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The Tattooist of AuschwitzFebruary 1, 2018, Echo (Bonnier Publishing Australia)

In December 2003, I was introduced to Lale Sokolov. His wife had recently died and I was told he had a story that might be worth telling. That was the first of many, many days I would spend with the Ttowierer, the tattooist of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Lale’s life was forever changed the day he looked into the eyes of a young girl, as he tattooed her left arm. In return, as he told me, she tattooed her love into his heart.

What I got from Lale was a love story set in the horrific world of the Holocaust. The possibility of survival for our lovers was remote. But prisoners 32407 and 34902 did survive. They survived a place now etched in history as a Dante-esque circle of hell; they survived a death march; they were separated, reunited; they married and lived happily in Melbourne, Australia, for 58 years.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is the story of Lale and Gita.

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Heather Morris Official Author Page


‘Dr Evil’ tattooist pleads guilty for tongue-splitting …

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‘Dr Evil’ tattooist pleads guilty for tongue-splitting …


Amy C. Duncan

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Fine art prints of my work and others:



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Important Info Lasermed – Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser therapy

Laser stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser therapies are medical treatments that use focused light. Unlike most light sources, laser light is tuned to very specific wavelengths. This allows it to be focused into powerful beams. Its so intense it can be used to shape diamonds or cut steel.

We use the latest in US FDA-approved laser technology in our centres, including the Alexandrite Laser ND:YAG, regarded as the gold standard in laser hair removal, the Ellipse I2PL Intense Pulsed Light System, vascular lasers, the Mosaic Fractional Laser and the CO02 Fractional Laser.

Lasermed is owned by dermatologists. One of them is a fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. They work at the centre and are involved actively in training the therapists and laser operators. Certain lasers are operated by dermatologists only. Its important to understand that there isnt one laser for treating all skin concerns. Our dermatologists have selected the best lasers available for each skin condition.

Before undergoing a laser procedure, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) advises patients to keep these safety tips in mind:

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Important Info Lasermed – Laser Tattoo Removal


Home | Elite Tattoo Gallery

Our motto here is Welcome to the Family!

We are dedicated to providing Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with the best customer service, quality work, and overall grand experience that you can receive at a tattoo studio. Elite Tattoo Gallery is a highly ranked tattoo studio in Jacksonville, NC that proudly houses a collaboration of top-notch, versatile artists for your every tattoo need.Make sure to also follow our Instagram @elitetattoogallery_nc to keep an eye out for all of our upcoming national & international guest artists.

Youll love our relaxing lounge area to browse portfolios or catch up with the staff. From the time you walk through the front door we believe in giving every client an exclusive experience! From the interaction between client and artist, down to the complimentary beverage bar, we assure that everything about your experience is in fact ELITE! We are also known for our unique financing options we offer to our clients, with special financing for active duty military!

We maintain a family friendly, honest, and positive atmosphere to all, while always respecting the diverse ideas of our clients. We believe in educating our clients, from design composition down to how to properly care for you new tattoo or body piercing.

In addition, customer health and safety is a top focus, so rest assured that our staff is trained in the latest techniques and sterilization methods available. We strive to always go above and beyond local Health Department standards, including having our entire staff bloodborne pathogen certified. Whether this is your first tattoo or youre a collector, were here to service all of your individual and creative needs!

Elite Tattoo Gallery is owned and operated by tattooers Melissa and Nicholas Ferranto.

Come on by and join the family today!

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How to Become Certified in North Carolina as a Tattoo …

North Carolina doesn’t license tattoo artists based on their skill. However, the state’s public health department regulates tattooing for safety reasons, to prevent the spread of infection through unsterilized equipment. The department requires tattoo artists to be licensed. Tattoo parlors must also be licensed. Artists must renew their certification annually. The fee varies in each county, but a check of several counties at the time of publication showed a range between $200 and $300 for the first certification, with some counties charging less for renewals.

Learn the laws and regulations associated with tattooing in North Carolina. For instance, tattooing a person under the age of 18 is against the law. You must keep records on the name and address of each customer for at least two years. It’s illegal to smoke, drink or eat while working on a customer. Any post-tattoo infection that a customer tells you about must be reported to the local health department.

Find a tattoo shop where you can work. Tattoo licenses are issued to specific artists working at a specific shop; if you move to another shop, you must reapply for a license and pay another fee. If you are new to the field, apply to be an apprentice at a shop. You will need to be licensed whether you are an artist or an apprentice.

