction, however, you need to be 18 to attend it.

Our students also get to do theory and practical (piercing on live models) and its certified.

The sterilisation process, from beginning to end:

How to pierce properly:

Healing times and appropriate after care for each piercing

Legal Formalities

Continue reading here:
Piercing – Training – Course – UK Official Tattoo Academy


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – Wikipedia

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual series of military tattoos performed by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and international military bands and artistic performance teams on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle in the capital of Scotland. The event is held each August as part of the Edinburgh Festival.

The term “tattoo” derives from a 17th-century Dutch phrase doe den tap toe (“turn off the tap”) a signal to tavern owners each night, played by a regiment’s Corps of Drums, to turn off the taps of their ale kegs so that the soldiers would retire to their billeted lodgings at a reasonable hour. With the establishment of modern barracks and full military bands later in the 18th century, the term “tattoo” was used to describe the last duty call of the day, as well as a ceremonial form of evening entertainment performed by military musicians.[1]

The first public military tattoo in Edinburgh was entitled “Something About a Soldier” and took place at the Ross Bandstand, Princes Street Gardens, in 1949. The first official Edinburgh Military Tattoo was held in 1950 with eight items in the programme. It drew some 6,000 spectators seated in simple bench and scaffold structures around the north, south, and east sides of the Edinburgh Castle esplanade. In 1952, the capacity of the stands was increased to accommodate a nightly audience of 7,700, allowing 160,000 to watch the multiple live performances.

Since the 1970s on average, just over 217,000 people see the Tattoo live on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle each year, and it has sold out in advance for the last decade. 30% of the audience are from Scotland and 35% from the rest of the United Kingdom. The remaining 35% of the audience consists of 70,000 visitors from overseas.

The temporary grandstands on the castle esplanade, used between 1975 and 2010, had a capacity of 8,600.[2] New 16million spectator stands and corporate hospitality boxes came into use in 2011. The new temporary stands reduced the time taken to erect and dismantle them from the original two months to one month, allowing the esplanade to host events at other times of the year.[3]

The Tattoo performance takes place every weekday evening and twice on Saturdays throughout August and has never been cancelled due to inclement weather. The second Saturday night performance includes a fireworks display, although each performance uses pyrotechnics and since 2005 has also incorporated a son et lumire element projected on to the facade of the Castle.

Since 2004, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has also held free abridged performances at the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens, entitled “Taste of the Tattoo”,[4] and as of 2008 also in George Square in Glasgow.[5] The Edinburgh Military Tattoo has also toured overseas, visiting New Zealand in 2000 as part of the Tattoo’s 50th anniversary celebrations. It visited Australia in 2005 and returned to the Sydney Football Stadium in February 2010 as part of the Tattoo’s 60th anniversary celebrations.[6] It has been announced that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will be heading to Melbourne[7] and Wellington, New Zealand in February 2016, the first time in 16 years since it was last held there.[8]

As of 2014[update]the Princess Royal is the patron of the event, with the main corporate sponsor being the Royal Bank of Scotland.

In 2010 the event became the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo after HM Queen Elizabeth awarded the Royal title in celebration of its six decades of existence.

The Tattoo is televised in 30 countries and a further 100million people see the event on television worldwide.[citation needed] In Britain the BBC broadcasts the event annually, with commentary in 2009 and 2010 provided by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Iain Anderson. Bill Paterson has provided commentary since 2011; before 2009, Tom Fleming commentated, not missing a year between 1966 and 2008. In Australia the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) traditionally telecasts the Tattoo on the evening of New Year’s Eve, although in a break with tradition, the 2006 Tattoo was broadcast a day earlier on 30 December, the 2007 Tattoo was broadcast even earlier on Christmas Eve, and the 2009 Tattoo was broadcast two days after New Year’s Eve on 2 January 2010. These changes were made so the ABC could expand its news coverage of local New Year celebrations.

The Tattoo is run for charitable causes and over the years has given over 5million to military and civilian charities and organisations, such as the Army Benevolent Fund. However, the greater benefit has been that, by independent count, it generates 88million in revenue for Edinburgh’s economy annually.

The official magazine of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Salute, is distributed free to sponsors, Friends of the Tattoo, and visiting performers.

International military regiments and even African tribes have performed at the Tattoo over the years. The first regiment from outside the UK to take part was the Band of the Royal Netherlands Grenadiers in 1952. So far, over 30 countries from nearly all continents have been represented at the Tattoo. Popular visiting performers include the Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps, who performed at the 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015 Tattoos and were the first non-military drum corps to participate. The Band and Drill team of His Majesty The King’s Guard of the Norwegian Army has also performed at the Tattoo on eight previous occasions since 1961, adopting Nils Olav, a penguin at Edinburgh Zoo, as their regimental mascot in 1972. In recent years, performances have included cultural dances and items from different countries.

