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A bit over decade ago Chad Stewart gave me my second tattoo, and really the only one that I give a damn about anymore.What started out as an extra terrible, half-baked and impulsive idea (Aztec calendar backpiece anyone?) turned into a pure, authentic, love-based and completely hand-sketched piece (my great grandparents’ names in traditional Chicano style lettering, with a beautiful turquoise, coral and silver feather ring that my mom gave me as the centerpiece) that I’ll be proud of until the day I die.We did the whole thing in one go, it took several hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. From the thoughtful planning back-and-forth prior to the session, the session itself, the multitude of cigarette breaks, the fun, shit-talking banter, Lil’ Tommy chiming in and checking on me, Chad’s steady hand and complete consideration and care, the whole thing was good feels.Despite my totally reckless lack of proper tattoo care (I was back in the sun and in the lake all day every day less than a week later), this tattoo is still solid, and I still get compliments and questions about it all the time.This is the cream of the crop for ink in Charlotte. Really, don’t bother going anywhere else.

This is a true tattoo shop, Rodney Raines is an incredible artist!! You feel at home and the work is unbelievable. Worth advertising and boasting about.

Went to go get my first tattoo here, I was super excited (obviously) and picked out a basic line tattoo of a sun and a moon connected. My tattoo took 3 minutes. Fast forward to a few months after and I realized my tattoo was jagged and was blurry in some spots. A friend of mine who is heavily tattoo’d looked at it and told me I had blow out all over my tattoo. Meaning the needle was pushed deeper into the skin than it needed to be. Which makes a lot of sense now considering my skin was being pushed down by the gun.. You can see in the picture the jagged lines and ink that has spread out from under my tattoo, also called blow out. Also, around the top and bottom of the sun you can see the blurriness too. At the tip of the moon the line is extremely thin compared to the rest of the tattoo to the point it doesn’t even look like it connects. Maybe I just had a bad experience considering all of the great things I’ve heard about this place. Although, being my first tattoo, this is really disappointing.

I would not recommend this place to get a tattoo. Extremely unfriendly atmosphere and not clean. Chancellor was my artist…terrible to work with…defensive and rude and not easy to collaborate with on account of his unpleasant personality. I stuck with him because I had already put a deposit down but the interactions with him were never what you would call pleasant. On my final tattoo with him, he messed it up badly. Every appointment I had with him he was an hour or more late and this one was the same. When he finally arrived, he was acting very strange like he was either high or coming off of a high from the night before. Many of the lines did not even show up because he was not putting ink in the fucking needle!! I went back several days later and told him he needed to fix it so I made an appointment with the bizarre office manager guy for 5 pm on a weeknight several weeks later. When I arrived for my appt., Chancellor immediately started yelling at me saying “where were you???” Apparently, the idiot office manager wrote my appt. down in the book as being for 12 pm instead of 5. This tattoo guy who had been late for every appt. was jumping down my throat because he thought I had been late! When I stood up for myself and argued back, the other tattoo artist in the room threatened me with physical violence and then tried to back track because he realized what he was saying and I could have easily called the police right then and there. Instead, I went to my apartment a couple miles away and got the appt. card that proved that my appt. was at 5 like I said, and I went back to show them. The guy who threatened me was apologetic, but the office manager freaked out and started yelling at me!!! It was unbelievable. Of course, I did not go back to get my tat fixed there. Instead , I went to Immortal Images on Monroe rd. A world of difference…clean, friendly, professional. Chris fixed my tat that Chancellor fucked up and reworked all of my others. It’s just sad that I associate my tats with such an unpleasant experience and awful people, but hopefully that will fade in time.

As the proud bearer six tattoos, and this one being my seventh, I can honestly say that Ace Custom is the best shop I’ve ever been to. Chad Stewart drew up a half sleeve based on a half-assed idea I came in with- it looks amazing. He took the time to get it right and incorporate all of the elements I wanted in a solid looking piece. Chad’s level of customer service is off the charts. He takes his time to give you the ink that you want, while not charging you an insane price. I’m on my third session and can’t wait for the finished product, as well as plan the piece for my other arm.

I had a mess of a half sleeve tattoo from an “artist” from a different shop in Charlotte. After that disappointment I was either going to get it lasered off or get it fixed. It was difficult to find someone who understood what I needed done and who was confident enough to get it done right. When I came in and had a consultation with Lil Tommy, he listened to what I was hoping for and affirmed that he knew what I had in mind. When I got in, he was able to cover up the the mistakes that the other tattooer made, added additional work, and put his spin on the design. The rework and fixes were beyond my expectations! I’ll have Lil Tommy do my next tattoo so that it’s done right! Really cool dude!

Ace Custom Tattoo is A #1 in Charlotte. Over the past 4 years I’ve gotten 6 tattoos by 3 different artists there. Rodney Raines has done 4 in various different styles, Chris Stuart is awesome with traditional and lettering, and Lil Tommy can put your thoughts into the art you are looking for. I’m now trying to think of my next tattoo that Mikey Holmes can put on me. A great addition to the shop. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received is to have other tattooers tell me what great work I have. Thanks Ace!

Great tattoo spot, I walked in to get a quick small tattoo done and later that afternoon it was complete. The staff was nice, pretty flexible with my schedule, and the work was perfect.