Complete an application for licensing through the North Carolina Department of Environmental Health. Look on the website of the county where you live for a downloadable form on the health department’s page. Submit the form at least 30 days before you plan to begin work and include payment.

Ronda Carter is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of journalism experience. She has written a weekly syndicated column on consumer issues. She works as a public relations consultant, advising clients on media strategies and business development. Carter holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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Chicago Tattoos – Speakeasy Custom Tattoo Chicago – Wicker …

Speakeasy is owned by Patrick Cornolo and is the home to world renowned artists each dedicated to giving you the best service and tattoo available. We are not your average tattoo shopSpeakeasy is an Appointment Only custom tattoo shop, designed not only to be a highly functional, clean work environment, but also to have a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that puts both the Artists and Clients at ease. We want your experience to be as memorable as the piece of art you leave with. All of our artists do their own appointments and most have a wait to get in so please be patient with wait and response times. If you want to rush in to a tattoo, this may not be the shop for you. We do mainly larger custom tattoos at Speakeasy.

Being a custom tattoo shop, we prefer to work with our clients to come up with an original piece of art that you will not find on any wall. Each artist at Speakeasy works directly with their own clients, creating artwork with your input and their vision. We believe you should pick an artist based on how their style fits what you want.

That being said, please check out the rest of the site to see all of the artists and a sampling of their work, you can link to their individual websites or Instagram pages (most up to date work) from there for a more extensive look at their artwork. Each artist at Speakeasy is responsible for their own scheduling so please be sure to contact the artist you are interested in directly. They will set up a consultation appointment for you to discuss your tattoo idea in person.

Current list of artists at Speakeasy:Patrick Cornolo, Sean Adams,Crystal Martinez, Robin Snyder, David Mendieta, Joe Fryday, Mike DuBois, Colin OKeefe, Zen (Gyungwook Kim), & Brigitta Mathe

Book your appointments early, it will be worth the wait! Most of our artist are booked out 2 months to a year or more. We have very limited space and generally cannot accommodate walk-ins. Please go to the FAQ Tab at the top of this page for more information on scheduling an appointment. We would rather you have the tattoo you DESERVE as opposed to a tattoo RIGHT NOW. As much as we would love to tattoo everyone and accommodate every single request. It isnt always possible (we try as hard as we can). It doesnt mean we dont love you, we appreciate everyones business big or small. Each artists does their appointments differently based on what works for them so please realize that you are working with artists who are trying to do their best artistically and professionally. Thank you.

Speakeasy is a CASH ONLY shop! We are located near several banks for your convenience.

Proud to be saving trees by using the Tattoo Release Form App:

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Chicago Tattoos – Speakeasy Custom Tattoo Chicago – Wicker …


Polynesian Pearls – ensign –

Polynesian Pearls, Ensign, Oct. 2005, 1421

Pearls are the product of patience. They grow layer upon layer, gaining luster with time. In French Polynesia, faith in the restored gospel has also grown in such a manner. That growth began in 1844, when the first missionaries arrived, and generation by generation, it has provided hope and meaning. Today Latter-day Saints make up 8 percent of the population20,000 members in 79 congregations. They are known as people who care for each other and for those around them. Like pearls, their glow is gentle. But as they reflect the light that comes from Christ, they truly shine. Here is a glimpse at some of these Saints.

Just off the road on the far end of the island of Tubuai, Ronny Harevaa and his wife, Sandrine, tidy up the ground around a small stone monument. It is dedicated to the memory of Elder Addison Pratt, the first Latter-day Saint missionary to visit this island 450 miles (700 km) south of Tahiti. Addison Pratt grew up in New Hampshire in the United States of America, but at age 19 he became a seafarer. He traveled to what are now the Hawaiian Islands, then sailed the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean before marrying and settling in New York. In 1838 he and his wife joined the Church. By 1841 they had gathered with the Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois. In May 1843 Addison Pratt was called by the Prophet Joseph Smith to help begin missionary work in the Pacific. On April 30, 1844, he and two other elders, Noah Rogers and Benjamin Grouard, arrived on Tubuai.