Each year has a ‘lead’ service from the British Armed Forces, alternating between the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. Although each year also celebrates or commemorates a particular organisation, anniversary, theme or event. The highlight of every Tattoo however continues to be the massed pipes and drums, provided by regiments of the British Army and visiting civilian and military pipes and drums from around the world, although primarily from Commonwealth nations with Scottish connections. Since 2014, a house pipe band was introduced to allow individual pipers and drummers from not only Scotland but across many parts of the world to play in the Tattoo. They’re known as the Pipers’ Trail which joins in with the massed pipes and drums each year and are the first pipe band with no military connections to play in the Tattoo. An Each evening traditionally concludes with the massed pipes and drums marching on to join the massed military bands. This is then followed by a rendition of the National Anthem and Auld Lang Syne. There is then a flag-lowering ceremony (see Beating Retreat), with the bugles either sounding the Last Post, or the “Sunset” bugle call of the Royal Marines, and ends with a floodlit lone piper playing a Lament from high on the ramparts of the Half Moon Battery. The performers then march off the esplanade and down the Royal Mile to three separate pieces of music:

The 2005 Tattoo saw one of the largest gathering of pipes and drums in the event’s history, with 13 bands on parade, including the pipes and drums of all six regular infantry regiments of the Scottish Division. This was the last time all six appeared at the Tattoo prior to the formation of the Royal Regiment of Scotland:

In addition, there were also the pipes and drums of the Scots Guards, Irish Guards, Royal Gurkha Rifles, Scottish Officers Training Corps, South African Irish Regiment, the Rats of Tobruk, the City of Wellington pipe band and The Scots College Pipes and Drums band, being one of the only school bands to participate. The largest ever gathering of massed pipes and drums was for the 50th anniversary tattoo in 2000 when there were 15 bands on parade, including 7 of the eight Scottish regiments. Throughout the period of the Tattoo, the performers are accommodated at the city’s Redford Cavalry Barracks, with the parade square used for rehearsals.

Producers of the Edinburgh Tattoo have included:

Original post:
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – Wikipedia


Jersey City Tattoo – 50 Photos & 58 Reviews – Tattoo – 253 …


I walked in to the tattoo shop and showed my design to Adam. He gave me an appointment an hour later; and when I went back he had the tattoo all traced and ready to go. Adam’s folks at the shop are very professional and they knew exactly how to speak with their customers. Adam is a great artist and he knew a little bit of background of the tattoo which helped us to get exactly what we wanted. We could clearly say Adam has a lot of experience and can give what you want in terms of the very close details and intricacy. I definitely suggest you to go here if you are around Jersey City.- V

I actually used Yelp to find this shop and I’m so glad I did. All the positive reviews are true. Great work in a great atmosphere. My sister and I were seen as walk-ins on a random Tuesday afternoon. Adam helped her perfect a hand drawn design she’d brought in. In just a couple minutes she had her very first tattoo and LOVED IT! I proved to be a bit more difficult since what I wanted was basically impossible. Adam could have just tattooed the designs I kept coming up with but didn’t because he knew that over time they just would not work. Ultimately, the tattoo I got was for more beautiful then the ones I THOUGHT I wanted. So happy I went here. This will forever more be my tattoo spot. In fact, I’m working on my next idea already!

Definitely recommend to do the piercing here. Cheap fast and professional. I have my ear pierced with starter only for 20

Really enjoyed getting my first tattoo here! Pier was very professional and kind. The shop is small but clean and the atmosphere is relaxed. I got a small wrist tattoo and terrivle with needles so about halfway through I began to feel a bit lightheaded. The guys put me at ease and took care of me (water, snacks, let me lie down) Price was reasonable for the area. Wrist tattoo with 1 color and shading was about $120Thanks to Pier again! Very happy with his work!

Love this place!!! I’ve been going there for years and I have never been disappointed. Adam has done a bunch of my tattoos and I’ve had many of the other artists who come through work on me. Always professional and always fun. Hate sitting in a chair for hours and it be quiet and awkward. Not at JC Tattoo. Good conversation and good music. Tons of new places in the area now. JC Tattoo will always have my business. Have Fun

Adam is terrific. He’s a talented artist and a good guy to talk with, as opposed to the guys who just want to do the art and not have a conversation. He has done tattoos on both my forearms, and both look great.

I had my first tattoo done here with Kevin. He is so nice and he did mine good!! It took him maybe 5 mins or less.

If you’re looking for a solid American traditional tattoo Adam is your guy. He does great color saturation and really listens to the client’s ideas/suggestions. My fianc has gotten multiple tattoos from Adam and they all turn out better than imagined. Welcoming and not pretentious. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your hundredth this is the place to be. Highly recommended.

I was just a quick walk in, but that was easily my favorite tattoo experience ever. Everyone was super chill, non intimidating. I will 1000% be back here for all of my future ink.