My husband and I really did our homework before making an appointment but it was pretty obvious that Ace’s is definitely the best place in Charlotte to get a tattoo. Hundreds of trophy’s and awards line the walls of the shop showcasing their talent. After checking out the portfolios we decided to make an appointment with Chansler two weeks later. When we went in for our appointment, Chansler already had my husband’s tattoo stenciled out. He did an amazing job and every detail was immaculate.Chansler designed my tattoo based on some pictures I’d shown him and completely captured exactly what I wanted. He added so much detail that I’d never even considered and I am incredibly happy to say the least. Not to mention, he doesn’t charge extra for his custom designs! I’d recommend anyone to Ace’s and would definitely ask for Chansler. I can’t wait to schedule my next tattoo!!

By chance I was able to walk into the shop and get tattooed by Lil’ Tommy. He was hilarious and I had a lot of fun. He made it easy to sit through the tattoo, AND he gave me a great price. I was in and out in less than an hour. I love my tattoo, it is now my favorite one, and will definitely come back again.Hi apprentice was cool too! 🙂

In two days I got a full sleeve from Chris Stuart. Had to book a while in advance but it was worth it!

What I’m about to say, I mean with all of the gravitas you can take away from it.I want Tommy to go steady with me, tattoo-artist-my-body-is-your-canvas-style. I live 6 hours away, and I will be going to only Tommy for all of my tattoos. Period. His artistic eye is perfect, his skill is amazing, and he can interpret your less-than-clear wants and needs and mind-read you to create exactly what you want.They were super friendly, very sweet and helpful, and I want Judy to adopt me, if she’s looking for 30-year old kids.I’ve been around the tattoo block quite a few times in DC and Richmond, and I have never been in a shop that was more welcoming and fun.

I am a total tattoo snob. I earned the right…I wrote a book about tattoos and edited a tattoo magazine for a couple of years. The tattoo artist who finished the Medusa on my arm lives in Houston, Texas, but that was ok with me because he was one of the only people who could do my Medusa the way I wanted it. There are few people in Charlotte who I’d let touch me with a needle, and almost all of them work at Ace. Some say that Ace is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for…cheaper places with quicker turnaround times are faster and cheaper for a reason…they are sucky. I got tattooed today by Chris Stuart, and he was awesome. He’s got great bedside manner, which is kind of rare in tattoo artists, who can kind of be divas sometimes. He drew the traditional-style rose right on me, and then he started lining and filling it in. The tattoo is on my wrist, which is a pretty painful spot, but Chris was gentle as a lamb with the shading…I had to plan my tattoo a month in advance to be able to get an appointment with him, but it was absolutely worth it. You won’t get better traditional work in Charlotte. All the others folks at Ace are first-rate artists as well, and Rodney Raines, the shop’s owner and frontman, is one of the best-known names in the industry. The shop is clean and professional, and their customer service speaks for itself. When you walk in the front door, check out the trophies in the window to the left. I also recommend skipping the flash section and letting one of the Ace guys draw something custom for you. Don’t miss the chance to get your own beautiful art!

I’ve been going here for almost ten years now! I live out of state now, and still get work done by Rodney when possible. Ace is where its at!

Best artists in Charlotte, NC, southeast. I don’t know what else to say. The talent here is ridiculous. They book out months ahead of time. Chris Stuart travels the world tattooing and never fails to execute with line work and his american traditional styles. He and skinny will blow your mind with their talent. It’s talent, it can’t be taught. its just natural born talent.

I drove nine hours from Indiana to be tattooed by Rodney Raines. That alone should tell you that this shop has a reputation for being one of the best in the business. It is as clean as a doctor’s office and like someone else said, these guys are not divas. They’re funny, smart and above all, talented at their craft. Rodney reworked and colored in my koi half-sleeve over a period of six hours and never ran out of patience or things to talk about and one of the other guys, who doesn’t drink, gave my boyfriend a six-pack of craft beer.I don’t think this place is particularly pricey, but I’m also willing to put a good amount of money down on a work of art, and that’s what you’ll get at Ace.Rodney does admit to being slow at getting back to people, but stay persistent. He doesn’t get (outwardly!) annoyed and will accommodate you any way he can. While I can’t go there every time I want a new tattoo (what with gas prices, travel time and overnight stays), Rodney will be the only one I ever go to for big projects. I can’t wait to go back there this winter and get my other sleeve done.

Rodney R is one of the best Tattoo Artist hands down. He is very careful with what he does and truly does show the passion in his work. Only reason I have gone to other places is because I usually just do a last minute session and it is hard to do that at one of the best and most popular tattoo facilities in the Carolinas. The only thing that needs work on is the quick responsiveness to customer service.I sent my Dad to them to get some work done and no one helped him for 30 mins so he went to another place 🙁

Ace came highly recommended by several sources so I decided to go and get my first tattoo done. Lil’ Tommy was the artist that worked with me. He was very patient with me (I kept changing my mind) and he kept it real with respect to my expectations. His honest attitude was refreshing. Am very happy with the end result and plan to go back when I’m ready for another one.

ACE is the best shop in Charlotte, hands down – the best group of guys anyone could ever ask for. Diverse specialties and serious professionals in their craft. Not to mention, just a great, honest bunch of guys who are always helpful, friendly, patient, and fun to talk to. However, this place is NOT for for the fly-by-night pick something off the wall kind of crowd. They DO have flash, but why would you chose flash when you have such a skilled group of artists at your disposal to craft a custom piece? So, definitely GO to ACE, but take your time, decide what you want, call ahead to schedule an appointment, and be prepared to wait a little while until you can get in. BUT it will be worth the wait, worth the money, and worth your while…

I had a “tramp stamp” I needed covered up, but I didn’t know if it would be possible because it was rather large and colorful. Chad at Ace worked with me patiently to give me exactly what I wanted. He did an amazing job and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Charlotte.

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