The islanders were eager to have a missionary among them, and Elder Pratt remained. He began learning Tahitian and preaching. The first convert was his interpreter, another American. Six of seven sailors on the island were also baptized and confirmed. Then on July 22, 1844three years before Latter-day Saint pioneers arrived in Utahthe first Polynesian converts were baptized. By February 1845, 60 of the 200 inhabitants of Tubuai had joined the Church. From these beginnings and from the work of Elder Rogers and Elder Grouard on other islands, the Church spread throughout what is now French Polynesia.

Today on Tubuai, Ronny Harevaa is the president of the Tubuai Australes District, which numbers 593 members in five branches. Quite a few of the members are his relatives, and President Harevaa has learned much from them. There is a deep heritage and history here, he says, a great love of the Church and family.

Most people on Tubuai dont have a lot of material things, but they have all they need to be happy, says Lucien Hoffmann, president of the Mahu Branch. Here you can get fruit from the trees, vegetables from the ground, and you can go fishing whenever you want. And when you ask people to help those who are sick or in need, they are always ready.

My wife and I chose to live on Tubuai to be close to our parents, President Harevaa says. Its a wonderful place to be together as a family. In fact, he has a brother who lives next door, another brother who lives in the house beyond that, and his father serves as one of his counselors. There are enough Harevaas on Tubuai that many people refer to President Harevaa as President Ronny, just to keep things straight.

In front of the Mahu chapel, one of three meetinghouses on Tubuai, Sandrine points out another monument honoring Addison Pratt. I think Elder Pratt would be pleased to know that after more than 160 years, the Church is still strong here, she says. And it is still growing.

One recent convert is Johan Bonno, who was born in the Marquesas Islands, the northernmost part of French Polynesia. Although he had led a rough life, he became interested in the restored gospel because of a schoolteacher who had moved to the Marquesas from Tubuai. Maimiti spoke to me of the true Church, he explains. She taught me about the Book of Mormon. Little by little, I let go of the bad things in my life. She invited me to church, and little by little good things entered in.

They married and moved to Tubuai. My father-in-law invited me to a missionary open house, and there I felt a powerful, comforting feeling, Johan explains. It filled me with a desire to know the truth. I prayed in earnest about Joseph Smith. I came to understand that the Lord had restored the Church through him. Johan was soon baptized and confirmed.

Today Johan and Maimiti are preparing to be sealed in the Papeete Tahiti Temple. Having the light of the temple in our life will be like trading a 15-watt bulb for the brightest sunshine, he says. For Johan, learning of the restored gospel required building a layer of faith. So did getting married, moving to Tubuai, and joining the Church. Now going to the temple will add yet another layer to a pearl that keeps on growing.

When 23-year-old Spencer Moroni Teuiau received his mission call, he couldnt stop smiling. After four years of delays waiting for dental procedures to be completed, this young man from the island of Raiatea received his call on his birthday. He remembers reading aloud phrases from the letter: minister of the restored gospel, advocate and effective messenger of the truth, ambassador of the Savior, and thinking, Wow! With all my weaknesses Im going to have to trust in the Lord.

But that is something he is used to doing. Moroni grew up in the Church. He is the third of six children to serve a full-time mission, and he recalls dreaming about serving a mission ever since I was a little boy. He remembers memorizing missionary scriptures during his four years of seminary and listening to returned missionaries talk about their missions. But he also remembers dental examinations, adjustments, and years of wearing an apparatus. There were times when I almost gave up, he says. However, with the encouragement of his family and his own perseverance, he kept hope alive. Today he is faithfully serving in the Tahiti Papeete Mission.

For Moroni and other young Latter-day Saints like him, the Church on Raiatea is a haven of strength. Garry Mou Tham, 16, a third-generation Latter-day Saint from the Avera Ward, explains. Here, he says, we are different from the outside world. We have good relationships with friends and parents. We have the teachings of the prophets to remind us to stay close to our family, to read our scriptures together, and to have home evening. We know the Church is going to progress, and we choose to be part of the Lords great work.

Garrys friend Fari Le Bronnec, 14, agrees. He talks about two things that keep him safe from the world: seminary and prayer. Seminary gives you a spiritual boost each morning, he says. And prayer can give you a boost anytime you pray with faith. The seminary and institute program is strong in French Polynesia, with a total of 740 seminary and 524 institute students in 20042005.