I always wanted a septum piercing but too afraid to take that first step. I decided to finally get it done….because let’s face it I can and life is too short to not get what you want! I researched a couple of places in the area and called for pricing to make sure that the piercing I paid for was done professionally by someone with experience and a good amount of knowledge in aftercare. I read the reviews the fantastic reviews about Nikki on yelp and they are all true! Nikki is amazing she is kind, friendly and very professional. She gave me a heads up about the process (the clamp sucks!) but the piercing was done quickly and effortlessly she knows where that sweet spot is! She is extremely knowledgeable in aftercare, she answered all my questions, she accounted space for swelling and my seasonal allergies. Nikki also gave me a token for a free drink at PET shop in JC which was very kind but honestly I have no soreness, no pain and more importantly I’m in love with my piercing. Not in need of any ibuprofen for swelling or throbbing so this experience has been the best so far. If you are looking for an excellent piercer who cares about the people she comes in contact with go see Nikki! You will not be disappointed!

I’ve been overdue in giving these guys a writeup. Adam has tattooed me 3 times now, including my first one with 2 large pieces following that, and I absolutely refer to him as “my usual guy” when discussing tattoos without hesitation. Very fast worker, but not rushing or sloppy at all, but meticulous about detail without farting around and wasting time/money. I can’t speak for the other artists here personally but their portfolios are all impressive. My first time in was with 2 out of town friends who were both tattooed by Jason and were very happy to the point that one has driven back to jersey from Rhode Island strictly just to be worked on here, so that’s something!It’s a clean place, the rates are competitive and everyone here knows their stuff, hard to ask for much better.

Got my nose pierced earlier this week, the piercer was professional very knowledgeable and quick, it clearly wasn’t her first rodeo. She explained all my wound care with me in detail plus wrote it down and gave me her direct number and schedule in case I had questions. I asked if I could come in and have her assistance in changing my jewelry the first time after the healing time and was totally down with it and gave no issues. Overall groovy chick loved chatting with her can’t waiting to get poked by her again :). Happy piercing !! Oo and of course very little pain barely even teared and this was a re- pierce so she broke some scar tissue, like I said nice and quick.

If you want a solid tattoo in the downtown JC area, this is the place to go. I’m a novice, I’ll admit, I just got my first tattoo this past winter from Jersey City Tattoo…but Pierrie did an amazing job and months later it still looks great! My tattoo has some very fine lines and another local shop told me it would be hard for them to do…but I walked into Jersey City tattoo and they were able to easily accommodate.

The shop is clean and everyone there was very friendly! I came here to get my tragus pierced last week. No appointment necessary and they were able to accommodate me right away when I arrived. I’ve never had any piercings besides my ear lobes and Niki was super cool and made me feel at ease and informed about the whole process. She even gave me some gum to chew while she did the piercing so that the popping sound would be less noticeable. The piercing was almost pain-free and it’s only been a week but it seems to be healing nicely!Overall, this place is a good quality, no nonsense kind of shop and I highly recommend it.

It was my 1st tattoo and it’s came out so Amazing Great work I really like their detailed work !Specially Adam, you are the man

I am a big wimp when it comes to tattoos….and I am also super picky about finding the right artist and shop for my tattoos. Adam has now done two tattoos for me and they are amazing. He makes you feel comfortable and he is great to chat with while getting your work done. His staff is very welcoming and the place is clean!! Super relaxed vibe and you will want to come back for more work!!!

Came in to see if they had someone to do a small tattoo for me. I got a heart that uses the letter L to make the heart shape with love spelled in the inside. It’s been about 5-6 months since I got it so it’s completely healed. It is the worst tattoo I have on my body. I wish I did more research on this place and the person so I wouldn’t have such bad ink on me. You can tell by the lines that the girl was heavy handed and just inconsistent. I have 4 other tattoos and some how this hurt the most because the lady was so heavy handed. You can see the scaring. Also the only tattoo that swelled up and gave me some kind of rash and bruising. Have not yet gone back to see if someone else can fix it. But they should offer me a fix with no charge. If not then that is just horrible customer service. This girl was horrible. I had a blonde headed girl with huge lips. This review is only meant for the artist that did the work not the tattoo shop as a whole. Wish I knew to not have her do it though.

I had my tattoo for the first time and I had a great experience. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.

Came here for a piercing–Nikki the piercer was great! Super friendly and very knowledgable; I definitely felt at ease even though my piercing hurt like a b****. The prices for all their piercings seem very reasonable and include the cost of the jewelry. I do want to come back here for a tattoo, but their prices for that are a little steep. Then again, I get better/more professional vibes from them compared to Body & Soul down the street, so I guess it’s worth the cost.

I’ve been here twice and I don’t think I’ll ever stray. The shop is clean, everyone is extremely professional, and you aren’t met with the typical pretentious attitudes of other tattoo parlors. I’ve gotten 3 pieces done by Jason, who is incredible at what he does. His line work is immaculate and his attention to detail is astounding. I’ve brought two friends in for work from him, as well, and no disappointment has been met. Bringing in a new friend tomorrow for his first tattoo and a 1/4 sleeve for myself. I would, and do, HIGHLY recommend this shop for all your inking needs. Follow them on Instagram for photos of their other artists, all around their work is phenomenal!

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