Another source of strength is the example members provide for those who are interested in the gospel. Such an example helped bring Adrien and Greta Teihotaata and their children into the Church. Although they had been without religion for years, we decided we wanted to change, Sister Teihotaata says. We asked the Lord to guide us. Just a few days later, neighbors invited them to an open house at the Uturoa Ward. We decided to come back on Sunday, Brother Teihotaata recalls, and at church, we were impressed that everyone was involvedteaching, going to classes, taking care of children. They really seemed to love each other.

It was fast Sunday, and when testimony meeting began, we felt something peaceful we had never felt beforethe Holy Ghost. We said, This is something we need, Sister Teihotaata says. The family met with the missionaries and continued learning. Though their oldest son did not join the Church, Brother and Sister Teihotaata and their five other children were baptized and confirmed in 1998. Since then, keeping the commandments, studying the scriptures, and going to the temple have strengthened us in our testimony, and so has the continuing example of members who have taught us and helped us, says Sister Teihotaata.

Another member is at the stake center this day, one who was baptized in 1956. The Church wasnt so well known on Raiatea back then, says Harriet Brodien Terooatea. There werent many members, and meetings were held in a little house that had one room for a chapel and one room for the missionaries. But little by little, the Church grew. Kind of like a pearl.

One way to see how far the Church has come in French Polynesia is to talk with the public affairs council in Papeete, Tahiti. At a recent meeting, they reminisced about some significant events:

The Church in French Polynesia celebrated its 160th anniversary in October 2004. Events included (1) public exhibits about the Church; (2) a spectacular in the stadium, featuring dancing, singing, choruses, and multimedia presentations; (3) a sports day including traditional competitions such as carrying bananas on a bamboo pole; and (4) a fireside with speeches from Church and government leaders, as well as a 500-voice choir. Many activities were covered by newspapers and broadcast on national television.

Church officials have paid several courtesy visits to government officials, and several Latter-day Saints presently serve in the national assembly. The government has expressed thanks for the benefits the Church brings, especially its role in teaching family values.

A 400-voice LDS choir performed before an audience of 30,000 during French president Jacques Chiracs visit to French Polynesia in July 2003. The event was televised not only in French Polynesia but also in France. The choir left many in tears when they sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Hymns, no. 136) and God Be with You Till We Meet Again (Hymns, no. 152).

The Papeete Tahiti Temple celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2003. To mark the event, members of the Paea Tahiti Stake did temple work from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. so all endowed members could perform at least one ordinance.

The Church has come of age here, says Marama Tarati, the Churchs national director of public affairs. Throughout French Polynesia it is recognized as a force for good. On Tahiti the Church has beautiful meetinghouses, congregations filled with faithful Saints, andas the brightest jewel of allthe temple, a well-known landmark in the capital city.

The light of the temple has come into many lives. Before I became a member of the Church I did not know what my life would be after death, explains Marguerite Teriinohopua. Her family learned of the Church because another family prayed to find them. Ernest Montrose, now first counselor in the Faaa Tahiti Stake presidency, was at that time bishop of the Heiri Ward. When missionaries encouraged members to pray to find investigators, I figured our family should go first. Inspiration came. Bishop Montrose invited a coworker, Danielson Teriinohopua, to bring his family to a home evening with the missionaries.

We were at the same time praying to be guided to the truth, recalls Danielson, who is now a member of the high council. At the end of the evening, we told them we wanted to know moreimmediately. Bishop Montrose scheduled another meeting the next night, then the next and the next. Within weeks the Teriinohopuas were baptized and confirmed, and a year later they were sealed in the temple. Today I have a response to my questions, Marguerite says. In the temple I feel great peace and joy.

Chanterel Hauata of the Heiri Ward also knows the joy of attending the temple. Although a benign brain tumor caused him to go blind six years ago, in the temple he sees clearly. It is a place of clarity, he explains. In the temple we learn of eternity. It lifts us beyond this mortal life.

The Pepe Mariteragi family has also felt the blessings of the temple. When they gathered at the family home in Paea in October 2003, they spoke about Tepahu, Pepes wifetheir mother and grandmother. She passed away seven months ago, explained Lucien, one of her sons, but our hearts are still turned toward her.

It is thanks to the gospel that we are able to deal with such things, said Jean-Marie, another son. The blessings of the temple give us the understanding that we can be an eternal family.

This spreading of the gospel across generations is another indication of the maturity and strength of the Church. Bishop Moroni Alvarez of the Tavararo Ward and his wife, Juanita, talk about heritage that stretches back to his grandfather. They spread out seminary and institute diplomas for all six of their children and photos of all six while they were serving full-time missions. They talk about children married in the temple and grandchildren being raised in the Church. We talked and studied and prayed together and shared our testimonies, Bishop Alvarez explains. Now they do the same with their children.

Talk with Jared Peltzer, 21, of the Matatia Ward, Paea Tahiti Stake, as he prepares to leave for a mission in the Philippines, and youll meet his older brother Lorenzo, 30, who served in French Polynesia several years ago, and two younger brothers, Narii, 18, and Hyrum, 14, who plan to be full-time missionaries. We didnt have a missionary tradition in the family until now, says Jared. But when Lorenzo went, it made me want to go, and now were encouraging our younger brothers too. Layer upon layer, the pearl keeps growing.

If you live on Takaroa, you know about pearls. Many of those who live on the island owe their livelihood to pearl farming. Some raise the oysters in which the pearls grow. Others clean the shells, attach the oysters to cords, insert pearl starts, hang oysters in the water, harvest the pearls, or make jewelry and souvenirs.

We take things Heavenly Father has given us and bring out the beauty that is in them, explains Tahia Brown, who works at one of the dozens of pearl farms that dot the island. She and Marie Teihoarii, both former branch Relief Society presidents, love to display necklaces, table decorations, and other crafts made by Latter-day Saints. I learned to do this from my mother, Sister Brown explains. Most of the sisters here do this or some other craft that requires skill. We work to earn food and to make good use of our time but also to create things of beauty.

Pearls and shells arent the only things of beauty created here. Sisters like Tera Temahaga weave plant strands into exquisite fans, hats, and baskets, while others like Tipapa Mahotu use cloth and thread to sew brightly colored quilts and pillows. Tradition holds that quilt making was first taught by Addison Pratts wife, Louisa, who came to the islands in 1850.

Another evidence of the craftsmanship of the people of Takaroa is the tallest building on the islanda beautiful white church built starting in 1891. The building is remarkable for the heritage it represents. Political situations in French Polynesia and the United States forced missionaries to withdraw from the islands in 1852. Missionaries did not return until 1892. But when they did, they found a congregation of 100 on Takaroa that had remained faithful. And these Latter-day Saints were in the process of building a large chapel where they could worship together. Within a month, missionaries baptized and confirmed 33 new members, and the congregation began growing again.

Today the chapel presides over the village, just as the Church presides over our lives, says Sister Mahotu, 82. She traces her LDS roots back to her great-grandparents. The chapel, she says, reminds us of the heritage our ancestors have given us. It reminds us that we can be faithful like they were.

At the Family History Center located in an addition to the chapel, director Suzanne Pimati labors to honor those ancestors. She regularly organizes firesides and spends many hours on the phone encouraging everyone on the island to attend. I am eager for everyone to find his or her ancestors, she says. The Spirit of Elijah is strong on Takaroa. And with a computer to help the work along, Sister Pimati plans for many names to be sent to the temple.

At one time, the population of Takaroa was 90 percent LDS, explains Thierry Teihoarii, president of the Takaroa Tuamotu District. By the 1950s population was in decline, but in the 1960s the cultured pearl industry brought people back. Today there are two branches on Takaroa, with a total of 380 members out of 1,000 residents on the island. There are also four branches with an additional 450 members on neighboring islands.

Our greatest challenge is still those who leave our islands, President Teihoarii explains, particularly the young. Though many of the youth go away to boarding schools, for those who remain, seminary and institute become their main source of education. Seminary helps them not to forget the gospel, President Teihoarii says.

So does going to the temple. Every year we make trips to perform temple ordinances, and the youth do baptisms for the dead, President Teihoarii says. It encourages the youth a lot. It isnt just the accomplishment of saving enough for the trip. They know that if they want to go to the temple they must be worthy, and that helps them to stay strong.

Though his calling sometimes requires him to be gone on visits to other islands, President Teihoarii says his family has been greatly blessed. The first thing I do when I come home is to share the faith and testimonies of the members with Marie and my two daughters. These are uplifting times for my family. We truly feel the Spirit is with us. His wife agrees. There is so much to learn in the Church, she says, and also many blessings. There is sweet work to do, and as we do it, the Church will prosper.

It is evening on the island of Takaroa. The sun is going down. The shadows lengthen around the white chapel as the Saints gatherteens for seminary, Sister Pimati to do family history work, President Teihoarii to meet with two branch presidents. It is the crepuscule, a time of gentle light. Light like that which shines from a pearl.

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21st Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention February 2019

Tattoo Contest Results for 2019 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention*** Please PM the page with any Misspellings of names ect, I do the best I can with reading handwriting.

Tattoo of the DayFridayColor1st- Victor Garcia, 2nd- Evan Olin, Powerline Tattoo3rd- Randy Burnham, Seven Horses Tattoo4th- Dave Clarke, Ink Master5th- Ian McCusker, Seven seas Tattoo

Black & Gray1st- Steve Avavos, Evil & Love2nd- Casey Metzger, Legacy Tattoo3rd- Italo NaNais, Route 9 Tattoo4th- Adrian Lazaro, Gift Of Design5th- Jackie Jennings, Tru Blu Tattoo

SaturdayColor1st- Evan Olin, Powerline Tattoo & Mike Carro, Undead Ink2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Alexey Mashnov, LOVE Machine4th- Jay Joree, Third Eye Gallery5th- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster

Black & Gray1st- Kumbo Cortes, Duke City Ink2nd- Angel Rose, Dark Moon3rd- Paulo Silva, Gallery of Ink4th- Bill Childers, Resolute 5th- Drew Dima, Gold Rush

SundayColor1st- Dave Clarke, Ink Master2nd- Jay Joree, Third Eye Gallery3rd- Victor Garcia4th- Jordon Tattoons, ISM Studios5th- Bobby Badfellow, Badfellow Tattoo

Black & Gray1st-Rebel Kolors2nd- Roly- T Rex, Divine Canvas3rd- Maksim Melnik, LOVE Machine4th- Ricky Borchert, Black Hatchet Tattoos5th- Casey Metzger, Legacy Tattoo

Best Of Show1st- Evan Oiln, Powerline & Mike Carro, Undead Ink2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Denys Sivak, LOVE Machine


Best Portrait Color1st- Victor Garcia2nd- Cody Reed, Black Flame Ritual3rd- Cody Reed, Black Flame Ritual

Best Portrait Black & Gray1st- Adrian Lazaro, Gift of Design2nd- Fame One, War Kings3rd- Boomer, Fifth Finger

Best Traditional1st- Grez, Kings Ave2nd- Bobby T, Sleepy Hollow3rd- Jean Alveraz, Miami Tattoo Inc

Most Unusual1st- Gian Karle, New Inkland2nd- Ian MCusker, Seven Seas Tattoo3rd- Bobby Lockhart, Art Machine

Best Lettering1st- Andres Carrillo, AC Ink2nd- Carios Macias, Cryptic3rd- Ray Ray, 3 Layers Deep


Small Color1st- Victor Garcia, 2nd- Adam Christopher, Route 11 Tattoo3rd- Jean Alveraz, Miami Tattoo Inc

Medium Color1st- Duffle, Money & Ink2nd- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster3rd- Gian Karle

Large Color1st- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster 2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Jordi Pla, Chicos M4L

Xl Color1st- Dmitriy Samohin, 2nd- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster3rd- Chay, Dreaming Tree

Small Black & Gray1st- Tuckan, Sick life Tattoo2nd- Jhon Campuzano, Focused on Creation3rd-Andy Pho, Skin Design

Medium Black & Gray1st- Tuckan, Sick Life Tattoos2nd- Adrian Lazaro, Gift Of Design3rd- Jymi Calkins & Aaron Is

Large Black & Gray1st- Francis, Dale City Tattoo Shop2nd- Anthony, Requiem Tattoo3rd- Cody Gibbs, Gold Rush Collective

Xl Black & Gray1st- Tuckan, Sick Life Tattoos2nd- Chay, Dreaming Tree3rd- Rocko, Chez Bippy Tattoo


Small Color1st- Halo, Black Lotus Tattoo2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Alexandra Fische, Philadelphia Tattoo Collective

Medium Color1st- Victor Garcia 2nd- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster3rd- Bobby T, Sleepy Hollow

Large Color1st- Chris Cabal, Cabals Lair2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Derek Cilla, Route 9 Tattoo

Xl Color1st- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster2nd- Victor Garcia3rd- Kamil Mocet, Black Hatchett Tattoo

Small Black & Gray1st- Rebel Kolors, Killers2nd- Mark Vincent, Iconic Tattoo Co3rd- Drew Dimas, Gold Rush

Medium Black & Gray1st- Kenny Sanchez, Golden Rooster2nd- Boomer, Fifth Finger3rd- Sara Fabel

Large Black & Gray1st- Daniel Labuit, Rorschach Gallery2nd- Mike Ramos, Black Atlas Studios3rd- Rebel Kolors, Killers

Xl Black & Gray1st- Tyler, Black Casket2nd- Hoode, Black Vulture Gallery3rd- Kumbia Cortes, Duke City Ink


Small Color1st- Alexandra Fische, Philadelphia Tattoo Collective 2nd- Jesse Smith, Loose Screw3rd- Pammy Sellers, Sellers Ink

Medium Color1st- Mashkow, LOVE Machine2nd- Rick Meggison 3rd- Paul Acker, Sance

Large Color1st- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster2nd- Richie, Lucky strike Tattoo3rd- Adam Watkins, Redemption ink

XL Color1st- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster2nd- Jesse Rix 3rd- Evan Olin, Powerline Tattoo & Mike Carro, Undead Ink

Small Black & Gray1st- Andy Pho, Skin Design Tattoo2nd- Maksim Melnik, LOVE Machine3rd- Francis X Khuu, Dale City Body Art

Medium Black & Gray 1st- Tuckan, Sick Life2nd- Joe Cruz, Gift of Design3rd- Boomer, Fifth Finger

Large Black & Gray1st- Johan Avila 2nd- Andy Pho, Skin Design3rd- Ronald Barres, Route 9 Tattoo

XL Black & Gray1st- Nha, Omkara Tattoo2nd- Sean Parker, Kent Liberty Tattoo3rd- Jamie Morales, Untouchable Ink

Arm Sleeve1st- Nha, Omkara Tattoo2nd- Nha, Omkara Tattoo3rd- Francis Khu

Hand/Neck1st- Chris Cabal, Cabals Lair2nd- Adam Route, 22 Tattoo3rd- Dmitriy Samohin

Japanese1st- Justin DeGroff, Sick Creations2nd- Nha, Omkara Tattoo3rd- Nhu, Omkara Tattoo

Leg Sleeve1st- No artists listed2nd- Andy Pho, Skin Design3rd- Matt Driscoll, Oxbow Tattoo

Color Infused Black & Gray1st- Matt Buffer, Lucky Strike Tattoo2nd- Edwin Rios, Rose Ink Studios3rd- Marc Roy, Balm Studio

Chest Piece1st- Tuckan, Sick Life2nd- Sean Duffy, Atomic Lobster3rd- Grez, Kings Ave

Back Piece1st- Nha, Omkara Tattoo2nd- Jesse Rix3rd- Tuckan, Sick Life

Overall Male1st- Justin DeGroff, Sick Creations2nd- Grez, Kings Ave3rd- Nha, Omkara Tattoo

Overall Female1st- Gabriel, Gold Rush2nd- Tyler, Black Casket3rd- Drew Dimas, Gold Rush

Cover-Up1st- Maksim Melnik, LOVE Machine2nd- Chris Cabal, Cabals Lair3rd- Chay, Dreaming Tree

Original Flash1st- Chris Romolim, Omkara Tattoo2nd- Chris Romolim, Omkara3rd- Conrad Tombler, Omkara, Tattoo

Best Painting1st- Drew, Hidden Gem Studio2nd- Gabriela Marshall, Ambition Tattoo Ink & Gallery3rd- Ron Pichardo, Swagga House … See MoreSee Less

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21st Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention February 2019


Cosmetic Tattoo | Perth and Mandurah


Cosmetic tattoo hurts Everyones pain threshold is different. We make it as comfortable as possible with the use of a topical anaesthetic which takes the pain away and stops bruising and swelling.

It lasts forever There are many factors which can affect the life of your tattoo. Regular touch ups are recommended to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant. Everyone is different and the time between touch-ups can vary from person to person.

I have to hide away while the cosmetic tattoo heals Absolutely not! There is minimal bruising and swelling so you can go back to your daily routine straight away. We do, however, recommend you stay away from direct contact with water during the healing process.

Anyone can do cosmetic tattoo Absolutelynot! There are many legal and health requirements for cosmetic tattoo technicians. Always check that your technician uses disposable, single use needles and operates in a clean and sterile environment. Always check the qualifications of your technician.

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Cosmetic Tattoo | Perth and Mandurah

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